The Lists Of Peniscola Best Beaches And Coves You'd Want To Visit

The Peniscola town, which means almost an island in Spain, is famous for the many sandy beaches all over the region.

This region located between Barcelona and Valencia has one of the most sought-after hotels near the best beaches and coves named Hotel Servigroup Papa Luna. 

Hotel Servigroup Papa Luna is situated near the sunny Costa del Azahar. Cliffs and crystal clear waters around the beaches and coves are evident around the hotel’s environment.

You can also enjoy other Peniscola best beaches and coves. Here are the lists of the whole Peniscola best beaches and coves:

Playa Norte (North Beach)

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Playa Norte, or North Beach, is the largest beach on Peniscola, with 5 km of fine sands.

There is the majestic focal point of the Old Town called Castillo del Papa Luna on its southern end. On its northern end, we can see the neighboring town of Benicarlo. 

The maintenance it has, the privileged location, the abilities to provide facilities for the less mobile visitors, and the presence of surveillance cameras, all lead North Beach to receive awards such as the Q Flag from the Institute of Spanish Quality of Tourism (ICTE), the “Qualitur” Flag from the Valencia Tourism Agency, the “green” AENOR Flag, the Blue Flag, and many other more.

Playa Del Sur (South Beach)

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At the foot of the walls near the fishing port, there is another beach that provides surveillance cameras and on-site lifeguards called Playa Del Sur, or South Beach.

South Beach itself has 850 m in length and 35 m in width. The main characteristic of South Beach lies in the breakwater that shelters the calm water. 

The on-site Benicarlo-Peniscola Nautical Station also offers opportunities to practice sailing, diving, windsurfing, canoeing, and any other water sports.

Las Viudas Beach

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Moving past from the South Beach, we find the 110 m long and 15 m wide semi-urban beach named Las Viudas Beach.

Yet, unlike the previous two beaches, large tourist groups are rare to visit Las Viudas Beach. At the same time, this becomes the strength of Las Viudas Beach, as we can feel more tranquil in enjoying the beach view.

Playa Del Pebret And Russo

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The Playa Del Pebret And Russo, the beaches with around 80-280 m length and 1,200-5,600 m2 of fine sandy beach coverages, are situated near the former Carabineros headquarters.

Having that being said, Playa Del Pebret And Russo are among the few beaches on Natural Park. 

Since they are among the few beaches on Natural Park, it’s not impossible to enjoy the nature and amazing water in these beach areas.

Basseta Beach

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This 1,200 m-length beach doesn’t only cover around 14,400 m2 with fine sands and shingles, but also have the unique rocky shores and vegetations surrounding the beach’s water.

The dusk times are the perfect times to visit Bassett Beach as you can enjoy the sunset views with awesome castle backgrounds.

Torrenova Beach

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With its remote place to access and the provided policing and cleaning services, Torrenova Beach becomes one of the safest hidden paradises to discover peace and tranquility after a full day outdoor.

This one of the Peniscola best beaches and coves covers 3,750 m2 of the area with sands and shingles and has 250 m in length.

Natural Park Coves Of The Sierra De Irta

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Called the Real Natural Paradise, this 30 m long hidden cove is located on a remote place that permits you to enjoy the tranquility it offers.

The slightly gravely golden sands and the courses are more beautiful in the dusk times when you can also enjoy the beautiful sunset view emerging from the cove. 

Natural Park Coves Of The Sierra De Irta cover 150 m2 of the surface area.

Badum Cove

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The Sierra De Irta area is known not only for the Natural Park Coves that is nicknamed as the Real Natural Paradise. 

The area also has Badum Cove, one of the Peniscola best beaches and coves located not far away from Sierra Irta Natural Park.

Due to its difficulty to access, this 35 m-length cove that covers 350 m2 surface areas with shingles is the best place to spend your me-time in a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere. 

Enjoy a sip of a homemade artichoke beer while watching the views of Badum cliffs on top and a watchtower, and your alone time in this cove will be more than perfect.

La Petxina Beach

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Another beach that is removed from civilization, yet you can enjoy, is the 35 m-length La Petxina Beach, in which the gravels and shells over its shores are covering 350 m2 surface area.

This one of the last purified coves is also one of the best places for you to enjoy underwater sports.

Volante Cove

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If you’re tired to find the hidden paradises, Volante Cove can be your answer.

This 30 m-length cove, in which the 320 m2 surface area is covered with fine golden sand and shingles, is easy to access. 

Furthermore, it is also a safe cove, given that it provides signage, policing, and cleaning services.

El Bufador

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As the focal point of the Old Town, the castle has many attractive places to offer, including coves. 

El Bufador is one of them that is located not far from the castle’s San Pedro Gate.

El Bufador’s main focus is on the waves. It produces dramatic sights when the waves are big, the water whoosh with great noises and forces, and the bystanders are sprayed with its foam.

In conclusion, some of the beaches and coves in Peniscola can be accessed by walking and some other are hidden paradises you should be patient in finding. 

Water sports are the most popular activities you can do, even though you can also sunbathe in these beaches and coves.

There are also places near Peniscola’s best beaches and coves you can enjoy to complete your Spanish holiday. 

For example, you can visit the El Faro lighthouse that permits you to see the views of castles and seas, maritime heritages, the Medieval Market between Plaza Santa Maria and Placa del Bous, and many more.

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