7 Famous Landmarks in North America That Will Blow Your Mind

Famous landmarks in North America become the choice of tourists when traveling to the American continent. With a very large area, North America has indeed become the choice of many people who come to visit there. 

Moreover, a number of large and very well-known countries are located in North America. No wonder that compared to other parts of the American continent, North America is a favorite vacation destination for people from all over the world.

The numbers of well-known countries that make a choice of famous landmarks in North America vary. In fact you could say it will be difficult for you to specify one or two large selection of famous landmarks to visit in this place. 

Moreover, each country located in North America has a well-known landmarks are not only one of them, but a lot. No wonder it made the choice to North American travel is confusing, because the number of options available there.

Things you should know about North America

You could say North America is a part of a continent that is quite large and wide. North America has a land area of up to 24.71 million km²; this continent has a fairly large population. In 2016 alone, there were more than 579 million people living in North America. 

North America alone has about 23 non-sovereign territories some of which have considerable influence on the world. One of them is the United States and Canada, which are also located in this part of the North American continent.

North America has a varied landscape ranging from seas, rivers, mountains, deserts and snowy land all in this place. Geographically, this area of North America stretches from the North Pole to the south to the Florida Peninsula. 

North America covers an area of the Pacific Ocean, extending eastward to the Atlantic Ocean, including the northern part of Mexico, the Gulf of Mexico, the mainland United States, Canada, and the Arctic Islands.

The most important mountainous landforms on the American continent are in North America. This landscape includes the Rocky Mountains, the Mississippi River, and a number of major lakes in the world such as Lake Superior, Huron, Michigan, Ontario as well as lake Erie all of them are located in North America.

Meanwhile, for the tourism sector, North America cannot be underestimated. Tourist attractions with famous landmarks in North America can be found in various countries located on this continent. Intrigued by a row of famous landmarks in North America? Here is a list that could be a recommendation for you

1. Cool places in the United States those are required to visit

The United States of America is a super power country located in the North American part. In the USA you’ll see a lot of famous landmarks in North America, which are always packed with tourists every day. 

Call it the Times Square area, which is one of the most famous landmarks in the United States, which is never empty of visitors. Time Square, located in Midtown Manhattan on Broadway and Seventh Avenue, is the most famous intersection in the United States. Apart from Time Square, another famous landmark that must be visited while in the United States is the Statue of Liberty. 

The famous statue and the symbol of the United States, is one of the great places that were never deserted by tourists from around the world. In addition, other cool and famous landmarks that can be visited such as the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Hollywood Sign, Fifth Avenue, Wall Street, Broadway and many more are sure to make you happy to visit this country.

2. Canada also has many famous landmarks that are worth visiting

Sure there are a lot of famous landmarks in North America you can go to during a visit to Canada. Canada is a country that is located in North America, and there are a lot of places to visit here. One of them is of course Niagara Falls which is the most famous landmark in Canada. 

Niagara is the largest and most popular waterfall in the world. Located in the city of Ontario, Niagara Falls attracts up to 30 million tourists annually. In addition there are also many famous landmarks worth visiting in Canada. 

The Canadian government building or known as Parliament Hill is a building that is often visited by tourists who are amazed by its unique and beautiful ancient architectural style. Then there is the Glass Floor the CN Tower, one of the tallest towers in the world located in the city of Toronto, where tourists can enjoy the view at an altitude of 346 meters.

3. See the magic of the mysterious Mayan Ruins of Chichén Itzá in Mexico

You could say that the Mayan Ruins of Chichen Itza in Mexico is one of the famous landmarks in North America. Chichén Itzá is one of the oldest ancient civilizations in the world which is said to have existed since 800 BC. 

The building, which is the remnant of the Mayan civilization in Mexico, is one of the important and famous landmarks that must be visited when coming to a country that is also located in North America. The building with a height of up to 24 m, the ruins of this towering Chichen Itza hold many ancient mysteries and secrets that are still being debated by experts. 

Apart from the ruins of Chichén Itzá, other famous places in Mexico are also numerous. Some of the must-visit ones such as the Puerto Vallarta Boardwalk, Acuario Michin Guadalajara, Monte Alban and many others

4. See the magnificent Atlantis Paradise Island in the Bahamas

Bahamas, an archipelago located in North America also has a lot of famous landmark which are sure to amaze you when you see them. One of the Bahamas icons to be a part of the famous landmarks in North America is Atlantis Paradise Island is the largest resort in the Bahamas which stands on 62 hectares of land, and has over 3000 rooms. 

This magnificent building stands firmly with modern architecture that gives it an elegant and warm impression. You can come to this place to stay and enjoy the variety of complete facilities provided. But there are also tourists who just come to take pictures with the background of this magnificent Atlantis Paradise Island. 

In addition, when in the Bahamas, take the time to visit several other well-known destinations such as Grand Bahama, Harbor Island, Elbow Cay and Bimimi which offer super beautiful natural scenery and cannot be missed.

5. The grandeur of El Capitolio, the famous landmark and icon of the city of Havana in Cuba

As a country whose territory is partly located in the North American region, Cuba also has famous places that make tourists always want to come to this country. One of the beautiful places in Cuba which is also a recommendation to visit famous landmarks in North America is the El Capitolio government building or National Capitol building, which is located in the capital city of Havana. 

El Capitolio was built in 1926 and completed its construction in 1929. The building is located in the heart of Havana and is touted as one of the loveliest and most magnificent government buildings in the world. As an iconic landmark of the city of Havana, many tourists have come to capture the beauty of El Capitolo through their camera lens. 

Not only El Capitolo, if you come to Cuba takes the time to visit other famous places such as The Cathedral Havana which is also located in Havana, Castillo El Morro and also Jose Marti Park.

6. Visit the ancient witch's house, Rose Hall in Jamaica

As a beautiful country, Jamaica also has several choices of famous landmarks in North America, which can be a recommendation when visiting there. The state with the capital Kingston was awarded the landscape stunningly beautiful yet challenging to discover.  

In addition, this country is also full of mysteries and legends of witches. One thing that proves this is the Rose Hall building, which is located right in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Rose Hall is an iconic landmark of Jamaica and is regularly visited by tourists, despite the horrific mysteries and legends that cover it. 

Once upon a time, this building with ancient architecture was very beautiful, known as the residence of the White Witch, Annie Palmer. But now the Rose Hall has changed its function to a museum that is always crowded with tourists. There is no more scary impression there, so that one of the famous places in Jamaica is always crowded with visitors every day.

7. Traveling to the Panama Canal, a magic gateway to the Pacific region

It cannot be denied that the Panama Canal is in the list of the famous landmarks in North America, which is almost always present in the list of visits to countries with the capital Panama City. 

With a length of up to 82 km, this canal is the longest in the world and cuts across North and South America. In addition, the canal, which was built in 188, also connects two oceans, the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. Tourists can try to board a ship that passes through the Panama Canal. And you will be amazed by the beauty and magic that this canal presents.

North America is certainly a tourist area that must be taken into account. And hopefully a recommendation of famous landmarks in North America could be a useful reference for you.

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