Lists of Singapore Hidden Gems You Have To Visit

Singapore is very well known as a metropolis. Well-known as a central business country in Southeast Asia, Singapore doesn’t want to be left behind in its tourism sector. 

Almost every year, new tourist attractions are built which attract the attention of tourists from various parts of the world.

Tourists who are interested in coming are not only from the Asian region but also from various kinds of Europe and America.

You will be able to get lots of interesting experiences by coming to some Singapore hidden gems. Visiting various places which will be explained here later, can make your vacation feel very enjoyable.

Sentosa Hidden Gems

One of the popular place names in Singapore hidden gems is Sentosa. You will be able to go on an adventure to get many unforgettable experiences visiting several places which will be explained below.

1. Fort Siloso Skywalk

Listening to the history in Fort Siloso can sometimes make the brain think a little hard, especially for people who don’t like history. 

After listening to various kinds of history, then you can just try to go up to the Fort Siloso Skywalk. The place is quite high, so it can take you to enjoy the surrounding scenery which is full of trees.

All visitors will be treated to a view of wildlife. Of course, those of you who are interested in going up to the Skywalk section don’t need to go up using manual stairs. 

There is an elevator that can make you enjoy the view at an altitude. You will be able to see the beautiful scenery in the western part of Sentosa.

So, from above, you will be able to enjoy the cool open air. You can take some interesting photos from the above. The skywalk has a track that is long enough and can be used for walks as well.

2. Try Water Jetpacking

Doing all kinds of water sports can be a lot of fun. However, doing swimming, diving, and other activities is a bit boring. 

Want a different water sport? You need to try to use water jetpacking which can make you experience an adrenaline-inducing sensation by flying above the water’s surface.

All water jetpack users can fly up to 30 feet. The height of the user is controlled using water pressure. 

This one ride starts from 10 a.m to 6 p.m. Users who are interested in flying above the water surface do not need to have prior experience. As long as you are over 16 years old, you can try this one tourist vehicle.

You will be able to get to this one place by using the MRT line Harbourfront MRT Station. Each user has the opportunity to use the water jetpack for 45 minutes. 

3. Sentosa Boardwalk

Having busy office activities makes you often forget to exercise and walk. One of the fun vacation solutions that are also healthy is to walk along the Sentosa Boardwalk. 

The pedestrian crossing connects VivoCity and Resort World Sentosa. There is an interesting view along the track where all pedestrians are able to see the waterfront on one side of the track.

Each track on the Sentosa Boardwalk has a very photogenic appearance and is suitable for people who like to take pictures. You may find a bazaar when you visit the track at the weekend. 

There are many types of products that you can find through the bazaar, such as handicraft products and other interesting products. You can make these as souvenirs.

4. The Underwater World

Seeing underwater scenery usually requires special skills in the form of diving. However, diving cannot be done by just anyone and requires special training. 

For those of you who do not have diving skills, you can still find out how underwater life is by visiting the oceanariums section of Resorts World Sentosa. 

The place is home to about 100,000 marine animals that can hold water by as much as 45 million liters. 

There are at least 800 species that live in it and visitors can see it. The panel area for viewing the beautiful underwater scenery is 36 m wide and 8.3 m high.

5. Enjoy the Wild Side View

Sentosa does not only offer a variety of tourist attractions that use advanced technology. Tourists can enjoy the natural beauty there along with the wildlife. 

Sentosa, which has an environment in the form of a rainforest, makes it rich in fauna. You will be able to meet various kinds of endangered animals too, such as monitor lizards, peacocks, and monkeys.

In fact, in the Butterfly Park section of Sentosa, visitors have the opportunity to see 15,000 colorful butterflies. 

Apart from butterflies, you will also be able to encounter various kinds of insects. There are at least 3000 species of insects that are kept there.

6. Discover Sentosa Hidden Caves

There is a secret cave that you can access via Google Maps on Sentosa. The cave is located in Tanjong Rimau which still has a natural view and is far from urban. Every visitor will be able to see towering rocks and form a cave-in that place.

You will be able to feel a beach sensation that is not as crowded as urban areas in Singapore. Every now and then you will hear the loud waves because the sea tends to be calm in Tanjong Rimau. The type of sand that is there is not white sand, but it still offers exotic views for all visitors.

7. Mega Adventure

Do you like activities that challenge your adrenaline? You can try to come to Mega Adventure and use some of the facilities there. 

Everyone who uses the rides in Mega Adventure will be able to hang on a special rope that stretches 450 meters along with a height of 72 meters above the sea.

The track stretches over a forest area. Not infrequently you can see there are many types of trees below. 

This ride is not very suitable for people who have a fear of being above heights. You will be able to enjoy this one ride starting from 11 a.m. up to 7 p.m. 

8. Wings of Time

If you have arrived on the last day of your stay in Sentosa, then you need to try visiting Wings of Time. This place is in an outdoor open field. There are several amazing show combinations with laser assistance, fountain bursts, fireworks, and more. 

This combination seems to create an interesting and mysterious fantasy world. All shows that appear will get musical accompaniment.

You can watch the program with a two-time schedule, 7.40 p.m. and 8.40 p.m. The duration for each show is 30 minutes. Almost all tourists who have been to Singapore have always enjoyed the shows played at Wings of Time.

9. Journey to Allanbrooke Road

While in Sentosa, you don’t always need to travel by bus or other public transportation. Try walking along the various trails on Sentosa Island. One of the tracks included in the Singapore hidden gems category is Allanbrooke Road.

The track will go through the forest and you don’t need to be afraid of sunburn by using this trajectory. Walking on this track can make you get a thrilling experience.

10. Adventure Cove Waterpark

If you go to Sentosa Island with your family, it is necessary to visit Adventure Cove Waterpark. As far as the eye can see, there are many outdoor decorations installed along the swimming track there. This place is perfect for those of you who like to take pictures.

Go to Singapore Ala Backpacker

There are many ways you can save money while on vacation in Singapore. Some things to pay attention to are using the MRT, local Sim Cards, and choosing special foods. These tips are also useful for those of you who are Muslim. You can see all the tips below.

1. MRT card

Those of you who want to save money while visiting Singapore can travel using an MRT card. There are multi-trip cards that you can buy and these can be purchased at a more affordable price than having to buy tickets one by one before going somewhere. 

For those of you who want to go using a multi-trip card, you only need to spend SGD 12. On the card, you will already get a balance of 7 Singapore Dollars.

2. Local SIM Card

If you intend to always be online during your visit to Singapore hidden gems, the solution is to buy a local SIM card. SIM cards are available at 7 – 11. 

You need to bring your passport with you when making the purchase. You can buy at least one local SIM card for 15 Singapore Dollars. You will be able to get a balance of 18 Singapore Dollars at this price.

3. Efficient Halal Menu

You can get halal and affordable food at a typical Malay Indian food stall. There is one menu that is most friendly to the Indonesian tongue is Briyani rice. The taste offered from the menu is similar to fried rice.

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