North Shore Shark Adventure and Diving For the Biggest Excitement

You want to experience something out of ordinary. The answer will be north shore shark adventure. When visiting Hawaii, beach and nature are the main attractions.

You can visit several beaches along coastline. Hawaii has several islands dedicated for tourism. They provide everything for tourists.

Oahu should be in your top list because a specific tour called shark adventure. You see documentary about under water in the sea with sharks and other fishes.

This is what the tour about because you will experience the first hand watching sharks from their nature environment. The tour is very exciting due to you will experience that sharks are not as scary as people think.

Before applying for this kind of adventure, you should prepare several things. The good news is tourists do not have to buy or bring any expensive gear. Everything is already in place including underwater shark cage.

The only things you must bring are camera and your own supplies such as clothes. You do not need to worry about the sharks. They come to check due after detecting sound from a bout.

It is practically safe even the biggest one is no harm. Safety protocol is applied in place to ensure people do not have issue and problem.

Cage Diving In the Sea

Snorkeling and diving are common things you do when enjoying beach. In Hawaii, tourists can visit tons of beach including lagoon with calm water. Some beaches have quite high wave that are useful for surfing.

On the other hand, few of them are relatively calm that are suitable for diving. Hawaii has conservative area with beautiful underwater scenery. You also find some fishes and marine creatures.

If those attractions are not enough, it is time to start something more challenging. You take boat and visit 3 miles from coastline where there is underwater cage.

The question is what you will do with this stuff in the middle of sea. The answer is you will dive and hold on cage bar then see directly sharks.

At first, people will have two response. They feel uneasy because sharks are supposed to be aggressive and deadly. They hunt and eat fishes including other creatures.

That’s common thing in mind due to the appearance is quite menacing. On the other side, people will response with exciting gesture. This is lifetime opportunity to experience the shark tour.

For your information, this tour is not you go around with diving gears. On the contrary, you are inside a cage and let the sharks swim around even reach your position.

A cage is designed for this purpose. The tour host has experience and expertise in this business. As long as you follow every procedure, you will be safe and secure.

In fact, the result might not be what you expect. The sharks are majestic creature that behaves interestingly. They come after hearing boats.

Things to Know

North shore shark adventures & Diving is available in Oahu, Hawaii. You will visit approximately 3 to 5 miles from the beach.

In the designated location, several cages are ready and tourists will dive. All supported gears are from the tour. You can bring camera to capture this moment.

1. Schedule and time

Hawaii has calm and nature tropical weather. Tourism is available from January until December. However, you must be careful during June until august. The weather might not be in your favor.

In general, shark diving is still possible as long as weather forecast provides the good news.  This tour is often during morning and you can apply every day. Furthermore, you do not need to be in Oahu because transportation will pick you up to the right destination.

2. Weather

Weather is the key in this tour. As long as situation is clear and no sign of rain, you can order this tour. To make sure you get the right offer, visit Hawaii in the right season. This tour will be on discount and there is no delay regarding weather.

Hawaii does not have extreme turbulence regarding the weather. The wind is calm even the strong one is still safe.

3. Transportation and fleet

From coast, tourist will use boats. It takes fifteen minutes and the place is ready. Additional option is cruise boat that will be part of different tour but include shark diving adventure. From hotel, you will be in usual transportation. In general, you can get from anywhere easily.

4. Safety gear

This is not new tour in Hawaii. Shark diving has been part of tourism since long time. People involve in this business have experience. They know what to do and all activities are legal.

The first thing they consider is safety gear. As you know, safety is the top priority in this kind of tour.

Tourists will use diving gears and supports. If have your own, you may bring as long as compatible and registered.

The gear will protect and help you while underwater inside the cage. Moreover, the tour also provides additional supports such as towel, medication, and anything.

5. Clothes, towel, and other itinerary

Tourists must prepare their own personal supplies such as towel, sunglasses, sunblock, and many things. They bring them before diving.

The tour only gives the basics. If those are not enough, you prepare itinerary as long as suitable for this activity. Safety inspection will ensure anything you bring is useful and compatible.

6. Camera

One thing you cannot forget is the camera. This is main reason why you enter and dive into a shark cage. Camera must include waterproof.

As alternative, there is limited service to record all activities and moment in high definition video.

You pay more for this service. For camera, check battery and internal storage capacity. The tour is short approximately 15 minutes but can stay longer.

On the other hand, you must be ready for any unexpected thing. The sharks can behave out of order to create the best moment.

7. Seasick Precaution

The last one is seasick precaution. If have this kind of problem, you should prepare your own medicine. North shore shark adventure is for all ages, children and adults.

The preps will keep you in the best condition to enjoy this tour.

Things to Do About North Shore Shark adventure

You are ready to dive in this cage. The question is what you can do while in that place. A cage is from metal with solid quality. It will hold and protect your body from direct contact.

Single cage is enough for eight people per tour. This is good choice for family to be in the same place. You can bring kids and enjoy the sharks.

This tour does not require specific skill or proficiency. You cannot swim and this is not big problem. In fact, children can be in this one, which mean there is certain requirement. You only ear mask and dive directly.

Before starting, tourists receive brief instruction about safety and activity. That’s enough for the rest of the tour. Even though children are allowed, the infant or baby must be under utmost restriction. The guide will provide the necessary safety measures,

After experiencing the sharks, tourists can go back or continue cruising. As you know, the sharks are not the only fishes you will find. Hawaii has vast diversity in term of fishes and marine creatures.

You can swim and snorkel safely along the coast. The sharks are rarely to be close on the beach. That’s why a cage will be offshore up to 3 miles away from the coast.

More about Oahu and Hawaii

Enjoying north shore shark adventure is one of your list. Hawaii still has more places to visit. You can experience culture and culinary. One of interesting event is the evening luau as entertaining performance.

It brings dances and party to excite the tourists. You will find it in Oahu and several places in Hawaii. It starts with music and dance alongside performance. After that, tourists can eat and enjoy the foods.

The night is long and the party will continue. It is the right one you must do after exhausting experience with the sharks. You need a release and the evening luau is what you should do.

More places have interesting offer for tourists. Visiting Hawaii is not enough for short trip. You need more time to explore every destination and attraction. It takes time but worth your effort. 

Moreover, certain season brings different sharks. Turtles and dolphins are also available in the sea along Hawaii. You will see them when taking the cruise tour to visit one beach and others simultaneously.

Instead of road trip, Hawaii is better from coastline. Check the offer and find the most reliable one. After that, you register and are ready to visit.

From explanation above, shark tour is very exciting. Another good news is you get this one with affordable price.

More tourists come and it begins to be popular. As long as you have the right camera, the sharks are the best moment you get during holiday in Hawaii.

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