Top 13 of Stunning and Instagrammable Places to Travel in Canada

If you are hunting for Insta photos, you will definitely come across; Canada. Yes, there are many instagrammable and amazing places. Below is a summary.

St. John’s

a place for object photos that anyone who sees it will be amazed at its beauty and a collection of photos that deserve the most ‘likes and thumbs up’ on your Instagram page.

The most favorite spot is on a cliff which is decorated with houses with many colors and even wild animals that either gather on land or in the sea, make sure you bring the best camera or cellphone for great photos. The colorful house is often called Jelly bean, which might be different from what you think because you won’t find the real jellybean as its name.  


Charlottetown, another place in Canada that you should consider taking impressive photos, is a seaside city with beautiful and lively coastal views. This place has its own charm considering that this city has a charm with a million-past history, festival celebrations and is also a city known for its handicrafts and dozens of world-class restaurants.

When you’re on a Coastal drive, it’s a good idea to stop for a moment to park your car and start taking a walk downtown. In this place, there is a wooden walkway along the edge of the sea with the breeze blowing your face and seeming to want to bring your hair flying. 


Perhaps, you agree that Halifax is a city full of sensations because of its extraordinary natural beauty in almost every season of the year, becoming an inspiration for taking spectacular photos in every corner with great ease.

The expansive stretch of Halifax Beach is ready to welcome you, or a landscape building that has a long history, and other iconic sights that are sure to get a lot of ‘wow’ on your Instagram page. Traveling on foot allows free time looking at the target camera or your cellphone, or by driving a car or even on a boat. You will find tons of interesting spots and photo backgrounds which many bloggers acknowledge for the beauty of Halifax.


Are you an influencer, photographer who needs the latest photo content? You’re in luck to be in Fredericton, is a charming little town that has some phenomenally hidden corners, the best choice for taking photos that will get countless feeds and ‘likes’ on your Instagram page.

In this city, you will find art on the wall of a hidden alley made of red bricks. When you explore some of the alleys in this city, you will find many similar works of art that are all around you. This is the perfect backdrop with your photo object in front of it.


Quebec as a big city and the capital of Canada is one of the cities in Canada that has the most beautiful city views in the country, interesting places that you can snap through your camera are like in a historic district in Quebec, the best historical site of a fortified city that are still maintained its authenticity, a perfect place for taking photos with amazing results.

You will be proud to show the photos you took to your friends or family members with a scenic view of a castle as a background photo with the Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac shot. 


Do you want to try taking photos in a slightly challenging way? Moving shots in the air taken from a helicopter may be your choice and it is highly recommended for those who want to try the adrenaline rush by shooting in this very unique and thrilling way. You can imagine being in the air on a helicopter carrying you, and at the same time, you have to aim for a stunning sight.

How unbelievable, which must be a lot of fun. Besides that, you can also try other recommended places for instagrammable photos such as the Skylon Tower which has a very extraordinary view from the top of this tower. You can imagine being in the air on a helicopter carrying you, and at the same time, you have to aim for a stunning sight. It is unbelievable! Besides that, you can also try other recommended places for instagrammable photos such as the Skylon Tower the Niagara Skywheel shot with the high and low options


There are plenty of amazing photos something that this city has to offer – Toronto, a city with luxurious green scenery throughout the eye, beautiful beaches, and various indoor photo spots with stunning scenic wonders wrapped in unique architecture rich in high artistic value.

You can visit a city landmark known as ‘Nathan Philips Square’, located in front of the city hall, which is always the center of various activities. This place is always busy in each season and activities such as winter skating, live concerts, or farm produce exhibitions are held once a week. If you are getting ready to take a photo aboard a ferry, you can visit Skyline from the Toronto Islands with an iconic view against the Toronto skyline.


Regina offers natural beauty, fun, and historical buildings that can be used as a place to take Instagrammable photos. Here are all the scenic views you will need in your camera shoot. You can consider Canola fields for an impressive Instagram photo.

To take photos in the Canola fields, it’s best if the photos are taken on a clear day to get a view against the backdrop of the golden fields that are so amazing. Your friends will feel jealous when they see your camera shots. With its natural wonders, Regina can be an alternative for your Instagrammable photos. If you manage to browse the Queen City, you can stop for a while taking other amazing photos. 


In Edmonton, there are lots of interesting spots, maybe one of them is your favorite. There is a famous building known as ‘Legs’, built with marble materials and oak wood carvings that blend into a high artistic value architecture. The building is open to the public and anyone can join a free daily tour to learn more about the government and history of Alberta.

You can also enjoy the picnic spots, pool, the fountain that the water coming from it in different and beautiful colors. Another alternative, you can visit a bridge that is still relatively new in Edmonton. The tower stands crowing on the river with a valley next to it, which is a perfect Instagrammable spot.


When people talk about the best spots to spot photos for Instagram feeds, they are sure to find them in Victoria, British Columbia. There are many places such as cities and waterfalls with tropical rain to hangout places such as cafes with youth nuances. Great photos will be generated in this place.

Let’s take a look at Chinatown victoria, a unique and colorful place, one of the oldest buildings in Canada which has a unique post that is depicted on almost all the small streets lined with shops frequented by many people. This place is still well maintained and maintained its authenticity. 


Iqaluit is located precisely on the island of Baffin, famous for its mountains which are always covered by ice. In this place, there is a park known as the Sylvia Grinnell Territorial Park and it is also home to arctic foxes.

Although this place is not one of the favorite places for photography especially for Instagram feeds, you should also consider looking further and looking for some interesting spots for insta photos. In Silvia Grinnell’s park, many angles can be used as your background for your photo, with a scenic image of a mountain covered with ice.


Yellowknife, a special place for spectacular photoshoots, is the capital city and the single most community city in Canada’s Northwest Territories. Geographically, this place is located on the northern shore of the Great Slave Lake, which is about 400 kilometers or about 250 miles south of the Arctic circle.

This place provides many choices of spots for your camera, one of which is very phenomenal is a body of water which people call the ‘Indian Yellowknife’, a name given by the Dene tribe at that time. You can shoot a stunning view using your camera on a boat with a beach background which truly looks extraordinary.


Whitehorse is a small town located in Yukon, one of the remote corners of Canada that experiences an amazing natural event and is very famous in the world – the Aurora Borealis which produces natural light due to geomagnetic disturbances which must be immortalized in photography work.

This place is the perfect place for a variety of spectacular camera shots, which usually become the center of the crowd around August to April throughout the year. So, you have to get ready to bring the best camera or at least a mobile phone with high-resolution shots. You mustn’t miss it out!

That’s a glimpse of the places to consider for stunning and instagrammable photoshoots. Can’t wait to see the many ‘likes’ on your Instagram page.

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