The Eight Wonders: The Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Canada

Canada is a peaceful country in North America that many people wish to go to once in their lives. It is known to have very large area and yet not heavily populated, even its big cities like Toronto. 

Wild life can still be seen roaming around the country. Some people report how they can actually see animals like moose and deer on the side of the street while driving. 

There are many beautiful places to visit in Canada. This passage is going to discuss some of those places so that you can include them in your travel plan. Aren’t you excited for it?

Haida Gwaii

Haida Gwaii is a group of islands which is located north part of Pacific coast. The two main islands of this archipelago are Graham Island and Moresby Island. 

There are 150 micro islands which are located there as well. People say that this is one of the beautiful places to visit in Canada because of its unique charm. 

If you reside in a bustling metropolitan city then Haida Gwaii might become a perfect retreat place for you. This place has more laid back living pace. Everything happens relatively slowly there.

Various activities can be done in the islands. Those who are inclined to nature can visit one of its gardens such as Delkatla Sanctuary Society which hosts endemic animals.

Some more adrenaline pumping activities are also offered such as kayaking. If you are interested in shopping, there are definitely some shops which sell trinkets made by locals.

To travel between the main islands, you need to take ferry which runs on certain schedule. For accommodation, people can opt to stay in camping ground, guesthouse, or even more upscale hotel.

Tsusiat Falls

This place is the more obscured place in Canada but definitely no less beautiful. To reach this place, you definitely need to work harder. 

It can be reached through West Coast Trail. For more experienced hiker, this trail is on moderate level of difficulty. However, if you are beginner hiker, this route might be the most challenging you have ever witnessed. 

The distance from its starting point leading to Tsusiat Falls is about 45 miles. The trail is elevated which might provide a challenge on its own. Usually it takes a little over a day to reach the falls.

Nonetheless, once you have finally reached the place, you will be greeted by one of beautiful places to visit in Canada. The falls has great view of multiple water cascades. 

The surrounding area is really quiet at night sans for the sound of water falling. It is recommended to spend the night near the waterfall. 

If you are planning to do so, you should bring someone along to share the burden of carrying camping gear. That would be an unforgettable experience of your lifetime.

Gros Morne National Park

The national park is located in the west coast area of Newfoundland. The area is about 1,805 square miles. 

Since the 1987, this national park has been included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is due to its historical value in plate tectonics knowledge as well as the spectacular scenery that it offers. 

Gros  Morne National Park is a perfect place to visit if you want to reconnect with nature because its landscapes certainly allows for vegetation and animal wildlife to co-exist. You will be able to catch sights of red squirrels and Arctic foxes there.

It is a great place to go with friends or family members. There are various activities to be done within the large arena. 

People can have outdoor camping experience together. In certain seasons when the weather is clear, you will be able to witness clear night sky while sleeping outside. 

Some sport activities can be done as well within the perimeter, such as cycling and hiking. It is also possible to interact with indigenous people and learn about their culture.

Quebec City

Listing beautiful places to visit in Canada would not be complete without mentioning Quebec City. This city is the capital of Quebec Province, a French-speaking province in Canada. 

From Montreal, it takes about two and half hours of driving to get there. This city is located in the north bank of Saint Lawrence River which elevates its beauty. 

Due to its location, the climate of Quebec City is relatively even throughout the year, although it can be rather hot in summer season. Nonetheless, you will have a pleasure in visiting this city anytime of the year.

Quebec City has historical background as France-occupied area in the past. You can still see it in the way the city landscape was built as well as its architecture. The open space of this city is still maintained well so that you can stroll around and getting in touch with nature. 

Various activities such as canoeing, sugar shack, and skiing are available around the city depending on season. Since it is a notorious travel destination, you will not have difficulty in finding accommodation that suits your needs.

Percé Village in Quebec

Are you visiting Canada to get away from your usual routine? If so, then Percé should be a destination to consider in your itinerary. This place is located not far from the peak of Gaspé Peninsula in Quebec Province. 

The port village does not only offer you a beautiful vista. You will basically feel like you are entering another dimension when arriving in the village. It is because the town itself is very quiet. People there also adopt leisure pace of living.

There are two main attractions that you can see in the town, namely Percé Rock and Bonaventure Island. Percé Rock is the world’s largest rock arch which is situated at the sea.

 You will be amazed at seeing how massive this geological wonder is. Meanwhile, Bonaventure Island is a calm small island with large flower fields that you can sit on.

 In the village, you can try activities like kayaking or snorkeling. Of course, it will be better to visit during summer because the weather might be too cold otherwise.


Skiing is another main reason for people to visit this country. One of most beautiful places to visit in Canada for skiing trip is Whistler. This area is accessible by driving about two hours to the north from Vancouver. 

This village is open any time of the year, whether it is spring or summer or autumn or winter. If you are so keen on skiing, though, it is recommended to visit during spring. 

It is because in this season, you will still have the aftermath of winter but the day gets longer. You will be able to enjoy outdoor activities longer in warmer weather.

There are classes that beginners in skiing can take to hone their skills. These classes are available for all age groups. Thus, even families with small children can enjoy visiting this ski town. 

For adults, the nightlife entertainments in the area are rather abundant. You can enjoy bar hopping or try tasty food in various restaurants downtown. Some clubs are also open if you want to blow off some steams.

Dempster Highway

This place is often called by Yukon Highway 5. It is basically a 740 kilometers long road starting from Dawson City in Yukon and leads close to the Western Arctic, specifically Inuvik in Northwest Territories. 

The highway is a perfect destination for people who want to go on healing road trip in their own vehicle. As you go on its long trail, you will be able to witness wide and open space. It is a special experience to have if you are into a novel travel mode like this.

When you are going on this road trip, your will be pampered with beautiful vista of valleys, high mountains, sub-arctic terrain, and tundra. The wildlife you can see along the road is also varied such as caribou, ptarmigan, and even black bear. 

Preparation is definitely important if you want to drive through the Dempster Highway. About two months during fall seasons when the river freeze, this highway will be closed. 

It is better to travel during summer season when the weather is warmer and the risk of road hazard due to slippery road is lessened.

Yoho National Park

Another national park worth mentioning in the list of beautiful places to visit in Canada is without doubt the Yoho National Park. Yoho gained its name because it is a Cree’s expression for a wonder. 

This one is located within the Rocky Mountains area in British Columbia.  It is not difficult to see why this place is included in this list. 

In this park, you will be able to enjoy nearly vertical rock walls, gorgeous waterfalls, and challenging peaks. You can also hike through the endangered pine forests located within the spacious park.

Rigorous activities, such as hiking, climbing, and snowshoeing are available for you who wish for it. Nonetheless, if you are more into relaxing activities you can enjoy fishing by the lakeside and cycling around the park. 

There are tour guides who will be glad to show you around and introduce you to conservation area where indigenous people live.

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