Instagrammable Places in Vietnam That Won’t Break Your Bank Account

Regarded as the desired place to visit during the past four years, Vietnam is turning out as one of the most enchanting sites in Asia. 

For sure, its main charm lies in the wonderful natural panorama, scrumptious foods, rich and extraordinary culture, and of course the white sandy beaches. These days, tourists worldwide visiting the instagrammable places in Vietnam. 

They don’t choose the wrong place. Vietnam is actually rich in excellent tourism destinations. Without a doubt, everyone will never have enough in visiting Vietnam for less than 4 days. 

So, if you plan to visit Vietnam during the winter, then you make the best decision. This tropical country ensures the most excellent sunbathing experience. Check these out and visit them yourself. 

Ban Gioc Waterfall

It is the biggest and most fine-looking waterfall in the country that surely becomes one of the most recommended instagrammable places in Vietnam. 

Placed in Cao Bang province, this site is very easy to reach by almost all tourists worldwide, as it is located in Hanoi, the capital city. 

What makes it impressive is its 300 meters across with the 30 meters. Who would avoid this magnificent sight for the instagram picture background? It is the Quay Son River where everyone can meet this waterfall. 

This river lies on the border of China and Vietnam, as it is surrounded by beautiful sceneries of rice fields and bamboo groves. 

There is a unique phenomenon about this waterfall, in which not many people know that this waterfall becomes the very popular waterfall which becomes the background pictures, whether it is a default PC or smartphone wallpaper. 

So, if you think that you often see a similar background around you, then you should visit and see this beautiful waterfall yourself. 

Ha Long Bay

Ha Long Bay is nothing but stunning. Its seascape is fantastic, and it delivers such a magical attraction for tourists worldwide. 

Situated at Quang Ninh Province, in the northeastern part of the Gulf of Tonkin. What makes this bay wonderful is its uninhabited islands and islets. 

They perform lush scenery from its turquoise waters harbor. The real meaning of Ha Long is ‘descending dragon’. It is easy to describe that this kind of legendary animal is totally popular in this city and some other Asian countries.

No matter how the story of the legend, this place will maintain its charm for a lifetime. Its karst landscape is charmingly unique. 

This is why it is always recommended to try the overnight Ha Long Bay’s boat tour. Through this tour, everyone can experience, either the sunset or sunrise. 

Other recommended outdoor activities include kayaking and swimming. Yet it is also important to notice that entering caves is also worth to consider for the sake of any of the instagrammable places in Vietnam

Phuoc Lam Pagoda

Visiting Vietnam without visiting any of those pagodas means nothing. Of course, this pagoda is always worth everyone’s camera. 

Its facade is elaborate, and its overall interior is magnificent. It is rich in Buddha renderings, for example, the gold Buddha boy statue. 

This pagoda is the dwelling place of monks. Yet, it is always amazing to get through this pagoda and finds out about details inside. 

Visitors can even see the monks’ daily activities, even when they have lunch and are during praying sessions.

The best thing about visiting Phuoc Lam is its time-efficient trip that allows visitors to stop by at Chuc Thanh Pagoda, which is only 500 meters away. 

Besides, this pagoda is also very close to several great beaches, with very well-known hotels with various budgets. There are also several biking lanes nearby this pagoda. Everything here is amazing. 

Lan Chau Island

It is located in the northern part of Vietnam and it is still classified as one of the best tourism destinations in Vietnam, or even worldwide! 

Tourists who keep coming back for several times only aim for visiting the Minh Chau Beach. This beach is still unbeatable for its dazzling views, with its white sandy beach.

This is not only perfect for adventure lovers, but also instagram freaks. Nobody can deny that this is one of the best instagrammable places in Vietnam. 

This is also the place for honeymooners and newlywed couples. It is classified as a serene beach that delivers such a romantic ambiance for everyone. 

What makes the beach here special is its sand that doesn’t stick to the feet, which is also similar to the beaches at Co To Island. While it is very popular for its great panorama, it is also famous for its authentic cuisines. 

Ba Be National Park

This park used to be famous for its lake only. But, the Vietnam government established this as the national park, back in 1992. 

The surroundings in this place plunge from the great mountains which peak at 1554 meters, to the pouncing valleys which are wrapped in such thick evergreen forests. 

Be ready to be amazed at caves and waterfalls that will add your photo collection. For sure, the lake remains the real charm in this park.w 

However, this park hosts more than five hundred species of plant, with hundreds of wildlife containing mammals, butterflies, species of fish, kinds of turtle, as well as the extinct Vietnamese salamander. 

Yet, there are also hundreds of bird species, though the main limelight is the serpent eagle. It is not allowed to hunt for animals, though natives here are allowed to fish. 

Among the best activities here include motor tours, biking tour, waterfall tours and so forth. So, be ready with your waterproof cameras. 

Han River Bridge

For instagram aficionados, this bridge is the first destination, particularly at night. It is much better to take the night cruise tour while enjoying the great Han River scene, as well as the colorful light of the bridge. 

Taking a night cruise here is very affordable, so it is worth considering. The cruise offers several authentic, mouthwatering menus. However, this is not the only place to enjoy, as there are also some attractive places around the bridge. 

The night at the bridge offers such colorful light show with changing designs as its main attraction. 

The construction process of the bridge was going through several problems when it was once collapsed in 1994. Then, the bridge was repaired and rebuilt with a very strong structure. The construction was finished in 1997.

The Silver Waterfall

This is one of several destinations for your choice of instagrammable places in Vietnam. This waterfall is not less popular than the Ban Gioc. 

The location is somewhat far from the capital city of Vietnam, Hanoi. It is much closer to Sapa. Reaching this place is also very challenging, as tourists can go through this site after a 30-minute ride of motorbike. 

Along the way, the outlook is very charming, thanks to the wonderful pine forest. Once visitors reach the waterfall, they will be very astonished by the 100-meter high of the pouring water down the stream that resembles the sparkling silver. This is how this waterfall gets its name. 

Some adventurers prefer to go for another kilometer where they can visit Fan Si Pan mountain that seems to triumph over the sky. 

This place is undoubtedly the best place for everyone, who wants to enjoy a tropical climate with very fresh air and water splash from the waterfall. 

The Cham Island

This is where anyone can pamper the eye. This beach is located at the Charm Island, and remains as one of the most instagrammable places in Vietnam. 

The landscape is very charming, as the original name Cu Lao Cham. However, it is not only the best place to take pictures, but it is also the most recommended place to observe the biodiversity of marine life. Besides, this island also hosts endangered species that worth the visit. 

Taking the speedboat ride here is very entertaining. Every passenger can enjoy the best coral view. 

Yet, this place is very well for swimming, snorkeling, diving, and other marine activities like underwater photography and cruising as well. 

Yet, many tourists prefer to stay longer, as they want to spend overnight here. They expect to witness the perfect sunset that they can add to their instagram feed. 

Don’t forget to try all kinds of Vietnamese cuisines, particularly its seafood. They might be a little spicy but it is worth tasting. 

The cost is also cheap. Many tourists also love to search for local handicrafts and souvenirs, though they might need to hire a native tourist guide to get the most reasonable prices of that stuff.

Those places are only a few among so many instagrammable places in Vietnam. But, it is important to make sure that those aforementioned destinations are the main priority. 

The best thing about visiting Vietnam and its cities is a very affordable trip with such an unforgettable impression. 

However, it is best to stay healthy and fit, because there are lots of places that require a long walk, while the weather is very hot and humid. It is important to stay hydrated here. 

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