15 Heavenly Secret Nature Spots in Singapore that Hide Behind the Modernity

Singapore, very well known for its tiny existence in Southeast Asia, yet owns the theme park of the famous Universal Studio, is not always about the modern, hefty building. Some spots in it pursue the ideal idea of panorama sightseeing. 

Not a lot of tourists are willing to find out about nature spots in Singapore, due to the perception of futuristic-only-tour. There are at least 15 heavenly and beyond secret nature spots in Singapore.

The 15 Secret Nature Spots in Singapore That Are Far from The Crowds

Although Singapore is one of the smallest countries in the world. However, Singapore is one of the most advanced countries in Southeast Asia. 

This is evidenced by the increasing management of the State in various sectors, one of which is the tourism sector. The tourism sector in Singapore is professionally managed.

1. The Zhenghua Nature Park

The first nature spot in Singapore is the Zhenghua Nature Park, located in the Bukit Panjang. In this spot, you will likely find yourself having an enjoyable euphoria of cycling with people you love, or if you are visiting with your family and kids, landing a while in this park will be a good refreshing time. 

Those who want to stay a little longer can enjoy the facilities such as the pavilion and clean public toilet here.

This destination has a good amount of classic children’s playgrounds with a diversity of flowers. You will also encounter playful macaques, woodpeckers, and squirrels jogging around the area confidently because this area is well known to be animal-friendly.

2. Tampines Eco Green

For savannah sightseeing, you will not only find them in Africa for a classic one. The miniature of savannah with an eco-friendly and safer concept can be found in Singapore, in the Tampines Eco Green Park. In this park, there will be hundreds of species of birds and butterflies flying around.

As it is an eco-friendly park, you will not be allowed to bring your pets or cycling here. You will have to enjoy the euphoria of savannah in this place. There are other unique things about the eco-green such as the first free-flush public toilet, etc. that will make a unique knowledge.

3. Thomson Nature Park

This is a nature park where you can find yourself exploring a kampung (small village) and learning the authenticity of locals. Also, you will have the chance to learn how the locals are living with actual fresh air, fresh vegetables and fruits, and making it into life resources.

This is a chance to make a holiday more concerning and content about the environment and civilization and it is great to try something new.

4. Jurong Central Park

This is a very great and recommended park for adults who demand a nostalgic vacation and just miss their childhood. In Jurong Central Park, you will find a giant-size board game, such as snakes and ladder where the player is going to be the pion pieces.

Even if you are visiting with your family, this shall do good for family quality time since it brings a different vibe of holiday where the whole family will contribute to the joyful.

5. Chestnut Nature Park

The first nature spot in Singapore is the Zhenghua Nature Park, located in the Bukit Panjang. In this spot, you will likely find yourself having an enjoyable euphoria of cycling with people you love, or if you are visiting with your family and kids, landing a while in this park will be a good refreshing time. 

Those who want to stay a little longer can enjoy the facilities such as the pavilion and clean public toilet here.

Tourists who visited this place acknowledge the experiences of cycling or hiking the track while birds are flying and singing around them. It is a beyond self mind-fulling process.

6. The Rooftop of Singapore National Gallery

A lot of tourists love the idea of an artsy holiday. But Singapore National Gallery is not about an artsy holiday, but also provides a good nature-touching experience. Well, who knows a national gallery can be a good secret nature spot in Singapore?

It is a natural spot. For instance, spending time on the 3,000 sqm area rooftop to breathe the fresh air of Singapore and sightseeing the district from a distance. People say it is a good time and chance to be thoughtful and mindful, also the right place to look for inspiration.

7. Kent Ridge Park

Some people love a historical holiday more than just spending time having fun. A historical holiday in Singapore’s nature spot can be found on Kent Ridge Park, where the area is an actual witness of Singapore’s significant effort in World War II.

In this spot, you can simply just walk around the canopy of the area and enjoy nature, if you are not into the historical event. 

But if you do, guides are happy to help you sit back and sense the historic heroic story while watching turtles, fish, and birds playing around you.

8. Ketam Mountain Bike Park

To reach this place is not necessarily easy, because you will have to sail the sea for likely 10 to 15 minutes on a ferry. You will start your ferry sail from the Changi Point Ferry Terminal and end in the Pulau Ubin.

As said on the name, the bike park is very well known for cyclists. But not only cyclists who are enjoying the atmosphere and scenic panorama, but hikers also love spending time in this place to walk on foot while breathing fresh air. 

It is great for health and happiness, also exercising individuals to be more mindful about the environment around them.

9. Labrador Nature and Coastal Walk

Labrador Nature and Coastal Walk is the right place to surround yourself with endangered plants and wildlife. You will also find a massive number of bird species being playful around you and enjoying their habitats.

Tourists who visited this spot a couple of times before also recommend to enjoy the mangrove creek yet be careful of giant mudskippers. 

It said it is bringing a good impact on the mind and body since you will be more cautious about the environment around you and less reckless about the surroundings.

10. Yishun Park

Walking through the fresh and beautiful tropical trees, such as star fruits and durians is fun. You will sense and feel the beauty of a tropical country which makes it even with Singapore’s modernity. 

Better, if you are the type of tourist that loves to take a bite of fruits since this spot will spoil your nosiness.

If you are bringing your family and kids, no worries because there is a kids’ playground here just around the main track of the park. Kids will love playing there with butterflies flying around and being playful.

11. Sembawang Park

This is a historical yet a part of secret nature spots in Singapore where tourists can enjoy the delightful cuisine and beverages here.

Sembawang Park is also facing the Johor strait and features one of the most natural and famous beaches in Singapore, which makes this place even, from the architecture side and the nature side. Very delicate.

12. Woodlands Waterfront Park

In this park, you will see beautiful water glitters and spoiling fresh air. Not only can you spend time acknowledging the fresh atmosphere of the park, but you can also spend time hiking and cycling.

The Woodlands Waterfront Park is known as a safe cycling and hiking track even for mothers with kids. Kids are also provided with a fun playground to spend happy time while waiting for a visible, picturesque sunset at dusk.

13. Pasir Ris Town Park

Well, this is more of a father-grandfather time to enjoy their taste of a good holiday spot, which is a fishing pond surrounded by big beautiful trees. 

Also, for the records, there are ponds where the gentlemen can fish some crabs and prawns. Pretty interesting, right?

While the father and grandfather enjoy their vibe of fishing, the moms, grandmoms, and children can enjoy delightful cuisine in the bistro bars or seafood restaurant. Everyone shall have their fun, right?

14. Coney Island Park

This is a spot a lot of people are talking about being adventurous and dauntless in Singapore. Also known as Pulau Serangoon, in this spot you will find yourself surrounded by greens and greens only, without any civilization around.

Therefore, if you are about to go hiking, cycling, or just spending time here looking for inspiration and mindfulness, bring enough water and snacks to be prepared. 

But no need to worry if the experiences will worth the effort and preparation, because undoubtedly we say, yes!

15. Ann Siang Hill Park

This is a hidden garden slash road of a beautiful shophouse where you can walk on foot and enjoy the beautiful delicate design of an antique shop, an artsy boutique, and an exciting restaurant.

 This road is more to enjoy the other side of modern country and look for inspiration.

Always Be Mindful and Enjoy The Best of Your Holiday

Some people do not know what they are looking for in a nature holiday spot. Is it just the beauty? The panorama?

To spend more time on nature and eco-friendly holiday spots is to find yourself becoming more mindful and concerned about the environment. 

It is also great to gain more and more inspiration to shows Well, that’s it for 15 secret nature spots in Singapore and we wish you a great holiday!

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