Some collections of famous landmarks in London

There are various famous landmarks in London. This city becomes one of the most popular cities to visit among travelers all over the world. Due to its diversity, it gives an effect on the historical buildings as well as the food provided.

Although it has multiple historical buildings, it has plenty of good restaurants that you can enjoy. Moreover, it serves you with selections of accommodation to stay.

The following discussion will tell you about the popular places in London for your recommendation. Let us check the below reading.

1. Big Ben

We are familiar with Big Ben as one of London’s iconic buildings. However, this building is not merely a clock tower. You will see a huge bell inside the tower.

The name Big Bend is taken from the Great Bell. It is not referring to the tower name or the clock name. It is the biggest bell compare to the other five bells found in this tower.

Big Ben has the clock on each side, so the total is four sides. The bell has a height of more than 2 meters, its diameter is 2,5 meters, and the weight is 14 tons. It is widely known as Big Ben instead of the Great Bell

Moreover, it is only selected visitors can enter this tower that is people who hold a British Passport. To reach the top, you should have good stamina because you will pass 334 stairs.

Big Ben is one of the UNESCO historical sites that is officially announced in 1987. It is a part of an essential part of Westminster Abbey as well.

2. Houses of Parliament

Located nearby Big Ben, you will see the Houses of Parliament. It is a building where the UK Parliament meets and discuss a political issue.

This building is also one of the best famous landmarks in London. It has a Gothic Revival style building. The building offers a unique combination showing history and politics in modern times. 

Besides, this iconic building has beautiful locations due to located on the side of the Thames river. Its artistic design and architecture present you with a spectacular view.

Visitors are allowed to enter this place and visit a public gallery to watch a debate about a current issue. It is open to the public from Monday to Thursday.

There are some options to see inside the building, and one of them is by joining a guided tour too. This tour will take you to pass some main room in this building. 

Besides, you will get an audio explanation for more detail information. It provides you with some selections or language for your preference. You can visit its official website to get more information and check the ticket availability.

3. Buckingham Palace

Everyone knows about Buckingham Palace as it is one of the icons of London city. Located in Westminster, it is the center of the Monarch administration for the UK.

In the beginning, it is known as Buckingham House that is built by the Duke of Buckingham. After privately own and some reconstruction, this building manages by the British monarch and becomes the British Monarch residence.

Buckingham Palace is frequently a major spot for important national celebrations as well as commemorations. Her Majesty also held some reception in this palace.

Its balcony is the most popular among the other parts. It is the spot where the Royal appearance for special celebration took place. In the beginning, it was used by Queen Victoria to mark the opening of the Great Exhibition.  

Visitors are allowed to enter this palace during a specific time. During summer, it is welcoming to the public while, in December, you will have limited time to visit. You can see its website to have clear information about Buckingham Palace.

4. Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar Square is the other famous landmarks in London. It is located nearby Buckingham Palace in Central London. As one of the top attractions in the city center, you will enjoy the statues, monuments, historical buildings, and galleries.

It is a public square where people can stroll around freely. This square is named as a remembrance of the Trafalgar Battle. Then, the name become well known among its visitor.

People also use this square for community meetings and political protests, including climate change demonstration. Besides, you can see the Christmas tree in this place during the Christmas celebration. It is set up before and after Christmas.

You will see many things in this square. In the north, there are two statues placed. Besides, a fountain is another interesting thing that the visitor can enjoy. 

It is the widest square that is also famous for the presence of street pigeons. You are allowed to feed them while you are here.

Don’t miss to stop by this place if you are in London. Take your camera out and capture your precious moments.

5. Piccadilly Circus

Piccadilly Circus is a junction as well as a public space sit in West End, London. In this junction, you can enjoy the neon signs and video display about the advertisements.

Due to its popularity and its location, it becomes the busiest junction in the city. Visitors can find the shopping districts and other entertainment zones nearby this place.

Besides, there are several tourist attractions that you can enjoy here. You can spend your time to visit the London pavilion, Shaftesbury Memorial, or Criterion Theatre.

Previously, this place is named Piccadilly Hall because it is the house of the famous tailor who sells various collars or piccadillies. Then, it changed the name to Piccadilly Circus after the junction was built.

This place is also known as “Times Square of London” because it connects people from all over London. Moreover, many local people as well as foreign tourists choose this busy junction as a place to meet each other. This junction is the privileged area in the center of London.

6. The London Eye

In the London Eye, you can experience a panoramic view of London and its surrounding. Sits on the River Thames, it is the largest Millennium Wheel that has a height of 135 meters. It looks like a ferries wheel but with enormous size.

Although it is a paid attraction, many tourists want to take this tour. You can get the ticket online, including its detailed information available. Take a ride on this wheel, and enjoy the unusual scenery of multiple famous landmarks in London.

Designed by a couple from Marks Barfield Architects, this popular attraction is opened the first time in December 1999. However, it doesn’t reach public attention until March 2000.

It has 32 air condition capsule wheels that can carry passengers up to 25 passengers in each capsule. The wheel will take you for around 30 minutes. 

There is a unique thing about this attraction. Its capsule has a number in each, but you will not see capsule number 13 while you are here. The management removes it due to superstitious purposes.

7. The Tower of London

The Tower of London is another iconic castle in London that is also a part of the World Heritage Site. Located on the northern side of the River Thames, the tower was used as a royal residence, armory, barracks, and prison. 

Throughout history, this place functioned as a place to imprison some prisoners, including dethroned monarchs. Then, it was used as a common prisoner in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Nowadays, this 900 years old building is one of the main attractions for tourists. Besides, it offers you the daily routine of military activities. It is a home for regimental ceremonial that is held by the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers. 

It is a place where the armory treasures are kept to save it from extinction. You will find an extraordinary collection of armor that has historical meaning in this tower. 

Apart from keeping the armors, visitors can enjoy the crown jewels as the main attraction as well. The display includes the crown that was worn by the previous monarch. 

8. Tower Bridge

It is the bridge that crosses the River Thames that is near to the Tower of London. People have misinterpreted this bridge with London Bridge. Both are two different bridges.

If you have a look at its architectural clearly, it offers you a beautiful Victorian design. Visitors will be pleased by its stunning view.

This bridge is one of the best famous landmarks in London. By having a unique design, the building presents you with the iconic symbol of London. It includes two towers and has horizontal walkways on the upper part. 

Meanwhile, the bridge is accessible not only for vehicles but also for pedestrians. It has 240 meters in length and 65 meters in height.

The bridge central part can be split into two equal parts, and this makes the design unusual. It can be lifted with 86 degrees angle to give access to lessen the river traffic. 

Nowadays, this bridge is still active and busy with any vehicle crossing. Don’t skip visiting this place while you are in London.

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