Top Most Haunted Place in India to Visit and Experience the Unforgettable Sensation

India is country with vast land with interesting places. Tourists can visit many locations dedicated for tourism. Usually, you explore nature and culture due to both is the main attractions when visiting this country.

However, some people want to do something interesting. They visit the most haunted place in India.

Story about demon, ghost, supernatural, and spirit being is not new thing in India. In fact, people still believe about them. As you know, India has diverse culture and some of them have strong affinity with local wisdom.

Finding the haunted places is easy task but you should get the best one. Check the following list for more information.

List of the Most Haunted Place in India

You can make more than ten places to be in this list. On the contrary, seven locations are enough as starting points. You must know what you visit before ready exploring more places.

1. Kuldhara village, Rajasthan

You look for place with interesting story but have mystery that makes you think this is not from this world. The answer is Kuldhara village in Rajasthan. The place is at top list due to the popularity.

Foreigners as about the haunted place in India and people will send you to this one. At first glance, you might not think that Kuldhara has story due to its beautiful landscape.

On the other hand, it was abandoned for more than 00 years. The store started when prime minister in that time forced people to leave all villages. However, that was not enough because some people came back but experience uneasy.

They left again until the village was again unoccupied. Today, tourism is main attraction that attracts people to visit. Moreover, it is historical site and part of conservative area.

2. Bangalore international airport

This is interesting when you think the spooky place should be old and abandon. In fact, the busiest place with human has its own store. Bangalore airport is the hub in India and the third busiest one. People come and go to visit their destination.

You may ask why this one is in this list. The answer is the story that becomes news about the woman with a white sari. It sounds like trivial joke and people will not believe it.

If you hear from common people, this is definitely only a story. However, some pilots experienced that they saw women while piloting the planes. The story was confirmed by other staffs.

3. Mukesh Mills

Mukesh Mills is located in Mumbai. This place is building with dilapidated look. At exterior, you will hesitate to enter. However, it is known as location for filming movies and television series. Mukesh mills is common to be in television and people watch directly.

The problem arises after several crews, staffs, and actors have unusual experience. From entering the building, they have feeling that some thing or someone has watched their activities. 

Situation turns into distress level after a crew is possessed. You can imagine what will do in that place.

The place was for mill in 1870s. After that, it turned into building with no one visit or stay for long. At the end, some directors or location scouts capture the essence of Mukesh Mills.

Old exterior is the perfect place for movies. You should see the interior and feel the spooky thing at all.

4. Shaniwar Wada

India has rich history and every place will find something interesting to explore. You should visit Shaniwar Wada in Pune. It is old building with historical background.

During the day, you do not feel anything weird and eerie. Situation is change after the night. The place seems to be crowded with unseen creature.

The story about this place is from hundred years ago. In that time, king and his family lived in this area. Unfortunately, great fire happened and destroyed most of building. Some victims met the bad fortune.

After years, the place was still vacuum and the new empire appeared. The young prince would be the king but the jealous aunt hired the mercenary to kill him. People think that the spirit of the young king is in anger whom wandering round in this place.

5. Ramoji Film City

The next place in the list of the most haunted place in India is Ramoji Film City located in hinderabad. It is location for few movies. The city is vast and considered as main tourist attraction.

People visit and explore some interesting landscapes related to iconic movie scenes. You also find hotels and accommodation to support guests and tourist.

During filming, some crews had unfortunate experience. Some events were out of logical explanation. Moreover, the actors are in the same situation. The clothes were being torn apart by unknown force.

On the other side, guests also receive the same treatment. Room door is locked even they do not do anything. The spooky one is they hear voices and the sound are haunting.

You should know that the haunted place often has background story. The spirit and ghost come to that places because the energy from the past that strongly influences the present. This place was rumored as battlefield in wartime.

As you can see, battle involves killing and dying. If you have the brave of heart, visit this place and explore during nighttime. You might find something from other world.

6. Raj Kiran hotel

Hotel seems to be always in the list of the most haunted place in India. There is reason why this kind of thing happens in such place. If you want to experience supernatural force, the right destination will be raj Kiran Hotel.

The place is easy to find due to in crowd city. People may not believe when you say it is haunted. They must be tourists definitely.

Today, the place is closed and opens when necessary. During peak season, the staffs can receive room booking. Of course, the guests will have few briefing unless they do not care too much about such story.

Some stories from guests point out that the hotel must have ghosts or spirits. They said that certain room had blue light and you could see from outside. The issue appeared when someone entered and no one was in that room.

Another experience was during sleeping. Someone took away a blanket and it happened several times. You can expect more about this place but it is no longer for public unless in the great needs.

7. Bhangarh fort

Bhangarh fort is located in Rajasthan. The place is considered dangerous after the sunset. At first glance, you will see beautiful fort with marvel architecture.

It was build hundred years ago as palace and fort. Today, the place is more than enough to capture attraction. Tourists can explore and visit during the day.

The situation is different when the day turns dark. No one is allowed to enter and this warning comes from the government. You might find the official announcement stated that it is haunted.

However, most people already know what will happen when selfish person goes around during the nighttime.

The story about this place has two versions. Each involves curse and this is main reason why you can stay for long after sunset. According to legend, the kingdom was ruled in this area and the king intended to build the palace.

However, someone was living nearby and did not want new building. If it were higher than his home, the misfortune would come. As you know, the fort is definitely very high.

Another story is about the wizard and the princess. He wanted to have her and created a poison. The princess knew the plan and hired someone to kill a wizard with his own deadly poison. Before death, he cursed the kingdom and all people in this area.

The Tourist Destination Is the Haunted Place

From list above, you may identify that most of them have similar aspects. The place or location with the unusual background tends to be has significant impact related to supernatural.

For example, fort or palace is common with the spooky story that explains something unfortunate occurred in the past.

The haunted building for tourism is not new idea. It has been developed and implemented since long ago. India is the best place to experience such thing. You will visit the destination with interesting story.

During the day, there is no weird thing will happen but you should see in the night. This is where excitement arises to make your spine chilling. Such experience is what tourists while visiting the haunted destination.

Tips before the Trip

Before deciding to visit directly, you need preparations. Firstly, you conduct some researches about the place and accommodation. It is good to be excited but you will lose interest because problems related to hotel, guide, and accommodation.

Each place has rule and you must obey. Even though you want to know more, there is unwritten rule when dealing with the haunted place.

You cannot cross the line because severe consequences will come. That’s what you should know about the most haunted place in India.

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