Here Are the Recommendation of 8 Exotic Places in England

Exotic places in England sure will be your top priority whenever you visit this country. England is not only well known with their culture, accent, their kingdom, its football team and game as well as James Bond. 

This country is also famous with various beautiful places that succesfully attract many tourists from all around the world.

There is a lot of beauty and uniqueness in various tourist attractions in England. This is inseparable from the long history of this country. 

England is one of the country’s most visited by tourists from all over the world. It’s no wonder that in the UK there are so many cool tourist attractions, activities and sights that are hard to find anywhere else.

England is known as a country that has quite beautiful natural scenery. This country has always been a mandatory destination for tourists coming to the European continent. 

Beautiful places, unique culture, distinctive accent of its inhabitants, delicious culinary and ancient architectural heritage make England a dream country that many people want to visit. Besides that, there are also many exotic places in England that never fail to attract tourist from all over the world

Things you need to know about England

Britain is one of the most well known countries in the world. Arguably the UK has a long history known to the world. 

England itself is known as the country with the largest population in Great Britain. But England did not stand alone. There are other countries that make up the United Kingdom of England, namely Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

England is also known as a country that has quite beautiful landscapes. The combination of forests, rivers, vast fields, beaches and seas makes England a popular tourist destination. 

In addition, this country has buildings with unique architecture which are the legacy of famous ancient architects, whose works were quite influential in this world.

Magnificent and charming ancient architectural remains, you can find when visiting old villages in England. Here, apart from experiencing the life of a local resident, you can also see that the old villages in England have a uniqueness that cannot be found anywhere else.

The southern part of England is mostly hilly countryside. In northwest England and the Scottish highlands there are dozens of lakes, which are called lochs. 

From bustling cities to snow-capped mountains, green hills that stretch to plateaus and islands, you can find them in this country. No wonder we call England a beautiful country, and exploring it is a must.

Even so, England is not a very large and large country. However, this is an added value for this country, which has London as its capital. Relatively small in size with good transport links, it allows you to see a lot while you are here.

This includes when you choose to travel to some exotic places in England. Of course there are many exotic places in England that are worth visiting. 

Some of them are quite well known, but some may only be known by some people. Here are recommendations for exotic tourist attractions in the UK that you shouldn’t miss

1. Cornwall, beautiful sites in the southwestern England​

If you are looking for exotic places in England, sure you can’t miss to visit Cornwall. Cornwall, located in the corner of the British archipelago, is known as a coastal area with its exotic and unique natural beauty. 

This area is still surrounded by various historical heritage buildings, which are combined with amazing landscapes. Not only that, you can walk along a winding road equipped with a sea view decorated with fortress ruins, making this area truly charming. 

Cornwall offers many attractive limestone beaches and cliffs.

2. Exploring Ben Nevis, the Highest Mountain in the British Isles

For those of you who want to get an adrenaline rush, maybe Ben Nives  Mountain could be a choice of tourist attractions in England, which you can try. 

Ben Nives is one of exotic places in England that attracts so many tourists each year. This mountain is the highest mountain in the British Isles, which has an altitude of up to about 1344 meters. 

For information, Mount Ben Nevis is a popular tourist destination, and is also a climbing spot for nature lovers. That’s why it’s no wonder that this mountain is climbed by hundreds of thousands of climbers per year.

3. Visiting Clovelly, one of the most beautiful villages in England

Beautiful villages are exotic places in England that you should visit whenever you travel to this country. One of them is Clovelly, which is located in the Torridge district of Devon, England. 

The village, which is known to be beautiful and natural because it is free of motor vehicles, is one of the most popular tourist villages in England and has even been designated as one of the British Heritage Sites that you can’t possibly miss. 

One of the most beautiful villages in England, it has a cobblestone road that leads to the old port, and is a main road that is flanked by buildings with typical Clovelly village architecture, which is unique and extraordinary.

4. The beauty of exotic Rhossili Bay beach which is hard to resist

Apart from historical buildings and old villages as tourist destinations, in England there are also beautiful and exotic beaches. One of them is Rhossili Bay which is located at Swansea, Wales, England. 

This Rhossili Bay beach is one of the exotic places in England that is hard to resist. This beach is a stunning tourist attraction with very charming views. Stretching for three kilometers and surrounded by dunes, this pretty beach is also home to unique and unusual prehistoric relics. 

This beach is a popular destination among water sports enthusiasts such as surfing, because the waves are calm and tend to be stable. This beach is very popular with surfers trying to get their adrenaline pumping by riding the waves in this exotic Rhossili Bay beach.

5. Don't forget to explore the beauty of Snowdonia National Park in England

The lists of exotic places in England aren’t complete without Snowdonia National Park in it. Located in North West Wales, England, this national park is also the biggest and largest one in Wales. 

This place is one of the tourist destinations that offer the best natural scenery in England, and it is definitely impossible to miss. Apart from presenting exotic natural scenery, Snowdonia National Park is also home to hundreds of rare animal and plant species, which you can only find in this national park. 

The Snowdonia National Park area is also rich in historical and cultural nuances. This can be seen by the existence of various sites of historical value that can still be found here.

6. Visiting High Force Waterfalls in Teesdale, England

Don’t think that Britain has no natural beauty other than hills, seas and rivers. This country also has many other exotic places, one of which is several waterfalls in England. 

The most famous is probably the High Force which is located at Teesdale, England. High Force Waterfall has a height of up to 21 meters with beautiful natural scenery. This waterfall flows fast, and is surrounded by forests that are home to a variety of beautiful wildlife and wild plants. 

This waterfall is surrounded by quite high cliffs, and is shaded by a row of large trees that presents a remarkable coolness. If you come here, you can see wildflowers and towering trees. Not only that, if you are lucky you can meet wild animals such as deer and rabbits that live freely here.

7. Don't forget to visit magical and amazing Stonehenge historical sites

One of the exotic places in England that should be put on your bucket list is Stonehenge historical sites. This prehistoric monument is located in Wiltshire, England, and its magic has amazed people from all over the world. 

Stonehenge possesses huge size of upright stones known as sarsens, as much as thirty stones in total. The stones at Stonehenge have various heights ranging from the lowest is four meters, and the highest is about 10 meter. 

The researchers themselves are still debating the weight of the rocks at this historic site. However, some believe that the rocks at Stonehenge weigh up to 26 tons! This place is never deserted by tourists who came from all over the world. 

Stonehenge is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, which is protected until now. Traveled to England is not complete if you do not take the time to see the magic of this Stonehenge historical site

8. Walk along the Cotswolds, the Most Famous Beautiful Village in the World

For those movie lovers, might not be strange with this beautiful village that is located in south central England. Besides being named as one of the exotic places in England, this beautiful village may be the most famous village in the world. 

It is because Cotswolds are often used as the backdrop for a series of famous films. Here, you will find a different tourist sensation, by exploring this beautiful village on foot or by bicycle. Cotswolds presents unique scenery, with a rustic atmosphere that is located in the honey-colored limestone areas.

A long history and a unique culture that has a huge influence throughout the world, make England one of the most popular countries among world tourists. The country is also endowed with fantastic landscapes, so it offers many exotic places in England. 

So pack your bag, and let’s travel to England!

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