Famous Tourist Attractions in Canada

The country with the second-largest size in the world is Canada. There are lots of beautiful scenery that can captivate travelers’ hearts. 

Not only in terms of its natural beauty, but Canada also offers a diverse culture. If you have the opportunity to visit Canada, it would be great if you visit some of the famous places which will be explained here.

Travelers are not only persuaded to visit Niagara Falls because Canada still possesses several lists of other unique tourist attractions. You will have amazing new experiences by coming to the most famous places in Canada. 

Reading this guide to the end can help you find a reference for interesting vacation spots while in Canada.

1. Banff National Park and The Rocky Mountains

Anyone would love the colorful natural scenery right? Especially when added with a view of a turquoise lake. If that is the sight you want to see, try to come to Banff National Park which is in the province of Alberta. 

You will be able to see the Rocky mountains covered by white snow and around them, there is a bluish-green lake on the edge of which is a pine forest.

This site has amazed many visitors. This tourist spot has indeed become a lot of tour recommendations because it is very beautiful and close to the most famous ski areas there, namely Lake Louise Ski Resort and Sunshine Village. 

Coming to this one tourist spot can really make your mind fresh. The place really resembled a painting so beautifully, according to some of the travelers who had visited.

2. Bay of Fundy

You are in the Eastern Canada area, so one of the tourist attractions that you should visit in the Bay of Fundy. The place is between New Brunswick and Nova Scotia is famous for its stunning view of tides. 

The place consists of cliffs and rock formations, which are brown in color. Not far from the rocky views, you will get a treat of a beautiful sea view. 

The sea in the Bay of Fundy is famous for its whale.

There you will be able to see the highest tides in the world and it is all you do best in the months of June to August. You will be able to explore the surrounding sea by using rafting. 

You can rarely get the experience of visiting this place by visiting other beaches in other countries. You need to make sure to bring a camera that is lined with a waterproof protective bag.

3. Algonquin Provincial Park

You are tired of seeing green forests, so you can try to come to Algonquin Provincial Park in Canada. This place is still natural and you can see a forestry view with many colors. 

You will be able to find wildlife in this park. If you like the challenge of enjoying the beauty of nature for longer, then you can just come to camp there. 

Even visitors there can explore the lake over there. Coming to this place is highly recommended in mid-September to October.

You can also do activities like fishing there. This place is most suitable for you to come together with friends and family. 

The all-natural atmosphere and cool air can really be a mood booster when you have to go back to work. There is nothing wrong with couples who have just married to come to this place for a honeymoon.

4. Polar Bears in Manitoba

So far you have only seen a bear with white fur on television. You can see this one animal by coming directly to Manitoba, Canada. 

There is a large population of polar bears that migrate there and this can be a stunning sight.

You can see this scene in October or November when the bears are waiting for the water to freeze so they can tread on the frozen water. As a traveler, looking at a bear closer and taking pictures of it, can be an interesting experience. 

Make sure you don’t bother the bear because this cute animal when angry can be dangerous too.

5. Butchart Garden

If you want to feel the sensation of walking around in a flower garden of a historical building, then Butchart Garden is the right place. There are many flowers planted in the garden. 

The flowers planted have a variety of colors, ranging from white, pink, and violet. Apart from seeing a beautiful flower garden view, visitors can try facilities, such as fun boat tours.

This place is perfect for travelers who like to upload photos on Instagram. You will be able to get to these attractions by taking bus number 75 from downtown Victoria. 

The best time to come to Butchart Garden in July and August. At night this place also provides entertainment to its visitors by holding a fireworks launch designed by Disney. 

You can also do ice skating there.

6. Old Montreal

If you go to Canada, you can just try to get around in the old city there. There are many views in the form of old buildings. 

Visitors can see a unique horse-drawn carriage that can add to the ancient impression of the city.

The best time to be able to come to the old city is from March to May or September to November. There are many activities that you can do in Old Montreal, such as Explore the underground part of the city, come to the Scandinave Spa place, and try a typical Old Montreal culinary tour. 

Coming to this old city can make a memorable experience that is different from visiting various cities in other countries.

7. St. John's

Usually, an urban area has a uniform wall color from one house to another. Want to get an amazing view, try to come to St. Petersburg. 

John. There are many houses with walls painted in pastel colors and jelly bean. The house on the street is similar to the city of San Francisco and is one of the interesting cities for you to explore while in Canada.

You can come to that place at any time. You can capture the best scenery in a photo by shooting at a row of colorful houses along the road. 

Some of the activities that you can do from the place are visiting Cape Spear Lighthouse, learning about the culture and history of the local community, and going on a culinary tour.

8. Toronto's Modern City

You have tried to go to Old Montreal which is famous as the old city, so there is nothing wrong with trying to go to the modern city in Canada, namely the Toronto skyline CN Tower. There are many skyscrapers there and some are up to 553 meters high. 

The city provides a restaurant that can see the surrounding scenery from a height. Unmitigated the view that visitors can see up to 360 degrees.

The restaurants are mostly made of special glass which allows people to have a clear view of the atmosphere around the building. This city is really a reference for those of you who want to see a modern city. 

At night there will be an amazing view of the lights in various buildings that emit light of various colors.

9. Canadian Museum for Human Rights

After you finish seeing the white furry polar bear in Manitoba, you can just visit the Canadian museum in Winnipeg. The museum was built on March 13, 2008, and is a museum that shows the importance of human rights. 

The museum was built to teach people the importance of a culture of respecting others. The museum has a unique building design and it is very interesting to be photographed from a distance.

The shape of the building, which is geometric and in color similar to the Canadian landscape is indeed the main attraction for the museum. This museum is one of the right places to visit, especially for those of you who are married and want to teach about the importance of avoiding racism and tolerance of fellow humans.

10. Natural Beauty of Perce Rock

Travelers visiting St. Petersburg Laurence River will find there are many large rocks that stand in the middle of the ocean. The size of the stone is quite large, so it is similar to a very small island in the middle of the ocean. 

Not far from Perce Rock is a village that still believes in the myth of a large sea monster. This tourist spot is very good for travelers visiting from July to August.

There are several activities you can do at Perce Rock, such as mingling with the locals and listening to their stories about sea monsters. You can also just capture the surrounding scenery with the camera. 

You will be able to feel a different seaside sensation that you can only find at Perce Rock.

There are not a lot of the most famous places in Canada. You can just design your vacation as best you can by using the directions listed that we have presented. 

Be prepared to get the best experience in Canada.

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