8 Seville Nightlife Areas and Places to Party

Spain has always attracted many foreign tourists to visit from around the world.  This Spanish-speaking country is rich in history and culture because it has many interesting beauties to explore.  

Seville has the honor of being a must-visit city 2 years ago by the version of the Lonely Planet.  Truly extraordinary, Seville was ranked first on this prestigious traveling website.

In all the beauty and splendor of this city, Seville offers great sights, lively festivals, and also a thriving nightlife activity that makes the city one of the best places to visit in Southern Spain, besides its many historic sites of great importance and beauty. 

Also known for its place for football enthusiasts, Seville has something for everyone.  From stunning cathedrals and monuments to its bullring festival, and from large tapas bars to enchanting old neighborhoods are some of the things you must explore.  

Summer in Seville, the weather is sizzling hot, even at night, where the temperature doesn’t drop until the morning.  

So, the city also offers an interesting alternative to having fun, by taking advantage of the places with rooftop bars, or enjoying a nice nightlife activity looking for some fresh air, as well as trying creative cocktails and breathtaking views at night. 

As a bonus, there are numerous places and areas in Seville that offer great entertainment to create a full-night event.  Therefore, Seville’s nightlife activities are not just about drinking and partying.  

Some of the places in Seville will get your hands and feet working on the beat to the beautiful melody of Spanish music and dances.  

Hence, there are 8 popular Seville nightlife areas and places to party just to get you started, from traditional bodegas (wine cellar), tapas (Spanish traditional dish), to modern nightclubs.

Fun Club at Alameda de Hércules Square

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A special Seville late-night experience can be found in the Fun Club, a nightclub near the public square of Alameda de Hércules. 

This club features a variety of sounds and dance music, including jazz, hip-hop, and many other modern sounds, as well as a good old vibe of fashion rock ‘n’ roll music.  

If you prefer more international vibe music, Fun Club is the best place to spend the evening away from the less traditional Spanish sounds and music that you mostly hear along the square.

Al Aljibe at Alameda de Hércules Square

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Al Aljibe is one of the best tapas bars, also located in the Alameda de Hércules square, and is one of Seville’s trendiest nightlife activities. 

The bar offers a romantic and private first-floor terrace overlooking the whole square, as well as an exclusive rooftop terrace with only a few private tables.  

Inside the bar, the seats are spread out over two floors, but it’s best if you book a table beforehand, especially for the night venue.  

Besides Al Aljibe’s location, their cuisine also makes it one of the most popular upscale tapas places in the city.

Santa Cruz Bodega Bar

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This hectic tavern is one of the best Seville nightlife areas and places to party to start your journey of the romantic and attractive Santa Cruz neighborhood. 

Since the Santa Cruz Bodega Bar is always packed with people, there always seem to be spontaneous street parties outside the bar, with guests dining and drinking over the sidewalk.  

The bar offers traditional dishes and drinks, with a variety of wines and sherries ready all night long, as well as excellent tapas at a very reasonable price. 

Lo Nuestro at Calle Bétis

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Located in the heart of Calle Bétis, Lo Nuestro’s nightlife activity offers something a little bit different. 

This place primarily hosts flamenco night dancing and relaxed music performances, making this a great place to start your nightlife journey before taking a sip of the Spanish drinks.  

In fact, Lo Nuestro by chance picks up local talents and artists over the years around this particular neighborhood. 

La Terraza-Bar (EME Catedral Hotel)

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Another rooftop bar at the EME Catedral Hotel is located just near the famous 500 year old cathedral in Seville. 

This is a five-star nightlife venue where the cocktail prices are a bit expensive.  

Thus, you can also dine on a complete four-course set menu, while in tune with the DJs that play catchy tunes to the glamorous crowd on the nights of Fridays and Saturdays. 

El Rinconcillo at Calle Gerona

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El Rinconcillo is one of Seville’s, and possibly Spain’s oldest bars.  First founded in 1670,  overtime, the bar has maintained its ancient Seville aesthetic structure and continues to operate successfully as a restaurant, bar and bodega all at only one place. 

More than just a historical site, El Rinconcillo is also another excellent Seville nightlife area and places to party with a cafe and tapas bar to spend your late night enjoying some Spanish specialties, including gazpachos and some local wines.  

What a great way to get to feel the true Seville in terms of seeing both the past and present origin.

Santuario at Alfalfa

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For you and your friends who are looking for something more modern, Santuario is a vibrant nightclub in Seville just outside Alfalfa square. 

This nightclub is mostly popular amongst local students and international students, as well as the local youths and also international visitors, with their regular Tuesday party nights being the most popular hours.  

Even though Santuario is probably smaller than any other nightclubs, it has a fantastic atmosphere with the perfect place for any diners to dance off their exhaustion after a long day of sightseeing in the city.

Antique Theatro

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A luxurious and up-scale disco club, the Antique Theatre is one of Seville’s most exclusive nightclubs.  The popularity of this nightclub often is host to famous Spanish celebrities and personalities. 

Equipped with the latest nightlife technology and decoration, Antique Theatre is located near the riverside where guests can enjoy a little breeze on the outside terrace with beautiful gardens and fountains designed for a memorable nightlife!

So, there you have it, 8 of the most popular Seville nightlife areas and places to party for you and your friends to explore on your nightlife journey in Seville!

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