Experience the Various Things to do in Catalonia Barcelona

Have you ever dreamed of a vacation to Barcelona? Watch exciting and thrilling matches or want to practice the Spanish that you’ve learned? 

Catalonia is one part of Barcelona that still sticks to its traditions. In terms of culture, buildings, and other aspects of their life. But not only the traditional things, but also modern culture is also side by side in this city. 

Catalonia is the coastal capital where pedestrians and cycling people are very common here. If you love traditional cultures which are well coupled with modern urban culture and have a strong sports scent, then Catalonia is the right place for you to visit as a vacation destination.

Catalonia Barcelona is the home of artists and art workers from time to time. Call it Gaudi or the painter Pablo Picasso. Some say that the people here are all romantic. 

Taste local culinary, enjoy the relaxed local lifestyle, and who knows, will find a soul mate here. Here are some things to do in Catalonia Barcelona:

1. Catalonia traditional Dishes

Experience the Catalan culture. Have traditional dishes such as Calçots, tomato bread, and delicious meals. Experience the Sardana dance like a typical Catalonia dance. 

We can also see their love for sports. As the Barcelona club also has a large fan base in the world.

2. Park Guell In Catalonia

Enjoy the beauty of Park Guell. It is a unique and amazing park as the most unique park in the world. In addition to gardening, here we can also see Gaudi’s works. 

Not to mention the scenery with beautiful Catalonia flowers that will make you fascinated. All the places look nice to take pictures and complete your album collection.

3. La Sagrada Familia

Next, you will be amazed by Gaudi’s work called La Sagrada Familia. It is a large Roman church building that looks unfinished but is amazingly beautiful. 

The construction of this church lasted for about a century and left the remains of the ancient culture. The build of the church is still ongoing and will be completed in around 2026. 

Here is a suitable place to carry out photo sessions for pre-wedding or even take pictures as a symbol of a romantic honeymoon.

4. Picasso Museum

Don’t forget to go to Picasso Museum. Many travel agents, local guides will usually take us around for a specified number of hours. We will visit where Picasso lives, studies, works, and relaxes. 

The tour will end at the Picasso Museum. This is one of the things to do in Catalonia Barcelona, We can see the largest collection of Picasso’s worldwide and satisfy your thirst for fine art.

5. Beach Activites

Visiting the coast bordering France can be your choice to visit. For those of you who are beach lovers, the sun rises or sets, here is a suitable place. 

Here is the most beautiful beach in Europe with several buildings in small towns that are mostly white. It’s amazing to see this natural beauty complemented by works of art belonging to Dali and other artists who are well looked after by the locals. 

The beach activities here are also very varied, beautiful girls sunbathing, water games, typical beach culinary delights that will make you forget to go back to where you came from.

6. Font Magica

At the mountain slope of Montjuic, there is a place like a garden in a fairy tale. There stands a legendary fountain, namely Font Magica. 

This fountain becomes lively and looks alive at night because there will be an attraction of colorful lasers and dancing water.

7. Gracia Village Catalunya

Going to Gracia at night is part of an unforgettable experience. We can enjoy the evening while studying the history and culture of this area. 

We can also experience the culinary delights of Gràcia. This place is where you can buy clothes, cosmetics, and other unique items. Gracia is a traditional yet trendy village. 

Many people pass by, but you can still enjoy the beauty of things to do in Catalonia Barcelona.

8. La Rambla

For those of you who like shopping, besides Gracia, there is also a place called La Rambla, not far from Placa de Catalunya. In this way, you will be able to relax in beautiful cafes while drinking coffee and chatting. 

Usually, there are service bidders who will draw your caricature. On average, it will be completed in just 5 minutes. For souvenirs, you can choose various kinds of local handicraft items that are sold along this road.

9. Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya

Apart from football, Moto GP racing is another best sports event in Catalonia. Moto GP is regularly run in Catalonia. This sports event also encourages race-loving visitors to visit the city while enjoying their favorite races. 

If you want to experience the joy of watching MOTO Gp here, please check the schedule when the race will run. You can adjust your arrival time.

10. Placa de Catalunya

Catalonia once wanted independence; the remaining evidence is the many flags or attributes of independence in the corners of the Placa de Catalunya. 

Barcelona’s long history is closely related to independence activists who wanted to be independent at that time.

11. The Mediterranean Cruise

What other things to do in Catalonia Barcelona? Yes, cruise! The best way to relax in luxury is a cruise on a Mediterranean cruise. 

The eco-tour on a catamaran lasts 40 minutes. Enjoy the best views of the city of Port Vell.

Transportation facilities in Barcelona are easy to access. They provide bus cards for travelers who want to get around at low prices. 

By using a travel card, you can get around to the beautiful places in Barcelona with a usage time limit of 75 minutes. Wow, this is very helpful for those who want to save money with their vacation budget.

Tracing Catalonia Barcelona means visiting works of art. This city is indeed suitable for creative art lovers. Not surprisingly, the city has many museums and art-building architecture, and a castle that exhibits various artworks. 

Paintings, buildings, gardens, and even friendly people and delicious food.  Barcelona is also known for holding shows and exhibitions of new artists. 

Side by side with the people’s love for sports. Finally, You find lots of things to do in Catalonia Barcelona.

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