6 Activities and Hidden Places in Ceningan Bali

If you are thinking about visiting the Nusa in Bali, then you should know some of the most potential hidden places in Ceningan Bali. You see, Bali is the main big island with several smaller islands close by. Whereas Bali is popular as one of the world’s tourist destinations, not everyone wants to enjoy the crowds or the hustle and bustle.

Bali has been known for its beautiful temple and laid-back atmosphere. But things are changing now, and the main island has lost its charm. It becomes crowded and packed – which is nice if you are looking for some busy spots, but it’s not so much for those who are looking for peace and quiet.

That’s why there are the Nusa islands, which are quite far away from the crowds, and yet they offer their own peaceful and quiet atmosphere. If your main purpose of coming to Bali is to enjoy the peace and laid-back surrounding, I’d suggest you coming to the Nusa islands instead of the main island of Bali.

hidden places in nusa ceningan bali

Understanding Nusa Ceningan

There are 3 Nusa islands close to Bali: Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Ceningan, and Nusa Penida. Nusa Penida is the biggest and it is also the most popular ones among the three. Nusa Ceningan, on the other hand, is the smallest, but it is also the quietest and also the most peaceful one among the three.

It’s fairly easy to get to the three islands. You can use the ferry and you won’t have to spend a long time for the trip. Nusa Ceningan is in between Nusa Penida and Nusa Lembongan. A lot of tourists like to go to Nusa Penida which isn’t as crowded as Bali. But if you want a total serenity, head to Ceningan.

Even Nusa Lembongan is still noisier when compared to Nusa Ceningan. This is probably one of the reasons why Nusa Ceningan isn’t as popular as Nusa Lembongan or Nusa Penida. But if you are looking for a place with very little traffic, more beautiful view, and quiet atmosphere, then Ceningan would be the perfect option.

Blue Lagoon

As the name suggest, Blue Lagoon is super gorgeous

blue lagoon nusa ceningan

with impressive hues that you won’t find anywhere else. It is a cliff overlooking the water, creating a perfect platform for anyone to see the lagoon. The water is crystal clear, calling you to come.

You will find sitting there and soak in the view in front of you to be very soothing and comforting. The place also has its own cliff jump. Yes, you can use this spot to jump into the blue lagoon and enjoy the refreshing water.

But rumor has it that it is considered dangerous, so anyone isn’t allowed to use it. But still, many still try to use the cliff jump point. Watch out for the waves if you are going to do it. And the risk is yours, so you should carefully think about it.

The Sand

It is a name of an open air restaurant and bar with funky atmosphere.

Activities And Hidden Places In Ceningan Bali 1

You can easily spot this restaurant from the bridge connecting Nusa Ceningan and Nusa Lembongan. From the Blue Lagoon, it is not far. Because Nusa Ceningan is pretty small, these places of interest are pretty close to one another. It is very nice and convenient to reach them easily – on bicycle or on foot.

Again, there are not many establishments in Ceningan, so The Sand is pretty standing out. They have swings, over-the-water hammocks, and the naturally beautiful driftwood bar.

They even offer happy hour! Another cool thing about the place is their concern to environment. For instance, they use paper straws for their drinks. If you are into environment so much and you want to enjoy a relaxed moment, go to this place. You won’t regret it.

Mahana Point Cliff Jump

Want to jump off the cliff and go straight into the blue water?

mahana point cliff jump bali

Then you should go to Mahana Point. Some people may think that it is ridiculous that you have to pay for a jump to the Blue Lagoon, but that’s the way it is. For a small jump, you will be charged IDR 25,000 (or around $2) while the higher one will cost you IDR 50,000 – and it is charged per jump!

But you can also go to one of the hidden places in Ceningan Bali for the jump. If you go to Sunset Huts with its beach access, you can actually jump without paying anything. But you may disregard fact about the paid-jump considering that the restaurant at Mahana Point has nice and tasty lunch. Not to mention that you can also enjoy the view of Mount Agung and the surfers riding on the waves altogether. It is definitely priceless, and you won’t find such a thing elsewhere.

Driftwood Bar Zipline

Want to experience the beautiful and exciting zipline action?

Activities And Hidden Places In Ceningan Bali 2

Then you should head to the Driftwood Bar and have it a go. As you can guess, it will zoom on the crystral clear water – giving you one of the most amazing and breathtaking view.

The zipline itself is pretty short, but it is going to cost you IDR 80,000 (around $5). Want to relax afterwards? Sure, you can do it! You should be able to go to the infinity pool and soak in the view. It is a super priceless experience that you won’t trade for the world.

Secret Beach

This is a quite popular spot in the island.

secret beach nusa ceningan bali

But you may want to enjoy it while eating and enjoying the view – it isn’t very pleasant for the dip. But that’s up to you, though.

There is a hotel on the beach, Villa Trevally. If you want to use to access to the beach, you can spend at least IDR 35,000 at the restaurant or spend IDR100,000 for the beach and the pool.

Water Sports

If you want to enjoy water sports without too many people and crowds,

watersport in nusa ceningan

then Nusa Ceningan would be your heaven. There are tons of hidden places in Ceningan Bali for the water sports, including snorkeling, diving, and surfing. Surfers like to go to this island because they can feel as if they owned the wave to themselves.

Without so many people and surfers, why not enjoying the waves for yourself? The main popular surfing spot is Mahana Point, so head there to enjoy the activity.

There are also various snorkeling and diving shops on the island. One of the most popular and the best ones is Ceningan Divers.

You can take a (snorkeling) tour to Nusa Penida where you can swim with the Manta Rays. Or you can rent a SUP and dive in the cool mangroves. That would be an unforgettable experience of your life time!

Final Words

Although Nusa Ceningan is beautiful and stunning, it’s kind of sad to see that almost everything is monetized and privatized. I mean, you have to pay to access the beach or doing the cliff jump? But it can be a great alternative if you find the main island of Bali to be crowded and cramped.

So, how to get to Ceningan Bali? You can use the ferry straight from Bali to Ceningan. Or you can head to Lembongan first, stay there, and go to Ceningan through the bridge. You can spend the whole day or even several days to explore the hidden places in Ceningan Bali.

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