Top 40+ Worthy Places to Visit in the Caribbean You Must Know

Caribbean is one of the best tourist destinations in the world that contains a lot of stunning landscapes, historical sites and rich of culture. 

This place is blessed with sunny weather, warm waters, tropical climate, and crystal – clear waters. There are many worthy places to visit in Caribbean you must visit when planning your Caribbean tour.

These are the Top 40+ Worthy Places to Visit in Caribbean

1. Saint Lucia

st lucia - worthy places to visit in caribbean

St. Lucia is one of the worthy places to visit in Caribbean which has a lot of beautiful and clean beaches in the area. 

This island is known as tropical paradise which has become one of the most popular travel destination for honeymooners. 

Most of the tourists  choose to spend their travel time at Plantation Beach and Anse Des Sables Beaches.

This tropical paradise also provides its visitors with a lot of posh resorts that suitable for honeymooners. 

There are many options of activities to take while on St. Lucia island. For those who are andrenaline lovers can choose to off-road and zip line through the rainforest. Those who like water excursions, St. Lucia offers you with the best snorkeling and diving trips.

2. Saint Martin

best places to visit in caribbean is st martin

Saint Martin is positioned as one of the most worthy places to visit in the Caribbean.

Despite the small size of Saint Martin island compare to the other islands of Caribbean, this place is a little bit more active with visitors activities. 

Saint Martin island has plenty of beautiful and peaceful beaches that will satisfy your need of new beaches every day.

Saint Martin is owned by two countries, Dutch and French. This tourist spot offers you with various attractions from beach activities to non – beach activities such as zip lining close to Pic du Pardis mountains and hiking. Go to Cupecoy, Orient Bay and Mulley Bay if you want to experience the famous beach in here.

3. Saint Thomas

Worthy Places to Visit in Caribbean 1

Saint Thomas is one of the three islands composed of the US Virgin Islands in the Caribbean.

This island is the most cosmopolitan among the other two US Virgin Islands thus becoming worthy places to visit in the Caribbean. 

In St. Thomas’ capital city, you can find plenty of entertainment s from thriving nightlife, amazing cuisine to resorts and shopping for local souvenirs.

If you want to view the clearer sight of the Caribbean Sea and the island, then you can choose either to take Skyride 800 or hiking 99 steps above St. Thomas’ capital city, Charlotte Amalie. 

There are many excursion options available here such as bicycle tours, zip line tours, hiking, and other water sports.

4. San Juan

Worthy Places to Visit in Caribbean 2

San Juan is Puerto Rico's capital city which is still in a recovery state until right now because of Hurricane Irma's attack several years ago. 

San Juan is part of the US territory. Therefore, US citizens can freely visit this place without a passport required. 

San Juan is divided into two regions, Old San Juan and New San Juan.

Each regions have distinctive features that are affected by the time they were built. In New San Juan, vacationers can enjoy modern lifestyle such as vibrant nightlife, shopping center, and resorts at the beach front. 

Meanwhile, Old San Juan offers its visitors with historical architecture in the colonial era. You will find cobblestone streets and bright color building.

5. Martinique

Worthy Places to Visit in Caribbean 3

The white sandy beaches, palm trees on the beach side, and the picture – perfect of sunset are several things you will find in Martinique. 

Therefore, it is no wonder that Martinique serves as one of the worthy places to visit in the Caribbean. 

This volcanic group is owned by France making Martinique as overseas territory for this country.

Martinique is surrounded by famous ocean. Atlantic Ocean is on the eastern coast of Martinique while Caribbean Sea is on the western border gives the beach warmer waves.

6. Antigua and Barbuda

worthy places to visit in caribbean

Antigua is one of the islands in Caribbean which has plenty types of beaches. This island is the paradise for visitors who love water sport.

There are 365 beaches available in Antigua that range from deep water for snorkeling to shallow water that is good for swimming. 

The tranquil blue water at Dickenson Bay is a nice spot for relaxing.

Meanwhile, Hawksbill Bay has a quieter and more private – sense since this spot is crowdless. Many honeymooners prefer to go to Hawksbill Bay to enjoy natural beauty privately. 

Barbuda which is known as the sleepy sister island of Antigua, also rich in tourist attractions such as 17 Mile Beach. Barbuda also has Frigate Bird Sanctuary which is a home for many nesting colonies.

7. Aruba

aruba, worth place to visit in the caribbean

Aruba can be one of the worthy places to visit in the Caribbean especially for those who want to escape from the city crowd. 

This island is not as famous as the other islands in Caribbean. 

Therefore, this place is suitable for those who want to relish the whole island’s attractions and beaches for themselves.

There are many excursions available on Aruba island, and swimming is on the top list since it has crystal – clear and very clean water. 

The tranquil blue water will bring peacefulness and serenity for your mind. You can choose Palm Beach and Eagle Beach which are the best beaches on Aruba Island.

The resorts on Aruba also provide diving lesson for novices before they can dive to nearby coral reefs. For families visitors, Aruba Ostrich Farm offers amazing experience.

8. Barbados

Worthy Places to Visit in Caribbean 4

Barbados is known for its cruise ships port in the Caribbean.

But actually, Barbados offers the visitors with sufficient attractions that make Barbados one of the worthy places to visit in the Caribbean. 


Barbados is not only offering its vacationers with natural landmarks but it is also rich of historical heritage from British culture.

Barbados has plenty of stunning colonial architecture from British commonwealth in the cities and towns. 

You can visit some of the best tourist spots here such as museum and beautiful natural wonders. The best natural landmarks in Barbados are open – air Land Rover and underground Cave of Harrison.

9. Cayman Islands

caymand islands

The Cayman Islands is located on the western side of the Caribbean.

This place is very popular for several water sports like deep-sea fishing and snorkeling. 

Many tourists also like to get sunbathing on the beach. 

If you are curious to taste your own catch fishing, you can go to Cayman Brac and catch fish here. Then bring your catch to the chefs to be cooked fresh.

Little Cayman is the smallest island in the Cayman Islands that offers visitors peacefulness and tranquility since the beach is still crowdless. Grand Cayman, Seven Mile Beach, and Cayman Turtle Farm are the top options tourist spots here.

10. Grenada

grenada, worth place to visit in the caribbean

Grenada is home to 45 beaches and several natural landmarks.

The most popular spots to visit in Grenada are La Sagesse Nature Center, Grand Anse Beach, and Grand Etang National Park. 

You can take memorable pictures in the colorful harbor and post them on your social media account.

You can spend your day trip in Grenade by walking the street of St. George or going to Grenada’s spice plantations. 

Another fun spot you must visit in Grenade is Market Square. Market Square sells numerous local souvenirs from Grenada people.

11. Havana

Havana is the capital city of Cuba that offers vacationers for experiencing the historical 16th century colonialist culture. 

The architectural buildings in Havana will give you the vibe of Spanish colonialist roots. This impressive capital city offers you the Old Havana which has been listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site.

You can visit several historical buildings here such as the Plaza de Armas, La Cabana, Castillo del Morro and many more cultural centers. 

If you are always an active person, then do some water sports on the beach can be your best choice. You can do boating, diving, snorkeling and many more.

12. Montego Bay

Montego Bay is one of the cities located in Jamaica that has crowded cruise ship port every day. Montego Bay is known for its countless high – end resorts for the vacationers. 

Marine Park provides its visitors with plenty of excursions such as diving, snorkeling, and swimming. You can enjoy bright and colorfull sight underwater from various fishes and reefs.

You can also enjoy the sunset while riding on horseback along the shores. This experience will be so thrilling but fantastic. Historical and massive plantation houses on the island are also available for the visitors to explore.

13. Nassau

This capital city of Bahamas has wonderful and countless tourist spots to visit. Therefore Nassau has become one of the worthy places to visit in Caribbean you shouldn’t miss when you travel to this area. Nassau gives you a stunning and natural look of beautiful coral reefs that you can see easily offshore.

Nassau is also a very popular city for its wonderful beaches and hilly terrain. The warmer atmosphere in the central of Nassau comes from its colonial history which was replicated clearly on the architectural buldings. You can see colonial Georgian style footprint on the Goverment House building.

14. Negril

Negril is a famous tourist destination that located on western coast of Jamaica. Negril is the best place for those who want to get peaceful and calmer atmosphere from the city life. 

You can spend a day trip bathing at Seven Mile Beach in the afternoon or visiting Negril Lighthouse to get more amazing views of the beach.

If you want a better views of sunset for your photographs, then you can hike to the Negril Cliffs. Negril is a home for green and natural landmarks of Jamaican wilderness such as green tropical landscape s, waterfalls and lagoons. 

Visitors can spend their night time from the resorts to watch the shimmering blue waters of Caribbean.

15. Ocho Rios

Ocho Rios was once a fishing village in Jamaica before it becomes a port town for cruise ship ports. Ocho Rios also has grown into one of the best tourist destination in Caribbean that has plenty of high – end resorts. 

Ocho Rios is also a first place you have to visit before exploring other attractive attractions in Jamaica.

Columbus Park in Ocho Rio is believed as the first land Christopher Columbus set foot on in America continent. 

If you are an adventurer who love the nature so much, you can go to Dolphin Cove to swim with stingrays and dolphins. There are other attractive tourist destinations you can visit such as Dunn’s River Falls, Reggae Beach and James Bond Beach.

16. Puerto Plata

Puerto Plata is part of Dominican Republic located on the north coast. This place is a paradise for plenty of beautiful beaches such as Playa Cabarete, Playa Dorada, and Playa Sosua. 

You can view the whole city by taking a cable car tour from the peak of Mount Isabel. At Ocean World Adventure Park in Puerto Plata, vacationers also have chance to swim with the dolphin.

There are also some nice places to go in Puerto Plata. You can learn more about Dominican local culture in the art and history museums.

17. Punta Cana

Punta Cana is best known as resort town of Dominican Republic. This town is located on the eastern edge of Dominican Republic. 

Punta Cana has beaches that stretch along its coast for 20 mile. The biggest region of Punta Cana for tourist destination is Coconut Coast or best known as La Costa del Coco.

You will enjoy the white sand beaches in Punta Cana and take memorable photographs here. Punta Cana also has plenty of excursions such as sailing, zip lining, and windsurfing. You can rent a Jeep for a day adventure.

18. Saint John

This island is part of US Virgin Island which has smallest size. Although its small size, Saint John still becomes one of the worthy places to visit in Caribbean. 

It has various and amazing tourist destinations that you have to consider to visit when going to Caribbean. Saint John island, just like the other islands in US Virgin Island, still in the recovering state because of the hurricane season in 2017.

Despite, St. John is still in recovering, doesn’t mean that you cannot visit this island at all. There are still tourist attractions worth to visit here. The waters here are the home to turtles, tropical fishand dolphins. The habitat of hummingbirds and cuckoos can be found in the forest.

19. Saint Kitts and Nevis

Saint Kitts and Nevis islands are located in the eastern side of Caribbean. These two volcanic islands form a nation with the same name. Most of these islands are made up dominantly by tall mountains.

If you want to catch the real beauty of these islands, then Mount Liamuiga and Saint Kitts island are the centerpiece of the landmarks beauty. 

As these islands formed by dormant volcano, tourists can explore crater lakes. There are also historical ruins from sugar plantations that were the first industry on the islands.

20. Santo Domingo

Santa Domingo becomes one of the most historic and oldest cities located in the Caribbean. Santo Domingo is a Dominican Republic capital city. 

Zona Colonial is one of the major attraction for tourists in Santo Domingo located in the town center. One of the historical sites in Santo Domingo are the first cathedral built by European settlers.

You can also view stunning old buildings surrounded by cobblestone streets in Zona Colonial. If you are hungry, you can stop by in the plazas or the main streets, there are plenty of delicious restaurants serve local foods. Alcazar de Colon Palace has changed to become business spaces and museums.

21. Tortola

Tortola is part of British Virgin Islands with the largest in size. White and clean sandy beaches are what this island known best. But, of course Tortola contains more than sandy beaches. It has plenty of hidden coves as well as green rainforests.

Compare to the other Caribbean islands that were struck by hurricane, Tortola is the fastest island in rebuilding and recoverying businesses, buildings and many more. There are many water sports available here such as water skis, kayak and fishing.

22. Trinidad and Tobago

Those who are true adventurers and travelers will like this stunning island nation. There are a lot of excursions being held in Trinidad and Tobago. This place is an excellent option for people who look for a carnival.

In Trinidad and Tobago, you can find plenty of popular music carnival season. This place also fits for adventurers who want to experience natural landmarks such as Gasparee Cave System, Argyle Falls, Three Pools Trail, Salybia Beach. Historical sites are offered either in Trinidad and Tobago.

23. Varadero

Varadero is one of the worthy places to visit in Caribbean that is located in the country of Cuba, for exactly on Hicacos Peninsula. 

This place is known as a lively resort town with exclusive hotels and resorts available for visitors. Varadero has very long coastline with more than 12 miles.

You can view appealing scenery of the Atlantic Ocean from your resorts. Varadero is an amazing place for people who want to relax since it offers the vacationers with golf courses, spas and the best hotels. The nature reserve is centralized in Reserva Ecologica Varahicacos.

24. Curaçao

Curacao island is a very colorful place in Caribbean which looks totally different from the other islands. 

When other islands are dominated with subdued green and blue colors only, Curacao has vibrant colors on the building architecture from Dutch influence since this place was colonized by Dutch.

Water sports like diving and snorkeling are the most favorite excursions in Curacao. Two beaches you can visit are Playa Lagun and Cas Abao beach.

25. St. Barts

There are many hotels and best resorts available here in Saint Barts which make them the top 25 accommodations in Caribbean. 

The hotels and resorts price here are very varied from a bit cheaper to the luxurious ones. Saint Barts plays as a drawn like magnets to the travelers from all around the world.

The best hotels and resorts available in St. Barts are Le Sereno, Hotel and Spa from Le Barthelemy and Eden Rock. It is recommended for the vacationers to visit the best natural landmarks in St. Barts such as powdery sand beach, blue turquoise water, river and rainforest.

26. Montserrat

Montserrat is best known as the Caribbean’s  Emerald Isle with plenty of beautiful landscape lies from north to the south of the island. 

The south region of Montserrat offers you with the eerie landscape of blackened valleys from volcanic eruptions that have began since 1995. Meanwhile on the north side of Montserrat, tourists can spot various species of birds.

Montserrat is rich of natural landmarks that will make everyone seeing them happy and feel peaceful. Soufriere Hills Volcano is an exclusion zone that has erupted in 1995. 

Tourists can visit this area by organizing police – escorted tour. Rendezvous Bay is a crowdless beach in Montserrat that is favored for snorkeling, diving, and swimming.

27. St. Vincent and the Grenadines

The Grenadines is very unique archipelago that contains 32 compact islands. Among the 32 islands, the 9 are inhabited. St. Vincent and the Grenadines are governed by 2 countries. 

Saint Vincent and the Grenadplac offer their visitors with amazing natural landmarks that most people cannot find in other places.

The beaches are characterized the vacationers with palm – tree – pierced. Meanwhile the sea waters are crystal clear bring the vibe of sapphire. There are a lot of water sports available here from snorkeling to swimming.

28. Haiti

Haiti is the first black republic in the world that contains  rich historical sites, unique culture, and amazingly beautiful place you will love. 

Of course this nation had its own problem, but the nice things you will find here is far more than the problem it had. The history of Haiti is a story of the fighters who revolted the colonials that enslaved them.

The culture in Haiti is so vibrant and multifaceted as it was influenced by African, European, Latin American and Indigenous. The beaches in Haiti can be said as Caribbean’s best kepr secret. The beaches have crystal – clear turquoise water with sugar – like sand.

29. British Virgin Islands

You will never feel bored if you choose to visit British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean. These places are paradise for up to 60 islands that make British Virgin Islands. 

Therefore, there will be no shortage of islands to explore here. You can find various type of beaches on British Virgin Islands.

From the beach on Peter Island that is known for its calmness to friendly Cane Garden Bay on Tortola island. JustJust like the other places in Caribbean, the water that surround  British Virgin Islands is crystal clear. Thus, many tourists do snorkeling, surfing, diving, windsurfing, and sailing.

These places also offer tourists with several great excursions such as sunset cruises and dolphin tours. BVI provides its visitors with luxury and high – end accommodation that will give you rustic experiences.

30. Cayman Islands

If you want to experience epic diving in the Caribbean, then Cayman Islands might be your best choice. There are three chain of islands that construct Cayman Islands. 

They are Little Cayman, Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac. Among these three chain of islands, Grand Cayman is the most well – known island in Cayman Islands.

Grand Cayman has one of the best beaches in the Caribbean known as  Seven Mile Beach. If vacationers curious to know how does it feels feeding giant sea creatures directly from the hand, then don’t forget to go to Stingray City. 

This place also a paradise for numerous famous dive spots, such as artificial reef and Kittiwake Shipwreck.

31. Bermuda

Bermuda is a nice place to visit but unfortunately many tourists overlook it. This small island has blue turquoise water and beautiful landscapes thatvyou don’t want to miss. 

The culture in Bermuda is influenced by Portuguese, British, West Indian, North American, and African which make this place has unique mixed of culture.

Bermuda is an excellent place for diving as it has gorgeous reefs with crystal clear waters. There are various places to visit in Bermuda such as Crystal and Fantasy Caves, Tucker House Museum, Saint David’s Lighthouse. You can also join the whale watching during March and April.

31. Bermuda

Many French visitors choose Guadeloupe among other Caribbean islands. There are many reasons of why they prefer to go to this island, but it is easy to see why. 

Les Saintes or lles des Saintes in Guadeloupe, plays an important role of why many tourists from Europe pick this place as their holiday spot.

Here you can also view the miniature of Rio de Janeiro from Terre de Haut, the biggest cluster of Guadeloupe. It is recommended to hike to the 170 – foot Sugar Loaf Hill and take memorable photographs from the peak.

33. Barbados

Barbados is a very popular vacation spot in Caribbean that offers its visitors with plenty of stunning beaches. You can go to Dover, Carlisle Bay or Dover that have spotless white sand. Barbados is a paradise for a lot of beautiful natural landmarks in Caribbean.

In the afternoon, it is best to go to Bridgetown to view the old architecture. You can also purchase local and distinctive spices in the local street. Barbados offers the visitors with the best experience you can ever imagine for the holiday.

34. Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is one of the worthy places to visit in Caribbean that you don’t want to miss. A lot of flights to Puerto Rico are available, making this tourist destination a desirable place for most vacationers. 

It offers visitors with various kind of attractions. There are plenty stores in San Juan that will attract passengers from cruise ship.

There is also Vieques, a secluded island in Puerto Rico that is suitable for honeymooners. While families can enjoy the crystal clear and tranquil blue water on the beach. There is also a beach in Rincon, Tree Palmas beach, known for surfers worldwide for its 25 foot waves.

35. The Bahamas

The Bahamas is actually archipelagos that were known for its surprisingly beautiful and stunning islands. You can go to Abaco Islands which are part of the Bahamas. 

Abaco Islands have calm and tranquil waters that every passengers want. You also have the opportunity to fish extraordinary sea creatures such as tuna, bonefish and marlin.

There are also Harbour Island, Exumas, Eleuthera and many more. There are plenty good resorts located in beachfront of Harbour Island that will make your staying more fun. 

Eleuthera has white sand coast that will be loved by beach lovers. Snap a memorable selfie here and post it on your social media.

36. Grenada

Grenada is one of the countries located in Caribbean that is well – known as “The Spice of the Caribbean”. There are many local plantations in Grenada mainly dominated by nutmeg. 

Grenada has white sandy beaches that is suitable for sunbathing. Many visitors choose water sports such as snorkeling and scuba diving into the fish – filled coral reefs.

Grenada is not only a paradise for beautiful beaches but also an island for various landmarks such as rainforest river. Visitors can go rafting down the rainforest river. Grenada is a beautiful place in Caribbean that offers the visitors with any kind of holiday you wish.

37. Dominican Republic

This country is the second biggest country in Caribbean. Dominican Republic is very popular among honeymooners and travelers all over the world. 

There are many reasons of why a lot of people like to visit this country. The easiness to get to this country from Miami and Europe make this place becomes so convenient to visit.

It only takes for about 8 hours trip from major cities in Europe or only 2 – hour trip from Miami. Dominican Republic has fantastic beaches that span for about 250 miles on the island. 

Puerto Plata and Punta Cana are several favorite spots for for the vacationers. They provide several best excursions for the tourists such as diving and snorkeling.

38. US Virgin Islands

Just like the name, US Virgin Islands are the worthy places to visit in Caribbean. These places are the favorite tourist spot for US citizens since travel to US Virgin Islands is easy. 

These places consist of three wonderful islands named St. John, St. Thomas, St. Croix. It is not difficult to “hop” from one island to another.

You only need to arrange your itinerary for day trips. St. John island is the smallest island between the other two. But, St. John offers its visitors with more rustic view from numerous of natural and original beauty of Caribbean. 

It is because almost 70% of this island is national park land where the condition is being protected in its natural state.

St. Croix however is the biggest island on US Virgin Islands. This place is very well known for scuba divers and honeymooners. 

There are two cities in St. Croix which offer great cultural spot. Meanwhile, St. Thomas offers its visitors with wonderful cultural city center and various beautiful beaches.

39. Cuba

Cuba is the largest island in Caribbean that offers its tourist with magnificent attractions from Cuba’s colonial towns to natural landmarks. 

Considering that the island of Cuba is the largest in size compare to other island in Caribbean, the coastline in Cuba is the longest with more than five thousands kilometers.

The waters are clean and crystal clear making everyone able to see things underwater. You can see the beautiful coral reefs in the blue water. Major tourist destinations in Cuba are Old Havana, Varadero, Trinidad, Guardalavaca, Playa Paraiso, Cayo Coco and many more.

40. Turks and Caicos

Yes this place had been ruined before when it was attacked by hurricane season in 2017. But, a massive rebuild has made this place as one of the worthy places to visit in Caribbean. Turks and Caicos provide its visitor with up to 40 small cays and islands that are worth to visit.

If you visit this tourist destination as honeymoon trip, you can stay at Provo as it has many luxury resorts. It is recommended to go to Bight Reef if you want to do snorkeling, diving, swimming or other water sports since this place has amazing fish and reefs. Cruise ship port is located at Grand Turk which is the only cruise ship port available here.

41. Jamaica

If you want to experience an immersed local culture, then Jamaican local people surely will give you that. Therefore no wonder that a lot of vacationers who leave this island will feel like they are missing home. 

There are numerous flight route to Jamaica which make this country a favorite Caribbean destination. You can easily arrange trip vacation to Jamaica.

Feel the immerse Jamaican local culture here such as roadside grill chicken cooking to reggae music. Providing its visitors with not only amazing local culture, but also lovely natural scenery. 

Dazzling Dunn’ River Falls is a popular waterfalls in this country. There is also Blue Mountains National Park where you can hike with friends, family, and the loved ones.  

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