Land Yourself in These 10 Instagram Worthy Bars Singapore to Make Cushy Feed!

Nowadays, a holiday will not legit be complete and worth experience without any picture to post and share with the world. Not even when you are passing by in front of the Queen of England. 

That being said, a great vacation spot should at least own an Instagram luxury space for the tourists to spoil their Instagram feed and followers. 

Well, if you are up to share a luxurious, cushy bar to your Instagram feed, do not hesitate to land in these Instagram worthy bars Singapore! Check this out!

10 Instagram Worthy Bars Singapore with Splendid Lux!

1. The Tippling Club

Gummy bears, who know they can get to the bar level? Alright, this might not make it sound good, but the fact that the Tipping Club, Tanjong Pagar Road has cocktails in the form of gummy bears is just straight-up mind-blowing.

But chill, because even these gummy bears are an actual cocktail, they do not contain alcohol that can result in tipsy or worse, thus perfect consumable and safe. 

There are plenty of gummy bears cocktail flavors in the tippling club, such as supercar and revenge. They are worth the moment on Instagram.

The other menu they provide that worth the spotlight is their classic cocktails, which are also pretty and sexy looking, in a drinking form. Now, excited to get tipsy but still cute enough to take pictures of gummy bears cocktails?

2. The Long Bar

The home of the famous Singapore Sling. Numerous bars are also selling Singapore Sling around. But nowhere you can find the authenticity of Singapore Sling better than the birthplace itself, the Long Bar.

The Long Bar located at the infamous Raffles Hotel first created the Singapore Sling in 1915 and until today is still the spotlight queen of the beverages in Singapore. 

It was first created to acknowledge women who want to drink alcohol in public without living the prejudice for being involved with modernity.

This place is also filled with culture such as encouraging guests to just litter the peanut shells off the tables. 

We have no solid idea why this culture is allowed since Singapore is pretty strict about it, but our best guess is this is the actual unique experience guests will have by living the common side in Singapore.

3. The Secret Mermaid Club

This is the next Instagram worthy bars Singapore where you can enjoy the taste of the very unique, salmon vodka. Not only serving signature cocktails and vodka, but this place also sells Japanese sashimi and salad. 

This is great, for those who want more oriental taste in Singapore, since Singapore is also habited by lots of Chinese.

The other unique thing about this place is that you can taste a cuisine so unique it is overwhelming such as bacon and salmon which are infused by vodka. Tourists are proven to enjoy the delightful meal, since the meal itself is pretty peppy and smokey, making it very tasteful.

4. The Level Up Bar

This Bar is Singapore’s very first bar with arcade spot games where you can enjoy a fun time more than just a drinking or card game. In this bar, there are the classic retro game machines such as metal slug or street fighter.

Tourists love to take pictures at the Level Up bar holding up their drink with the retro vibe behind them. It is just a new game to the Instagram feed where you can look ‘ 90s’ and hot trendy at the same time. If you are interested in stopping by, check out the Level Up Club at River Valley Road.

5. The Bar Stories

Not as retro, unique, and artsy as the previous bars, but in this bar, you will have drinks that are customized based on your personality, and it is just straight-up cool!

What is mind-blowing and worth sharing from the bar is that they do not have any menu here, and just serve drinks right from who their customer is. 

Which means, they have like millions of different menus that suit everyone. The bartender will make time to talk to you about your personality, and your personalized drink is good to go!

Of course, this is a hype Instagram needs, just imagine posing next to your cocktails and going “literally me in a cocktail form” and it is sexy!

6. The Level 33 Bar

Spending a dazzling night on the 33rd floor, enjoying the microbrewery drink. This bar is located on the infamous Marina Bay building, Financial Centre Tower 1. 

Not only a good drink they serve here, but also the beautiful clear sunset to start your magnificent night. 

You can enjoy any type of brewing here, such as crafted beers, or for a lighter drink, you can try the fruity cocktails. They have plenty of signatures that tourists and guests love.

Another good point from this bar is that it is open even on days that suit those who love “day-dreaming” sessions with a glass of beers and/or a cocktail. Therefore, it is a very nice place for those who want to Instagram their picture on a bar with really good and reliable sun lighting.

7. The Acid Bar

The next Instagram worthy bars Singapore is the Acid Bar, located precisely in Orchard Road. No need to worry about the acid name. This bar is a safety bar for young adults who want to make the best of the quality times with friends.

The Acid Bar holds a live band every 7 pm to accompany a happy hour. This is great for a chilling and chatting night. The other great thing about this bar is that the wine, beers, and cocktails served at a pretty reasonable price.

8. The Mr. Stork Bar

Mr. Stork Bar is a place for fans of boho life that want to sip their artsy cocktails. Located on Level 39 of Andaz Singapore on 5 Fraser Street, you will have the chance to enjoy the view of Kampong Glam.

There are lots of tourists and guests here who are looking for the artsy side, for a simple Instagram feed or an actual photoshoot. In other words, if you are about to take pictures here, this place is pretty worth it.

This place is worth the spotlight of Instagram, due to the artsy background and beautiful view. They also equipped the space with sleek touch in every furniture, making it not only authentic but also modern. Also, did I mention they have a very beautiful drink and beverages?

9. The Chupitos Bar

This bar’s architecture design is pretty simple, but their shot flavors are beyond expectations. That is right! Until this article is written, they at least have over 125 different flavors of shots! Awesome!

This is Singapore’s only bar that specializes in shots rather than cocktails. Not only have hundreds of flavors, but their specialty is also to create very high-quality shots, with vibrant color and different characteristics.

This bar is located on the River Valley Road and serves guests with happy hour deals between 6 PM to 9 PM. They also have other games, such as the drinking challenge to swallow dozens of shots in a little period.

10. The Spiffy Dapper

This bar provides a grungy space with no GST. Yep, unique, and worth the Instagram share. This is that kind of a hybrid spot, where it is a coffee house by day and bar at night, that makes you capture the trendy moment. 

The other great thing you can share is that drinks here are at a net price, so do not shock at the bill, go easy.

Like being said, as this bar provides grungy feels, you will find yourself wrapped in a beautiful flowery decorated space with sepia-hued lights. Wonderful, for those who want a different vibe.

Located in the 73 Amoy street, on the second floor, this bar is famous for its Turkish black tea, gin sour, and other Turkish sweet taste.

Little Reminder: Stay Alert of Drink Responsibility

As Singapore has pretty strict and unique laws about drinking in public, which is legal, but for some spots of the island, it is pretty intolerable, better to stay in the bar while tipsy or enjoying the drink than stepping outside.

Each bar we have mentioned before is mostly open until morning, around noon, so it is much safer to stay until sunrise or at least when you are fully conscious.

If you are drinking and driving, the limit of legal blood level after drinking is .08%. It is pretty standard, according to what’s on other countries’ laws. 

So, always be careful about which you prefer: whether you want to drive your car or spend most of the night.

It is also important to fully consider the legal age of drinking. If you are under 18, you will not have the chance to drink alcohol, vodka, and other typical beverages in Singapore. 

Overall, those all the Instagram worthy bars Singapore that we recommend you to try!

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