The Less Explored Places in Singapore for your short escape.

Singapore is a small mixed country. It is a blend where cultures from all over the world come together. The city shares a combination of Chinese, Indian, Malay, and British cultures. 


You can experience this from its buildings and food. Besides, the culture shares valuable impacts on its history.

There are many interesting destinations in this country. Are you bored with the busy area? Maybe you want something different? Do you want to see Singapore from another side?

Browse some information about this country to get an unusual experience. You should take a deeper look at the city to be able to discover a different side to this metropolis. 


Try to stroll like a local to present you with better enjoyment. 

Let us check the less explored places in Singapore in the following essay.

1. Kayaking at Sungei Khatib Bongsu.

Sungei Khatib Bongsu is a nature appreciation in Singapore. You will encounter kayaking at the mangroves in this place. 

Sungei Khatib Bongsu is near the Northern coast of Singapore. It is a mangrove forest that is implicitly difficult to walk into the area. 


So, you can only explore these mangroves by kayaking. The best time is in the morning. It is fit for beginners and children.

The scenery offers lush nature and calmness. If you are lucky, you can see some flying fishes, kingfishers, and snails. This activity might be physically exhausting. 


You should be able to maneuver the kayak in the mangroves. Be ready for getting caught in between the branches or floating roots.

2. Tuas Lalang Field.

Due to its location, Tuas Lalang becomes less explored places in Singapore. This place is not easy to visit except by car. If you go by taxi, you will struggle. What makes this place special?

Enjoy your time to run around the southwestern part of this area. It is a wide and open lalang field. Its beautiful scenery requires patience to experience it. 


The scenery offers romantic scenes with a magical touch. You can bring your date or your partner here. The view is ideal for a wedding shoot or a picnic partner.

3. Jurong Hill Park.

When you visit Singapore, there are various of lookout towers. Some of them might be popular and touristic. Yet, fewer people know about Jurong Hill.

This spiral tower is a scenic hill settled in western Singapore and built-in 1970. Nowadays, it is the highest ground in Jurong. You can enjoy catching the sunrise here for a refreshingly unusual skyline. 

4. Tuas TV World.

Do you want to be in the Hollywood of Singapore? Do you feel nostalgic about the bustling streets of Singapore in the 1950s? Get your car and go to Tuas TV World.


Tuas Television (TV) World settled just beside the Tuas Second Link checkpoint. In the nineties, it is formerly used by the Television Corporation Of Singapore (TCS). The size is about four football fields. 

Unfortunately, this place has become less explored places in Singapore due to its total closure. Today, it becomes a Tactical Training Village for the police. People are no longer allowed to venture beyond the gates.

5. Pocket Greens Urban Farm and Barn.

It seems almost impossible that Singapore has farmland. Pocket Greens is the answer. Settled at the top of Bukit Panjang Hill, you can experience being a farmer. If you are lucky, you can harvest some crops here too.

This farm is well prepared with herbs and edibles growing plants. The plants’ names and their characteristics are displayed informatively. It is a suitable place for children.


Pick the plants from a vertical farm. You can choose lettuce, wheatgrass, etc. This place is open in the morning but it is close on Monday. 

6. Bukit Batok Town Park.

This place is also known as Little Guilin or Xiao Guilin among Singaporeans due to its similarity shape. It is a granite rock lying in a lake. This view is common for a Chinese martial arts movie background.

Today, this park is popular among couples. You are allowed to walk along the lake banks and enjoy its beauty. If you are lucky, you can spot some wildlife wandering around.

7. Kampong Lorong Buangkok.

This is the only kampong left in Singapore. Kampong means residence area. This place portrays simplicity which is opposite from the bustling city life of Singapore. 


This place is located 18 kilometers away from Changi International Airport and around 4 kilometers from the city center. It is reachable by MRT and bus. 

Chicken and dogs are free to find in this place. Cricket makes noises during the night too. 


You will see wooden houses with metal roofs. What makes this place more unique is the scenery. The background view offers apartments and high rise buildings. A perfect mixture of traditional and modern culture.

8. Lim Chu Kang Jetty.

The Jetty is the last few wooden jetties located in Lim Chu Kang Road. It has a length of 100 meters into Johor Straits. Recently, it is used as a docking site for offshore fishing and aquafarms.


The jetty is a great spot to relax by walking along from end to end. Feel and experience the peaceful sea breeze and panoramic picture of Johor. You can see the fishermen return and bring their catch too.

Although Lim Chu Kang jetty is one of the less explored places in Singapore, photographers familiar with this place. They come on the weekend and capture a nice view that represents a throwback to Singapore of the past. 

9. Sengkang Riverside Park.

Sengkang Riverside Park is a calm and peaceful place that is perfect for nature lovers. It is a constructed wetland with rich biodiversity. This place is safe to hike.


You can explore various aquatic plants and a variety of mangrove birds here. As an alternative option for educational purposes, you can enjoy the fruit trees planted around the park. 


There is a diverse kind of fruit from exotic until the common one. It is a great place to discover fruits that can not be found in the supermarket.

Many visitors might not familiar with Sengkang Riverside Park. Although it is not a popular place in Singapore, it is deserving to visit.


You will enjoy the fresh air and experience a breathtaking here. Take your sneakers for some light sports activities like jogging or running.

10. Henderson Wave Bridge.

Built at 36 meters above the ground, Henderson Wave Bridge is the highest pedestrian bridge with its fantastical shape in Singapore. 


The name represents the shape curving and twisting like a wave. Visitors can feel a hidden relax while they are here.

This place is another less explored places in Singapore during the weekday. Prepare your comfort sneakers. Don’t forget to bring your mineral water. You had better visit during morning or evening to avoid the sunlight.


The trekking can be long and tiring. But, if you walk further, you can see more panoramic views. You can see the beach and the sea view from the above.

11. Bukit Timah Nature Reserve.

Go and explore the nature in Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. It is home to diverse flora and fauna. You will learn a lot about the natural habitat in this place. If you plan to visit this destination, you had better bring your anti-mosquito repellent.

This nature reserve is the highest place to hike in Singapore. The height is around 163 meters and has an easy track to walk. Some tracks challenge you with several difficulties from beginner until advance. 


This is the best place to spend the weekend with your family. There is an important thing you must know. Some tracks can be difficult to hike. Thus, you should arrange it well.

12. Seletar Rocket Tower

The Rocket Tower is located at Upper Seletar Reservoir Park. It is built in 1969 to mark the Seletar Reservoir. Climb to the top of the tower and enjoy the beautiful views from its surrounding.


It has a unique structure like a space-age rocket. This rocket is a favorite spot for a space-crazy kid. The 18-meter rocket tower has a spiral staircase. You will go round and round into the building until you reach the top. The spiral stair is safe for children and adults.

When you reach the top, you will see an open circular balcony. At the top, the views of the 1,093ha Upper Seletar Reservoir will welcome you. 


Due to its quietness, you can go here with your child. Bring your favorite drink and snacks. There is an option if you want to explore other activities. Take them to a cool blue-floored fitness area. 

Singapore offers various interesting places that are suitable for solo, couple, or family travelers. But, if you want to try something unusual, reach one of the above lists. You will feel the cheerful experience faraway from its busy life.


The less explored places in Singapore are less chaotic and touristic. You don’t need to worry about the massive crowd while coming to those destinations. 


If you are looking for something unusual and non-touristic to visit, list one of the above things for your trip.

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