Explore Indonesia and the 7 Places to Combine with Bali

The beauty of the island of Bali and the local culture is still strong as the city attracts more and more local and foreign tourists every year.  In some cases, when people think of Indonesia, Bali comes up on their list of holiday trips.  

Even for Hollywood stars such as the Kardashians, Chris Hemsworth, John Legend, Nick Jonas and many more would visit Bali as their main trip to Indonesia.

However, it turns out that not only the beauty of the island of Bali is heard in the ears of other top celebrities and foreign tourists.  Indonesia, in general, has thousands of picturesque islands you definitely don’t want to miss out that stores millions of beautiful tourist attractions in other regions as well. 

As host to 17,000 islands, Indonesia is an archipelago that has many languages, cultures and religions.  

From east to west, Sabang to Merauke, the homeland stretches widely, and of course there are many interesting destinations that tourists can visit besides Bali.  So, for your next vacation, try to consider some of the following Indonesian holidays in paradise.

Therefore, with the mass of islands in Indonesia, there are other places to combine with Bali that are as beautiful as Bali.  

Which of the islands that you should explore to get the real taste of Indonesia?  Here are the 7 places to be outlined that are often the main destinations for tourists when visiting Indonesia.  So, plan ahead now for your next Indonesian trip.

Gili Islands

Our first places to combine with Bali in exploring the real beauty of Indonesia is the Gili Islands.  This island has clusters of three small islands, including Gili Meno, Gili Air and Gili Trawangan.  The Gili Islands that become the main tourist destinations in Lombok, namely Gili Trawangan. 

This island has a combination of fresh sea air, clean white beaches, clear sea water, and complete facilities, of course, that make tourists feel at home.  

This island is not very wide, so we can get around it easily by bicycle.  In addition, from this island, we can easily reach Gili Air and Gili Meno which are indeed close together.

Apart from the nuances of paradise on this island, for photography enthusiasts, this place will certainly have the perfect spots.  There are many beautiful and unique photo spots, both on land and in water.  

In the meantime, you will enjoy water sport activities, biking and horse riding by the beach, as well as enjoying your every meal along the coast are scattered many small restaurants and warungs (mini stalls) that are friendly in terms of food and costs.

Moyo Island

Other great places to combine with Bali is to travel to Moyo Island, located just north of Sumbawa Island, in West Nusa Tenggara.  Moyo Island is indeed a bit hidden in the ears of domestic tourists.  The reason is, this island is indeed exclusive.  

But there are many world celebrities who secretly spend a private vacation there.  Even the making of the movie “Savages”, starring Salma Hayek, Blake Lively, John Travolta and Taylor Kitsch, took place on the island of Moyo.

Moyo Island really deserves to be an exclusive tourist destination, with complete tourist spots from the sea to tropical forests.  

Thus, the use of Moyo Island as a natural tourist attraction is mainly used as a Hunting Park and a Marine Nature Park.  The Marine Nature Park area stretches from Stema Beach to the south of Tanjung Boko. 

With a tropical climate, the hills of Moyo Island are covered by semi-dry tropical forests.  Also recorded on the island, 70 bird species, including 15 bird species and four protected mammal species.  

There you go, explore a variety of natural resources from God’s creation only in one island.

Komodo Island

The beauty of Komodo Island hid a myriad of beautiful achievements that are memorable for world-class tourism destinations.  Indeed this island is included in the Komodo National Park area where you can see firsthand the acclaimed Komodo dragons. 

But it is not only the habitats of the Komodo dragons that are interesting on this island. What else is interesting?

Amazing Beaches

The beauty of its beautiful and amazing beaches, beautiful white sand decorated with rocks and waves on the beach.

Underwater Beauty & Diving

Captivating underwater beauty where you can dive and enjoy the beauty of hundreds of species of coral reefs and thousands of fish species including sharks, stingrays, whales, and dolphins.

Wild Life

Its location is in the transition zone of the Wallacea line (Asia and Australia continent), making this island filled with birds and animals from these two continents.

Savana & Forest

Tourists can feel the sensation of being in the middle of a savanna and forest.


Maximizing its natural wealth, Yogyakarta never runs out of new tourist attractions.  Starting from the beach, viewing spots, forest and hilly areas, are the latest Yogyakarta tourist attractions that you should visit and definitely one other great places to combine with Bali. 

Amongst the newest Yogyakarta tourist attractions are the Malioboro area, Taman Pintar Park, Taman Sari Park, Sonobudoyo Museum and Yogyakarta Palace.  

Apart from that, if you are a nature enthusiast, a famous area that has become a geo heritage, Lava Bantal tour is a fun place to go geo tubing down the river there.  

If you really like ice cream, you can enjoy a variety of delicious cold sweets and take pictures as much as you like at Ice Cream World.  Hence, there are also other cool places to go in Yogyakarta.

Mount Ijen and Bromo Tour

For those of you who like adventure tours, you can travel to East Java to explore Mount Bromo and climbing Mount Ijen which are the perfect places to combine with Bali.  

On this tour, the most interesting natural charm of Mount Ijen is seeing the beauty of the blue fire or the Ijen blue fire.  On the other hand, Mount Bromo tourism is very attractive to local tourists who are nature and also photography enthusiasts. 

On this tour, you will usually be taken to explore interesting attractions of Mount Bromo by jeep.  Its spectacular view of the smoky mountains and the soothing green spreads in the hills.  Most tourists visit to enjoy the panoramic sunrise.  

But, if you come during the day, the panorama is no less beautiful.  Meanwhile, during the Ijen crater tour, you need to climb Mount Ijen or trek to the top of the crater.  

If you visit in the middle of the night, you will witness the beauty of the bright blue flame that flickers around the crater.


Another great destination as the places to combine with Bali is Sulawesi.  In fact, Sulawesi is an island in Indonesia which is one of the four Great Sunda Islands, and also is one of the 11 largest islands in the world.  

As an island that has an interesting cultural diversity and also enchanting natural beauty, the island of Sulawesi is one of the leading tourist destinations in Indonesia.

There are so many beautiful and amazing places on the island you have to come explore for yourself, including:


Bunaken Island is a tourist spot in Manado, North Sulawesi which has been listed as a world heritage site because of its extraordinary natural beauty under the sea.

Salo Merunge Waterfall

The Salo Merunge Waterfall is the newest tourist spot in Bone, South Sulawesi which is currently a hit and being talked about by many tourists at this time. This recently discovered waterfall has a hidden beauty that attracts many visitors.

Teletubbies Hill

The Teletubbies Hill is a tourist destination in Luwuk, Central Sulawesi which is a favorite amongst visitors. The natural savanna goes together with the cool air, and the beautiful atmosphere makes this place look beautiful and stunning.


Another hidden beauty of Indonesia’s tourism lies on the island of Sumatra.  You might know Sumatra from their coffee beans at Starbucks, right?  

Some of you might be familiar and like the taste of their coffee, but on the other hand, you might also like to see the island with your own eyes. 

Therefore, the places below are some examples of the natural tourist attractions in Indonesia, precisely on the island of Sumatra, which can be called the “hidden paradise”

Tangkahan, North Sumatra

Suitable for those of you who enjoy ecotourism of the forest with natural conditions that are still very well preserved. 

Harau Valley, West Sumatra

Often famously known as the most beautiful valley in Indonesia, because of the natural atmosphere of the mountains decorated with rows of beautiful waterfalls and clear rivers.

Mentawai Island, West Sumatra

One of the natural tourist destinations that is a favorite amongst international surfers.  You can also explore the traditions of the indigenous Mentawai people who have tattoos all over their bodies to mark who their ancestors were.

Of the seven destinations discussed above, it turns out that not only the beauty of Bali Island is heard in the ears of foreign tourists.   Those are only a few great places to combine with Bali to explore the real experience of Indonesia.  So, which ones would you combine together?

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