8 Famous Landmarks in Australia, Best Locations for Holiday Destination

Famous landmarks in Australia can be a great recommendation if you want to visit this country which is also a continent. Australia is arguably a quite unique country. Apart from the diversity of its population, Australia is also the smallest continent in the world. 

With all its uniqueness, it’s no wonder Australia is one of the places that is often visited by many tourists from various parts of the world.

Australia actually has the official name of the Commonwealth of Australia. Since this country is a former British colony, Australia is included in the 53 member states of the British Commonwealth of Nations group. Actually Australia is not independent; Australia has six states and two main territories.

The country also consists of the mainland of the Australian continent, the island of Tasmania, and various small islands in the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. This makes famous landmarks in Australia quite a lot and spread evenly in almost every state.

Geographically, the Australian landscape is divided into 3 parts. In the eastern part you can see the rows of Blue Mountains and the Australian Alps, while in the middle it is marked by the stretching of the Murray-Darling plain and the Murray River. 

Whereas the western part of Australia tends to be dry and is dominated by a number of well-known deserts such as the Gibson and Victoria deserts.

Some unique facts about Australia

As with other countries in the world, Australia also has a uniqueness that is characteristic of the country. One is the fact that the kangaroo as the typical animals of this country, the number is more than the population inhabiting Australia

In addition, Australia is also known as the country with the highest number of beaches in the world. There are about 10,000 beaches located on this continent. If you intend to travel to every beach in the country, it will take you about 27 years to be able to visit all the beaches in Australia. Isn’t that amazing?

Australia is also known as a natural habitat for kangaroos, which is also the mascot of this country. But even so, Australians are allowed to eat kangaroo meat. 

In fact, you can easily find kangaroo meat menus in many restaurants in Australia. The large population of kangaroos makes this animal an alternative meat for the consumption of residents there.

This uniqueness made Australia a travel destination from various countries. Apart from enjoying its very beautiful natural scenery, Australia also has many iconic landmarks and famous buildings in the country. Several famous landmarks in Australia have even become favorite tourist destinations. What are some of them?

1. The most famous and iconic of course the Sydney Opera House

The Sydney Opera House is arguably Australia’s most famous building. Even Australia can be recognized from this magnificent building located in the city of Sydney. No wonder the Sydney Opera House is on the list of famous landmarks in Australia. 

The Sydney Opera House began construction in 1959, and is a masterpiece of architect Jørn Utzon. Carrying the concept of the modern and expressionist architecture, Sydney Opera House became the most famous building in Australia. 

You can come to this place to enjoy a variety of interesting shows such as opera, cabaret, orchestral music performances, theater performances, cinemas and many others. In addition, you are also required to take photos with the Sydney Opera House as a background, if you come and travel to Australia.

2. Shopping while enjoying the luxurious architecture in the Queen Victoria Building

Shopping tours are also one of the reasons why many people want to come to Australia. If you want to do a shopping tour while enjoying one the famous landmarks in Australia, then the most recommended place to visit is The Queen Victoria Building which is located in the George Street area in the city of Sydney. 

Tourists come to this place not only to buy typical Australian souvenirs. But you can also enjoy how magnificent this antique building, which was built by architect George McRae in the 1890s. Once inside, you will be amazed at how luxurious this building is often referred to as the QVB. 

This colonial architectural style building houses a number of shops selling luxury goods to those that are affordable to tourists. Don’t forget to take a photo in front of this building if you come and shop at The Queen Victoria Building.

3. Enjoy the beauty of the natural landmark, the mysterious of Ayers Rock

Australia is indeed gifted with landscapes that are not only beautiful, but also unique and unusual. One of them is Uluru or Ayers Rock which is one of the famous landmarks in Australia formed by nature and become a tourist destination. 

Located in the Northern Territory which is part of Central Australia, Ayers Rock is a natural landmark that is also a sacred site for Aboriginal people. With a rocky height of nearly 350m and an area of 1.9km, Ayers Rock is a natural landmark that is said to have been formed since 600 years ago. 

This stone hill is known because it can change its color, according to the hour and also the direction of the sun. To be able to enjoy the beauty of Ayres Rock with its stunning red color, the right time is when the sun rises or sets so you will see this natural landmark that is both enchanting and mysterious.

4. Sydney Harbor Bridge, one of the best tourist destinations in Australia

Although not the capital city of Australia, Sydney is arguably the most famous city in the country. Some of the most famous landmarks in Australia are located in the city of Sydney. One of them that cannot be missed is visiting the Sydney Harbor Bridge. 

The Harbor Bridge is a bridge that runs between Sydney’s central business district and the North Shore. With a length of 1,149 m, this bridge stretches over Sydney Harbor and is made with a through arch bridge design that looks tough but also elegant. 

You can pass this bridge because besides the car lane, there are also special pedestrian and bicycle paths. Apart from that from the Sydney harbor, you can also take pictures with the background of this iconic Sydney Harbor Bridge

5. Admire the charm of The Bell Tower as the main mascot of Perth City

The city of Perth also has unique buildings that are included in the recommendation list of famous landmarks in Australia. One landmark that successfully attracted many tourists to visit is The Bell Tower or the Swan Bell which is located right in the heart of Perth’s. 

The tower is 82.5-meter high, made of copper frame combined with glass, which creates a modern minimalist feel that looks extraordinary. The tower, which has 18 bells, was only opened to the public in 2010. This tower is never empty of tourist visits who admire the charm of The Bell Tower.

6. Exploring the Fremantle Prison, a former prison which is now a tourist attraction

Apart from Bella Tower, one of the famous landmarks in Perth that cannot be missed is this Fremantle Prison. Fremantle Prison is a former old prison located in the city of Fremantle, and opened as a penitentiary in 1855. However, in 1991, Fremantle prison was closed and now has the function of being a tourist spot and is included in one of the famous landmarks in Australia.  

Apart from having a fairly large and unique building that is often used as a background for taking pictures, Fremantle Prison also offers other attractions for tourists. Accompanied by a guide, you can explore the Fremantle prison, and pass through the alleys and mazes in this prison. Don’t worry about getting lost because there are experienced guides who are always ready to accompany you.

7. Shop at London Court, one of Australia's oldest shopping centers

Perth also offers shopping tours which are the main attraction of this city. Not only because tourists can buy unique souvenirs from Perth, but also the tourists will see interesting shopping centers in this city. 

One of them is very famous and is part of the list of famous landmarks in Australia is the London Court that is located in Perth, Western Australia. London Court not only known because of the unique building that became its trademark. This is one of the oldest shopping centers in Australia which reportedly has been operating since 1973. 

The architecture of the building is unique and reminds you of the form of court buildings in London, making this shopping center not only a shopping destination, but also a stunning photo background.

8. The beauty of Brisbane City Hall that will amaze you

Several places in Brisbane are also included in the famous landmarks in Australia. One of them that are well known by tourists visiting this city is the Brisbane City Hall, which is located right on King George Square. 

Even though it is a government building, tourists are allowed to see this building built in the Italian Renaissance style. Evening is the perfect time to soak up the charm of Brisbane City Hall, which looks even more stunning when exposed to the surrounding lights

Australia is indeed the right country to spend your vacation time on. Moreover, there are so many famous landmarks in Australia which is sure to captivate your heart

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