10 Cheapest Places to Live in Spain by the Sea

Apart from being famous for its football enthusiasts, Spain is also famous for its charming tourist attractions.  

This Spanish-speaking country has been known worldwide for its beautiful beaches, magnificent palaces and ancient cathedrals, culinary tours, and even exclusive shopping tours. 

On the other hand, Spain’s geographic location, coastlines, and diverse landscapes made the country an excellent infrastructure for the international tourism industry to not only vacation in Spain, but to actually live in the country.  

The main reason for most locals and visitors is that starting a new life in Spain is a dream for many.  But which Spanish city should you choose to live in? 

If you answer the cities by the sea, that’s a really good answer!  As you know, the big cities, such as Madrid and Barcelona may seem like a great choice since they are considered the most desirable cities in Europe to visit and settle.  

However, when it comes to cost and the quality of life, living by the sea is an option for you to consider.  

Hence, you can also rent an apartment, house, or villa by the sea in Spain at affordable prices.  In fact, most travelers who enjoy spending time in Spain, consider having their own residence or apartment so that they can feel right at home.  

Therefore, in no particular order, here are 10 of the cheapest places to live in Spain by the sea to help you find your inspiration.


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The city, located in Andalusia, Mojácar has a unique view of white houses piled up so neatly like sugar poles.  

The majority of the houses in this particular city are built on a hill. 

The stunning view you will see from the hill is the Mediterranean Sea and also the Tabernas Desert. 

 An average residential house price at Mojácar is reasonable too, with stunning coastal views as a bonus.

San Sebastian

Cheapest Places to Live in Spain 1

A sophisticated city located in the north coast of Spain, San Sebastian is known for its gold-colored sand, wide roadways, and stunning ancient architecture. 

The town has been known as a fashionable resort with luxurious hotels since the 1800s, that are favored by the aristocrats.  

Even though vacations here can be a bit expensive, living as a local doesn’t have to be.  There are affordable apartments in the city and the cost of living here is also comparable to other places. 


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Valencia is a city with a complete package including a nightlife activity, excellent cultural experience to great sandy beaches.

The city also comes with a bonus, affordable rents, and housing prices by the sea.  

If you are not a native speaker and have younger kids, good international schools are available.  Hence, the city also has its own international airport.


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Located on the north coast of Spain, Bilbao is perhaps one of the most vibrant cities in Europe. 

In the past 20 years, the city has successfully transformed from an industrial town into a modern city to live in and a great vacation spot for tourists.  

The price of the property is a bit high, but the quality of life in the city is not as expensive as you think.


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This particular city in the Mediterranean is known for its busy nightlife and long sandy beaches.

Gandia is located on the Valencia coast that has a lot to offer in terms of housing.  The city has plenty of affordable housing around the city.  

It’s only about 45 minutes from Valencia and one hour away from Alicante with transportations you can easily find.


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Enjoying the view of the beach in the center of the Asturias territory, Gijón is far from being a tourist destination and little is known to the outside world. 

Even though it’s an old city, it is considered a place worth living, with beautiful beaches and very friendly people.  

For this reason, it is one of the cheapest places to live in Spain by the sea worth looking for.


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In general, Spain has many coastal cities worth living with beautiful landscapes and a captivating world of tourism. 

One of the cities you need to put your heart and soul in to get these two bonus points from Spain in Sitges.  

Sitges is known worldwide as one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Spain.  For that reason, many are fond of having a comfortable residence in this city.


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Popularly known around the world for its Alhambra Palace and beautiful Generalife outdoor gardens, Granada is a well maintained ancient town with world-class culinary tourism. 

It’s not just a beautiful place to visit, the housing prices are reasonable and there is almost everything you need for a modern living. 


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A city located on the Costa Del Sol, Malaga is a great place to not only visit but to live in as well.  

The city is often time ranked highly in the quality of life surveys. 

As you can see, Malaga is also a complete package with sunny days, beautiful sea areas, and sangria that is popular.  

Plus, the city has great public schools with great public transport services you can easily use.  In terms of property, housing prices are affordable and should be a good choice of housing. 


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Alicante, one of the popular cities in Spain, has the uniqueness of a Mediterranean vibe tourist destination since the city is filled with beautiful white sandy beaches. 

Most visitors who vacation in the city will either spend their holidays at the beach resorts, which also means property prices are unaffected and is considered one of the cheapest places to live in Spain by the sea.

The prices of ready-to-live houses in Spain have been decreasing for the last few years.  One of the reasons is the long-term effects of global warming.  

However, if you and your family really like the atmosphere of a beach vacation in Spain and want to take a longer vacation, then there’s nothing wrong with finding one of the cheapest places to live in Spain by the sea for the whole family.  

You can either choose to rent a property (villa or apartment) or even buying one.

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