Visit This Top 10 Summer Holiday Destinations in Europe to Get the Best Experience of Summer

The beauty of the tourist destinations in Europe does not need to be doubt anymore. Tourists flocked to the recommended scenic spots that they found from various sources. 

Europe has everything. If you find it difficult to find a suitable place for you to visit in Europe during the summer, here are the top 10 summer holiday destinations in Europe you can use as a reference.

1. Santorini, Greece

Who doesn’t know this beautiful place called Santorini? This place is famous for its beautiful beaches and beautiful atmosphere. The thing that sticks most with Santorini is the view of the sunset. 

Seeing Santorini’s sunset will be the most beautiful experience you will ever get. Santorini is one of the beautiful islands in Greece.

The island, which is located between Anafi and Ios Islands, is very popular among couples who want to honeymoon. Just imagine, you can enjoy the sunset with someone you love, how romantic is that? Coupled with adequate facilities that are provided to pamper the tourists who visit this place. 

No wonder, Santorini is never empty of visitors.

If you want to enjoy Santorini to the fullest, then you must stay for a few days here. Your first destination is Oai Island, which is located at the far northwest. 

This island is the best place to watch the sun sinks slowly. This place has been dubbed the best place with the most beautiful sunset in the world. 

This island can be a choice for the top 10 summer holiday destinations in Europe of yours.

Don’t forget to try Santorini’s main food, they are Soulvavski and Gyros. You can try Soulvavski which is meat skewered on wood, then grilled and served accompanied by french fries and salad. 

Meanwhile, Gyros are flatbreads filled with salad, meat and french fries. You can easily get these special foods because almost all restaurants provide this menu. 

Traveling to Santorini really gives you a complete package of beautiful things

2. Jardin de Cactus, Spain

Jardin de Cactus or The Cactus Garden is the next top 10 summer holiday destinations in Europe. This place is located in Guatiza Village, Lanzarote Island. 

This park has become the center of attention of many tourists. The formation of this park was formed when an artist named Cesar Manrique built it in 1991 in a volcanic land that has stable humidity. 

Jardin de Cactus looks unique because it is covered with various types of cactus which have different shapes and sizes. There are as many as 450 species of cactus from South America, North America, and Madagascar that grow well here.

3. Höhematte Park

Höhematte Park is located in Interlaken which is famous for having beautiful natural scenery. Visiting this park will make you see the beauty of the scenery clearer than before. 

Höhematte Park is located in the center of Interlaken, Switzerland which covers an area of 14 hectares. Favorite activity for tourists when they visit this park is sports such as gliding or hang gliders. 

Besides that, you can also do other fun activities such as ice skating or horse riding.

4. Harder Kulm

Still located in the city of Interlaken, the top 10 summer holiday destinations in Europe next is Harder Klum. It is as if Interlaken will never run out to give us the nature-based tourist spots it has. 

Tourists who are familiar with this place will know what is unique about this place. That’s right, in Harder Klum there is a suspension bridge that you can’t find anywhere. 

On this bridge, you can see the beautiful natural scenery of Interlaken freely without any obstacles. This unique and extreme place is also very strategic, so it is very easy to find by visitors who come here. 

It is close to other popular attractions such as the Harder Alpine Wildlife Park and the Harder-Kulm Funicular Climbs.

5. Lake Geneva

Lake Geneve is one of the most popular lakes in Switzerland. This very large square-shaped lake, about 580 square kilometers, has a fairly unique location. 

The reason is, about more than 50 percent part of this lake is included in the territory of Switzerland, while the rest goes into the territory of France. French people usually call this lake as Lac Leman. This lake is the largest lake in western Europe.

Because of its large area, this lake also has 3 tourist parts, they are the Grand Lac, Haut Lac, and Petit, Lac. Grand Lac is the largest part of this lake, while Petit Lac is the smallest part. 

Even though these parts have different areas, this lake is still a favorite destination to finish off the summer. You can spend the summer accompanied by natural scenery in the form of mountains in the distance. 

On the other hand, the shady trees will make the atmosphere cool even though the sun is hot. Uniquely, you can see The Geneva Water Fountain, which is a fountain located in the middle of a lake. 

6. Anne Frank House

You must have heard of the little girl named Anne Frank whose life story caused some controversy. Apparently, there is a Museum in Amsterdam that was built in memory of this girl. 

Anne Frank House or Anne Frank Huis is the name of the place. This museum used to be the residence and hiding place of Anne and her family. 

They were one of the millions of victims of World War II when the Nazis tried to exterminate the Jews

Anne Frank became famous when her diary was discovered by her father who was the only survivor. The contents of her diary tell of her dark times in the hiding place, then this book is translated into more than 30 languages ​​in the world.

Up to this day, this museum is one of the most visited places in Amsterdam. In fact, this museum is officially included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in Amsterdam. 

This museum is a tall but narrow building that was inaugurated as a musem on May 3, 1960. Here, visitors can see the secret room that Anne used to hide in, bookshelves, as well as 2 of Anne’s favorite books, entitled ‘Favorite Quote Notebook’ and ‘Tales Book ‘. 

On the 1st floor, tourists will be presented with views of the father’s office and the employees whose furniture is still very original, then there are also rooms belonging to Anne, her father and mother, dining room and family room. Everything here is still very authentic. 

This historic place really deserves to be included in the list of top 10 summer holiday destinations in Europe because of the knowledge we will get when visiting here.

7. Praia da Marinha Beach

This exotic beach with a combination of towering cliffs and golden sand is called the Praia da Marinha beach. It is located in Portugal, and is very well known among foreign tourists. 

This beach is very accessible due to its location to the west of the popler resort called Albufeira. Of course this beach is included in the top 10 summer holiday destinations in Europe

The beauty of this beach has been recognized by the world. This beach is even included in the list of 100 best beaches in the world. 

Although this beach is indeed classified as an isolated beach, there are still many tourists who don’t want to be left behind to enjoy what it’s like to sunbathe on this beach. The cliffs here consist of lime stones that form the letter M. 

The water is crystal clear and inhabited by many marine biota such as octopuses and other sea anemones. You can see this marine creatures at a closer distance by snorkeling.

8. Porto Katsiki-Lefkada, Greece

This beach, which is often dubbed the world’s paradise, is located in Greece. To be able to enjoy the beauty of this beach, you really have to pass through a narrow, winding road. 

You will really need extra energy. Apart from the winding and narrow track, there are several steep cliffs that you must pass. 

However, if you don’t feel like taking more risks, then you can access it by boating. When you arrive, you will be greeted with soft beach sand and clear water that allows you to see clearly at the bottom of the sea. 

This combination of scenic beauty and clarity of water makes Porto Katsiki-Lefkada one of the 10 best beaches in the Mediterranean.

9. Zlatni Rat Beach

This beach is the main destination for those of you who like water sports. Located in the conservated area of Brac Island, Croatia, this beach also offers the beauty of its sparkling white sand. 

Along the beach, lined up of pine trees will add to the relaxed atmosphere when you walk on the coast. This beach is a must to visit when you want to relax.

10. Vik Beach

Vik Beach can be said to be one of the beaches that has black sand and is famous in the world. The beach, which is located in a small town called Vik, Iceland, is surrounded by cliffs. 

But you need to know, Vik Beach is included in a beach that has quite ferocious waves, so you are not recommended to swim here, but you can still take pictures between the lined cliffs. 

Vik Beach is a must-visit tourist destination as it has basalt formations and unique geological features including rugged seas and clusters.

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