Make Sure These Destinations are On Your List of Instagrammable Places in Thailand

Southeast Asia has lots of things to explore, and Thailand is one of the most extraordinary tourism destinations in the region. 

Particularly in Bangkok, there are lots of instragammable places to visit. Bangkok has everything that every tourist will fall in love with.

Even more, visitors of all ages never doubt to take pictures of every beautiful thing that they see and upload them to their social media, particularly Instagram. 

Bangkok is rich in historical sites, particularly temples. Visiting temples in various designs are mostly the main reason why westerners keep coming back. 

Temples in Bangkok are extraordinary, thanks to their cultural touch and magnificent facade that no other kind of historical sites can compare. 

Check these temples for your reference and visit each of them before you regret it!

Wat Saket Temple

It is very popular for its views, so this is among the most instagrammable places in Thailand that you should never miss. 

Its overall interior is amazing, while its exterior entices everyone to visit it over and over again. Located at a very high location, in which visitors should walk through 80 meters to the top of the mountain, whose name is Golden Mountain or Phu Khao Thong. 

The temple was rebuilt during the reign of King Rama III, from the debris of former stupas which was already shattered, decades ago. People love to visit this place because it is considered as the highest temple in Bangkok.

No wonder that this place is such a great charm for social media freaks. However, prepare yourself in a fit condition because it requires hundreds of steps to climb. 

Wat Saket is also popular for its extraordinary cemetery, which is surrounded by trees and vines. This cemetery was served for the main crematorium during the Bangkok’s dark period.

Wat Arun Temple

All visitors who visit the Chao Phraya River will not doubt stopping by at this magnificent, Khmer-style temple.  

Located on the western side of Bangkok, this is actually one of the most stunning temples in the city.

As one of the best instagrammable places during the sunset, Wat Arun is undoubtedly amazing. Make sure that you reach its highest point that reaches 70 meters high.

You will notice that the enchanting panorama of the sparkling river that flows through the Grand Palace and Wat Pho. No wonder that this place is popular for the term Temple of Dawn. Each detail of the facade, both interior, and exterior, is definitely magnificent.

There is no way that you can have a shortage of places to take pictures, as every angle of this temple is always charming.

As the weather is definitely hot, then it is always recommended to bring lots of water and wear a hat. Besides, this is also a great place to have an exercise as you are urged to climb to reach the instagrammable spot here.

Wat Phra Singh Temple

This place is actually one of the best places in Thailand with such a great mystery. Whether it is a myth or not, everyone seems to believe that it hosts lots of haunting stories. Anyway, let’s forget any kind of myth and enjoy the wonderful facade that represents the rich culture of Thailand.

While it is very popular for its tourism attractions, it is also the main place for Songkran festival as well as some religious celebrations in Thailand.

But, don’t forget to wander through this place, as you will notice excellent sports like the temple library, Lanna-style octagonal base chedi, and other classic stupas that will make everyone feels amazed. 

The Grand Palace

For old folks, this temple is still unbeatable. Yes, it is considered very popular that the ticket cost is much pricier than others at the same kind.

Visitors should be prepared with the crowds, as it remains as its visiting rate is very high. The best thing about the Grand Palace is its strong cultural nuance, so this is actually the most beautiful among other instagrammable places in Thailand.

The art detail is completely spectacular, with a yellow gold background. The name implies the building, which shows off the grand civilization which built it in 1782. Situated on the Chao Phraya river banks, this is always crowded, no matter how long the queue to enter this magnificent site. 

Among the best attractions within the building include the Phra Maha Monthian and the Dusit Maha Prasat Throne Hall. The first one was regarded as a ‘new one’, as it was built in the 20th century and boasts a bit Western look.

The latter was used for some ceremonies by the royal family members, including the king and queen of course. Ceremonies were routine activities here, particularly for visitors who pay respects to the late ones.

Wat Benchamabophit Temple

Every tourist recognizes it as the Marble Temple. Of course, everyone agrees why this temple is called that way. 

The entry ticket is also very affordable, so most tourists always prefer to visit this temple in the first place, once they arrive in Bangkok.

This temple is somewhat serene, so it is classified as the most recommended among other instagrammable places in Thailand.

This temple is well known for its amazing scenery, both at sunrise and sunset, as the sky color behind the temple will amaze everyone!

Sightseeing within this temple is worth every effort. But, it is always recommended to watch over the dress code. No short pants or sleeveless outfit here. 

While the weather is definitely hot, then it is recommended to wear a cotton t-shirt. This temple also sells some t-shirts with the temple name printed on them, for the sake of the memory that you once visited this fascinating historical site.

Well of course there are still endless choices of temples here. Other worth visiting temples. Among the most recommended include Wat Pho. 

It is not less attractive than Grand Palace and worth everyone’s attention. Another excellent option is Wat Traimit. Its strict rules should not be taken for granted, so you should take this seriously if you don’t want to miss visiting this magnificent Chinatown gem in Bangkok. 

Don’t forget to stop by for a while at Wat Ratchanadda, as it is very quiet and recommended for having a selfie. Basically, this place is the main favorite among tourists, who expect to enjoy the tranquil ambiance that they can’t find in their countries.

Meanwhile, it is also recommended to find other sites than temples in Bangkok. There are still lots of instagrammable places in Thailand, including parks and beaches. They are: 

Lumpini Park

With 142 acre-park, it accommodates everything that supports the background of your picture. Though it is situated nearby the very busy streets, you won’t lose the romantic ambiance. 

Yet, this park still offers such amazing scenery, thanks to the well-arranged flora and fauna. This is definitely one of the most instagrammable places in Thailand that everyone should list on the holiday destination in Bangkok.

Many people have no idea that this place used to be the camp for the Japanese army during the dark history of Thailand. Before it was renovated as a beautiful city park, it was a museum that represented the history of Thailand.

Now, everyone is passionate about taking pictures, exercising, and enjoying the quality time with the family here. For sure, tourists are very much welcomed here, while they can also enjoy the warm climate and taking a small boat in the man-made lake. 

Saranrom Park

It may be the second alternative after visiting the aforementioned park. But, never underestimate this park, as it is still very gorgeous and worth your phone’s storage that holds your memorable pictures.

Choose the attractive fountain or merely the dazzling greenery for your instagram stories. Yet, the most popular thing about this park is its green look and cool ambiance that will make you miss the tropical city.

It doesn’t require too much effort in reaching this park, because it is very close to the downtown, and several five-star hotels in the heart of the city. 

Some people may not pay attention to this park, but actually, this is very much interesting. So, it is worth anyone’s attention, particularly for those who don’t like a spot with too much crowd. 

Koh Samui

This island is very popular among tourists, who want to enjoy the authentic culture of Thailand. There are lots of places in this island to explore the local culture. 

Of course, the best instagrammable spot in this island will be its excellent beach with local cuisine restaurants. 

It is somewhat surprising for some tourists that this island also hosts pubs and bars that add the charm of its nightlife.

Ao Manao

The last but not the least, Ao Manao is supposed to be on the first list of the instagrammable places in Thailand. This charming beach is situated very close to the town of Prachuap Khiri Khan. 

The splendid scenery of white sands and karst is the main focus of everyone, who is ready to capture every angle and upload it on their Instagram stories.

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