This Is a List of Recommendations 7 Beautiful Places to Visit in Austria

Beautiful places to visit in Austria has a very long list and it’s sure to be tantalizing to you. With Vienna as its capital, Austria is a country often nicknamed the Heart of Europe. 

Austria itself is a tourist destination, both from Europe or Asia and America. One of the things that make Austria special is of course it’s beautiful natural scenery and will make anyone want to always come back to visit this country.

Located in Central Europe to be precise in its southern part, Austria is one of the most populous countries in Europe. With vast areas reaching approximately 83.879 km2, Austria has a population which is estimated to reach 9 million. 

This country, which uses German as its national language, is known as a place with stunning natural scenery. Even though winters are noticeably longer in Austria, this country is still a favorite holiday destination for people from all over the world. 

This is because whether it is winter or summer, Austria offers a beauty and uniqueness that you will not find in any other country in the world.

Beautiful landscape which is the source of Austrian beauty

If you look on the map, you will immediately realize that Austria is a country that does not have a sea, let alone beautiful beaches. 

As we know, Austria is right in the middle of several surrounding countries such as Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Italy, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. But not having a beach and sea does not mean reducing the long list of beautiful places to visit in Austria.

Australia’s borders are mostly mountains and rivers. These two things also contribute to the natural beauty of Austria which makes it a favorite destination for tourists. 

The Alps, which stretch to the west and south, also create spectacular scenery in this country. The soaring Alps that stretch across the western, southern and central parts of the country

Austria is a subtropical country with a cold to moderate climate. However, this has become more attractive to Austria. 

Because when winter arrives, this country is like being in a fairy tale with all the beauty that will make anyone fascinated to see it

There are many beautiful places to visit in Austria especially in the mountains, hills, forests and valleys that exist in this country. In many areas, vast and still beautiful green valleys separate the Alps that stretch across Austria. 

Austria does not have beaches and sea, but this is replaced by the many rivers and lakes in this country. The rivers and lakes in Austria are known for their crystal clear water, surrounded by natural landscapes that are still very beautiful.

Some parts of Austria are still covered in dense forests that are still beautiful. It is suitable for adventure activities such as camping, hiking, and trekking or forest tail. 

Not only natural beauty is the main charm of Austria. Friendly residents and the architecture of buildings in cities and villages that are very typical of Bavaria, also make tourists like to visit this country. Besides, Austria also had a delicious typical cuisine that can only be found in this country

Typical Austrian food such as Linzer torte and Punschkrapfen are a must for you to taste here. Don’t forget to enjoy these specialties accompanied by a cup of coffee and warm chocolate, or a bottle of beer and wine which makes this meal even more delicious.

If one day you want to visit Austria, here are some beautiful places to visit in Austria.

1. Enjoy the stunning beauty of the peak of the Kitzbuheler Horn

As mentioned earlier, some places in Austria are surrounded by high mountains which are still part of the Alps mountain range. One of beautiful places to visit in Austria that is located in the height is this Kitzbuheler Horn. 

Kitzbuheler Horn is like a country above the clouds because it is located at a fantastic height of 1,998 meters. There are two ways to get to a place as beautiful as heaven. 

First you can head to Pletzeralm then take the cableway to Kitzbuheler Horn. But for those of you who like adventure, you can try the hiking trails from the Kitzbuhel countryside. 

At the top of the Kitzbuheler Horn, you can enjoy very beautiful views and feel the very cool mountain air. If you come to winter, the top of the Kitzbuheler Horn is a great place to ski from the top.

2. Enjoy the charm of Achen Lake that will blow your mind away

This country has several beautiful lakes which could be a reference for beautiful places to visit in Austria. One of them that are quite famous and a favorite of tourists is Lake Achen which is located in Tyrol, Austria. 

This lake has a depth of up to 133 meters with clear blue and crystal clear water. This place is known to be so beautiful because the western part is surrounded by the Karwendel mountain range, while the eastern part stretches the majestic Brandenberg Alps. 

You can do various interesting activities such as camping in the Achen valley area or doing skiing and sleigh riding when winter arrives at Lake Achen

3. See the beauty of the highest waterfall in Europe, the Krimml waterfall

The Krimml waterfall is named as one of beautiful places to visit in Austria, and we seem to agree with that. Krimml waterfall has a fantastic height of 380 meters which makes it the highest waterfall in Europe. 

The beauty of the Krimml waterfall is able to anesthetize thousands of tourists to come here every year. Don’t worry; you can still enjoy the beauty of this waterfall when winter arrives. 

Because Krimml waterfall will freeze and leave unique and magical scenery that the entire flow of water in Krimml Waterfall becomes an ice sculpture.

4. See the uniqueness of Lake Grüner See with its magical underwater forest

Have you ever imagined seeing an underwater forest in real life, not just in a movie or story book? If so, you should try to take the time to see this wonder by visiting the Grüner See Lake that is located in Styria, Austria. 

This beautiful and magical lake is precisely located in the rural area of Tragöß, whose uniqueness is known to various parts of the world like other lakes in Austria, the Grüner See Lake, which has an area of up to 776 m, is blessed with crystal-clear greenish water. 

It is so clear that you can even see forest-like scenery in this lake. This is because when spring comes when the ice melts; the Grüner See lake will be soaked with water that the surrounding vegetation, grass and plants will sink; thus giving the impression of a magical underwater forest and make it one of beautiful places to visit in Austria.

5. Feel the sensation of entering the world biggest ice cave in Eisriesenwelt

Having winters that are longer than its summers, Austria has scenic spots that are dominated by freezing ice. One of the lists of beautiful places to visit in Austria with scenic freezing ice is Eisriesenwelt, located in Werfen, Austria. 

Even though this is an ice cave with bone chilling cold air, who would have thought that Eisriesenwelt had earned the nickname as the gate of hell. This is because the local people used to feel that this enormous cave looked so dark, cold and creepy. 

But now, Eisriesenwelt incarnated as a beautiful tourist spot which never deserted of tourists. Accompanied by an experienced guide, you can enter into an ice cave that is said to be the largest and widest in the world. 

While in it, you will feel a sensation like in another amazing world.

6. Feel the beauty of Hallstatt village that is like in a fairy tale

Just like England, Austria also has one of the most beautiful villages in the world. It is the village of Hallstatt on the list of the beautiful places to visit in Austria. 

This small village is located in the western cluster of Austria to be precise around the famous Salzkammergut mountain region. Hallstatt is known to have a beautiful view like in a fairy tale, which makes anyone who visits it, will be amazed. 

Hallstatt is special because it is located on a small island surrounded by Hallstatter Lake which has clear water.  The beauty of this village is increasingly felt because it is also surrounded by the Salzkammergut Mountain Area, so that the sensation of being in a fairy tale is felt by tourists who come here.

7. Don't forget to visit the pretty village of Zell am See in Austria

Hallstatt isn’t the only beautiful village in Austria. Another beautiful village that should be included in the recommendation of beautiful places to visit in Austria is Zell am See. 

This Zell am See village is located in Salzburg and is known for its super stunning natural scenery. Zell is See village has a beauty that some people liken to heaven. 

This small village is surrounded by the Grossglockner mountain range which gives a cool green nuance. From this village, you can also enjoy the beauty of Lake Zell which is very enchanting. It is so beautiful that the village of Zell am See was even used as a postcard.

Actually, there are still so many favorite tourist attractions in Austria for holidays with your friends and family. With its natural beauty and cultural wealth, it’s no wonder there are so many beautiful places to visit in Austria.

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