10 Most Exotic Places in Greece to Visit for a Relaxing Holiday

Greece has many things to offer when it comes to getting a retreat from your busy working days. Starting from the comfortable atmosphere and warm temperature of the air, the turquoise water, the good Mediterranean cuisine to the romantic sunset.

Greek Islands are even considered to be Europe’s most popular sea destination because it has more than 5,000 islands with a tremendously beautiful scene as far as the eyes can see. No wonder that Greece has always been one of the most favorite family or romantic holidays.

Since you have many options to pick from and you might get stuck in choosing the most exotic places in Greece because you surely cant visit all the places there, here are some recommendations for the best places in Greece for your next holiday.

1. Tilos

If you want to experience an adventurous holiday, Tilos can be the most amazing destination to visit. This place has a scene of wildlife with the rough roads and mountains combination. 

Coming here will make you feel like you are going back to the ancient world. Some wild, yet exotic animals such as dwarf elephants can be also found here.

The trip to reach the beaches in Tilos has quite difficult access. You might find it rocky and hard to get through. 

However, everything you have been going through when accessing the beaches will be paid off with the peace of nature and quiet environment for a relaxing retreat. More interestingly, you can always find such peacefulness even at the peak of the season because this island is not yet well known.

Being such a remote area, Tilos is actually hard to reach since it has no airport. You can get there by boat from the island of Rhodes, Mykonos, Piero or Athens. 

There are some amazing beaches that can be listed on your journey while visiting Tilos such as San Antonio, Red Beach, and Eristos.

2. Santorini

While Tilos is such a hidden treasure in Greece, Santorini is a classic, yet popular destination you can visit. This has everything Greece can offer as has been mentioned at the beginning of this article. 

So if you need a perfect destination that represents what Greece looks like, then this is the best option.

Santorini is a unique, beautiful island with some amazing beaches including the red Beach, Kamari, White Beach and Perissa. Try to go with the Red Beach to enjoy the exotic red sand or visit the white houses of Fira located on the island’s western side. 

It has a contrasting look of the white houses combined with the black sand of the beaches.

3. Gavdos Island

If you want to experience how people living traditionally by leaving the mobile phones behind, you can try visit Gavdos Island in Greece. This is a small island which consist only 50 permanent inhabitants living under local traditions. 

Due to this lifestyle, there are only few accomodation can be found, but this is a good thing since you can finally build a tent and enjoy sleeping under the stars above the sand beach. Since this is such a rural island, it takes about 2 hours to get here by boat from Crete.

4. Thessaloniki

As the second largest city in Greece, Thessaloniki offers many cultural activities such as social events and lively festivals. You can enjoy both new and old attractions because beside being the historic city center in Greece, this is also a type of commercial district that needs to look modern sometimes. 

As one of exotic places in Greece, Thessaloniki provides a perfect combination of classic and modern attractions. 

5. Paxi Island

Although Paxi island, compared to the other Greek islands, is smaller and not so popular, this serves you a peace and privacy. There are some beaches to visit and you can also enjoy the delicious fresh fish in the restaurants. 

The evening is the most quite and best time for a couple or family for a more exclusive holiday since that is the time when the Corfu tourists left. This island can be only reached by boat from Greek mainland or Corfu.

6. Mykonos

If you need a famous place to feel the real vibe of Greece. Getting there is easier since this is a popular destination. 

The blue sea of the island is mesmerizing while the Cycladyc architecture you can find in the narrow streets of the island is unique and exotic. You can enjoy both the nature and historical value of the island.

If need a short walk, visit the Mykonos town or also called as the chora. This is a unique, fantasy town with narrow streets and whitewashed buildings completed with colorful doorways. 

This is a small town that doesnt require much time to walk, but the street looks just like a narrow with all the same look that might make you confused while walking.

7. Crete

As the largest island in Greek, there is a beautiful picture landscape as far as the eyes can see you can enjoy. The spacious with contrasting look island is filled with mountains, countryside featured with olive trees and coastline. 

This is one of the most exotic places in Greece that you will make you keep admiring the beauty from the start to the end.

This island is a combination of beautiful nature and anchient ruins. Visiting Crete will serve you a package of holiday from hiking to exploring museums. 

Chania, one of the largest cities in Crete is such a historical, yet charming place keeping its traditional picture.

Enjoy hiking in the most famous national park in Crete, Samaria Gorge is very adventurous. There is a 15-km narrow trek you can walk through while enjoying soaring cliffs and abandoned villages. 

From a breathtaking place to a historical village, Crete has anything you want to find in Greece.

8. Meteora

Meteroa means suspended in the air in Greek and it describes what you can find in this destination. The thing that is suspending in the air is actually the cliffs with more than 1,200 feet rising to the air. 

It doesnt lie because the stuffs are rising so high. There is famous history about the cliffs’ monasteries saying that they were built in the 14th and 16th centuries by monks, which makes this place even more attractive.

Staying in hotels here gives you a different vibe of vacation since the geological look of the cliff is there to enjoy. Most hotels in Meteora are small and family-owned so you cant expect exclusive features while visiting this historical area. 

There are many hotels to choose from with different points of view of the cliff so you can always choose where you want to stay.

9. Zagori

Zagori has an exotic picture of Greece’s nature with the rugged mountains and dense forests completed with beautifully flowing rivers and traditional villages. This destination lets you enjoy what living in nature really likes. 

The traditional villages are unique because many of houses are made of grand stone, which has been preserves since the eighteenth century. Enjoying the unique picture of the island by hiking through the paths is the best thing to do here.

10. Milos

Explore the hidden treasure of Greece in Milos island since it has around 70 islands and most of them are still unknown. This is actually a great choice if are bored with the night life or the crowded cities. 

This is a place where you can feel like finally breathing peacefully. This island is featured uniquely with white sand and rocks in lunar landscape.

Since there are 70 beaches to choose from, try to visit the most popular, they are Pollonia, Sarakiniko, Papafragas and Papikinou. Milos is very easy to reach from Athens. Yo can just use flight by Olympic Airlines. 

Taking a ferry is also possible, but it takes about 9 hours to get there. Being so quite and peaceful, this one of exotic places in Greece shouldnt be left out of your list.

Why you Should Visit Greece

Although Greece is known for its ancient ruins and beaches, there are many reasons why you should come here and enjoy what it has. Greece itself has been many people’s favorite destination in Europe as it has such a peaceful vibe and charming look all around the country.

Although Greece is known for its ancient ruins and beaches, there are many reasons why you should come here and enjoy what it has. Greece itself has been many people’s favorite destination in Europe as it has such a peaceful vibe and charming look all around the country.

The most interesting thing about Greece that make you want to go back there could be the water. It is not so hot, yet so warm with 25 to 30 degrees of temperature during the peak season. This is the best temperature that wouldnt burn your skin, but gives the warm atmosphere instead.

There are actually many more exotic places in Greece that are not listed here, so you can find as much information as possible before visiting to ensure you don’t miss any beautiful things that Greece has. 

Whether you want to stay on a quiet island or walk through a narrow path, Greece has anything you could ever want for a perfect holiday.

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