Top 10 the Best Tourist Destinations in Argentina

Argentina provides various interesting places. You can start from the capital Buenos Aires that looks like an old European city, especially in Spain. 

Furthermore, tourists may visit the vast forests with rich nature, more animals, and abundant resources. 

If this one is not enough, culture and history are other attractions in the country. The next section will explore the top ten of the best tourist destinations in Argentina you must visit.

List of the Best Tourist Destination Must Visit In Argentina

The list is online ten attractions that are useful as a starting point. Picking the one should be in this is not an easy task. At least, you know where to begin when visiting this country.

1. Iguazu Falls

You ask for the best place to visit in Argentina. Most answers will include Iguazu Falls. It is on the top list due to the most visited tourist attraction in this country. At least, you visit this one on your short tour.

It is located in the jungle with rich nature and vast water from the river. In general, the location is on the border between Argentina and Brazil but most of the sections are in this country. 

From first experience travelers, they recommend Iguazu Falls due to more than regular waterfall. You find them at least hundreds of separated waterfalls. The location looks as if you visit an imaginary country.

The good news is tourists can visit as close as possible. Of course, you must prepare for getting drenched due to the vast waterfall and spread. The place also has a pathway bridge that lets people walk to the edge.

2. Perito Moreno Glacier

Seeing a glacier in the first place is something you cannot refuse. The perfect place to experience this one is in Perito Moreno Glacier. The location is in El Calafate, Patagonia. 

Tourists may choose two ways to enjoy the glacier moment. Firstly, they use a helicopter and go-ahead to the top of the safest position. Secondly, you are on Lake Argentina with the boat.

Glacier happens during winter and early spring. In that case, you need to be ready from December until March. 

You will see massive ice chunks break and go down to the lake immediately. If this moment is not enough, you may explore the nearby areas for more exciting activities.

3. Nahuel Huapi National Park

Argentina also provides a national park called Nahuel Huapi for travelers. It contains several natural resources and landscapes. 

You can explore the vast jungle that is still fresh and pure. This place has been the top choice for retreating after a busy life in the city.

Hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities are something you can do in this place. Another interesting one is a lake with fresh water. 

More people visit this park during mid-year. If you want to stay longer such camping, make sure all necessities are ready.

4. Mount Aconcagua

One of the best tourist destinations in Argentina is Mount Aconcagua. You like a challenge and this is the place you must visit. 

At first glance, this mountain is quite similar to others that you often see in some countries. The difference is Aconcagua is considered the highest peak in South America.

For mountain climbers, this information is definitely precious. In fact, a thousand of people visit this place and try to defeat until reaching the top. Experience travelers and climbers can do on their own. 

Trek is not much difficult but the height should be the main issue. You will enjoy its surrounding especially watching the view from the top mountain. For safety purposes, it is necessary you ask the local guides.

5. Valle de la Luna

Argentina has a place called Valle de la Luna. It contains vast rock dated back a million years ago. At first glance, it seems nothing special. 

The situation is different after more fossils are found. Until today, Valle de la Luna is considered the best place for researchers regarding study related to the dinosaur.

This place is declared as a conserved region with the strict rules applied for tourists. You can visit and explore some sections. For tourist attractions, it’s surrounding also evolves and expands to support the main activity.

6. Mendoza

Argentina is also a wine country. Mendoza is the region located in the Andes. 

You will see vast vineyards and a thousand wineries. Some top brands from this country have their production line in this area. 

Weather and water are perfect for producing wine. You may taste several samples and explore more wines while staying in Mendoza.

7. Puerto Madryn

The next top destination is Puerto Madryn. It is just a small town with a beautiful coastline. The place also receives a conservatory right to maintain its natural surroundings. You can see penguins, whale, sea lions, sea birds, and other creatures 


Some areas are dedicated to port due to deep water and strong structure rock. That’s also the reason why big sea creatures visit this place. Right whale often appears during June including orca. You need to be at the right time to enjoy this excitement.


Due to safety purposes, all visitors must bring a guide. The location is quite dangerous when approaching the coastline. Moreover, you need the right spot to observe birds. The guide will bring you to the right position and start your activity.

8. Tango, Buenos Aires

Argentina is known as tango. This is a type of dancing with an attractive and energetic movement. You can find a tango studio around the world. 

Of course, you must experience the first hand from the original place. In Argentina, there is a street where people can dance anywhere and anytime. 

They can do such things in the street. It is called Tango street. The name is enough to represent what you will see when visiting this place.

You do not have to good dancer. It is not for competition purposes. Tango breaks free people from rigid dancing. 

On the contrary, dancers can explore more and mix with tango. You may witness something interesting, particularly during events or festivals.

9. Tigre delta

While in Argentina, you should visit Tigre. It is a city located in the north of Buenos Aires. It is not a definite city because only the hub with water is the main transportation. 

You can find a museum, markets, and local homes. Exploring will use the boat. You must book before doing such a thing. 

This hub is dedicated as the mainline to transport goods and people. Today, it includes tourist service especially going around on the boat.

10. Recoleta Cemetery

One of the best tourist destinations in Argentina is Recoleta Cemetery. It is different from other places. Most people think the cemetery is sacred or bizarre as a tourist attraction. 

You will change your mind after seeing this place directly. It contains old vaults, statues, and mausoleums.

Some tombs are from prominent figures in Argentina. They rest in this place and some of them are from centuries ago. 

This cemetery is historical evidence that has significant value. You can explore tombs and vaults one by one. Each has a unique design especially the one from the old era.

The good news is you can visit any day as long as there are no official events. The location is in the capital of Argentina that everyone can go to this place easily. 

You should start by exploring this unique cemetery before visiting destinations located far away from the capital.

Tips before Visiting Argentina

Argentina is relatively safe to visit. It does not mean you visit without preparation. To make sure you do not have issue during the trip, checklist below for more information.

1. Time and schedule

From list of best tourist destinations in Argentina, you see that each places are located in different region. This country is big and tourists take time to explore everything. 

In fact, one year seems not enough because there is always something interesting to try. You need to allocate enough time before trip. 

It is important thing for tourist from different countries. Based on your timeline, create schedule properly. This one does not need to be detail just outline your travel in Argentina.

2. Destination

Your time is limited and destinations have to a place where you can visit. For first-timer, start with a capital and some regions nearby. 

Avoid traveling in a far distance unless you have the right schedule. Each destination must be close so that you do not spend much time on transportation. Adjust schedule and destination to ensure you are at the right point.

3. Accommodation

As usual, you must prepare accommodation such as hotels and transportation. Today, you can order from the internet and check all amenities directly. 

You have traveling preferences will depend on your budget and destination. Some places and areas do not have excellent service for tourists but enough for a basic ones. 

On the contrary, a certain location is dedicated to tourism. Facilities and accommodation are complete.

4. Cost

Argentina is country with moderate price range. Some areas are cheaper and other can be more expensive. You manage budget and spending as efficient as possible. 

To get the best experience, visit during festival or high peak. You may look for discount and any method to get the best price during this trip.

The last thing to prepare is a visa and passport for a foreigner. This one is necessary if you are not local. Having a legal document you comfortable. 

Preparation is mandatory when visiting this country. After that, you just go to the best tourist destinations in Argentina one by one.

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