Recommendation of 10 Beautiful Places to Visit in California that can’t be Missed

Beautiful places to visit in California of course are very diverse and myriad. As it is known that California is a state that is located on the west coast of the United States, with the largest population in the US. 

California is arguably one of the states that are not only developed economically. The state with the capital city of Sacramento also has very beautiful landscapes and scenery.

The United States is one country that has a lot of interest when it comes to tourism. In fact, you could say that the United States is still the main tourist destination for tourists from Asia and Europe. 

Yes, this developed country does have tourist attractions that attract the attention of many people.  The United States itself is a country that has several states, with their own uniqueness and distinctiveness. 

And one part of the country that you should visit when traveling to the United States is California.

California, the name of this state may be familiar to many. Especially if you are a fan of Hollywood films, you must familiar enough with California. 

Almost all Hollywood box office films mention California, or even shoot there.  From several states in America, you could say that California is the most frequently used as a shooting location. 

Not without reason because the state with an area of 423.970 km2 does have its natural beauty and charm that is hard to find in other places in America.

Referred to as the third largest state in America after Alaska and Texas, California is indeed endowed with landscapes that make it a powerful weapon to attract tourist arrivals every year. 

Unlike other states, the climate in California is warmer with sunlight that is almost all the time illuminating this state. This makes California a frequent tourist destination, especially when winter holidays arrive.

Natural Beauty in California

Maybe God was smiling when He created California. That’s why there are a lot of beautiful places to visit in California. All the natural beauty you are looking for can be found in California. 

From deserts that are hot and warm, to high mountains covered in snow. From wide beaches, to rivers that flow calmly through the wilderness you can see this in California.

In California you will also find endemic plants that only live in this place. Blazing star flowers, California buckwheat, California hyacinth, Coast redwood and Giant sequoia can only be found here. 

If you take the time to do hiking or trekking, you will also have the opportunity to find not only typical plants from California. With luck, you can also see wild animals that roam freely in the forests of California.

If you are a fan of water sports, there are many beautiful seas and beaches in California that you can go to. Besides that, you can also just sunbathe and enjoy the warm sunshine on these beautiful beaches in California.

With all the gifts they have, it’s no wonder California is still on the top list as a state that must be visited when coming and on vacation to America. 

It’s not even complete to have a vacation in America if you haven’t taken the time to visit this state.

Beautiful places to visit in California is varied. However, here are 10 recommended places you should visit when you come to California.

1. Enjoy the beauty of the beauty of iconic Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge can be said to be one of the icons of the state of California that you can’t just miss. This 2,727 m long bridge is indeed not golden, even though it bears the word Golden in its name. 

However, the bridge that connects the cities of San Francisco and Marin has a distinctive red color. The red on this bridge will glow golden, especially when exposed to the beautiful evening sun. 

That is why it is highly recommended that you visit this bridge in the evening, when the golden sunshine gives a sensational effect on the bridge that was built in 1933. Some people describe the Golden Gate Bridge as the most beautiful red bridge in the world, and the most frequently visited by foreign tourists who come and see the romantic panorama of the Golden Gate Bridge in red amid white clouds. 

No wonder then Golden Gate Bridge names as one of the most beautiful places to visit in California

2. Enjoy the beautiful natural scenery at Yosemite National Park

One of the beautiful places to visit In California, which not only attracts domestic but also international tourists are Yosemite National Park. You could say, Yosemite National Park is the most beautiful national park in California, with unspoiled landscapes and beauty. 

With the total area of the national park reaching 748,436 acres, this place gets nearly 4 million tourists visit annually. Tourists who come can enjoy the natural beauty of Yosemite National Park in the form of mountains, forests, vast fields and rivers that are still beautiful and natural.

 You can also camp, hike or trek through the beautiful forests of this national park.

3. Don't forget to visit the legendary Coronado Beach

Beautiful is the only proper word to describe this beach in California. Included in one of the lists of beautiful places to visit In California, Coronado Beach is a must see spot that can’t be missed by the tourist.  

Apart from its beauty with white sandy beaches and calm blue waves, Coronado beach is also legendary. The reason is, this beach was once the background in one of the films, starring the famous artist Marilyn Monroe. 

Coronado has a fairly flat coastline with calm waves and not too fierce. Tourists can do fun activities such as skim boarding, swimming, sunbathing or just strolling while enjoying the beauty of this legendary beach.

4. A spectacular view on Laguna Beach that cannot be missed

One of the beautiful places to visit in California that cannot be missed is Laguna Beach. Located in Orange County, California, Laguna Beach is known as the most beautiful beach cluster in California, which successfully attracted both local and international tourists. 

 A beautiful beach with soft white sand surrounded by towering rows of palm trees, plus fields of wildflowers that are allowed to grow just like that; add to the natural beauty of this Laguna Beach. With calm waves and flat beaches, you can spend your time just walking and swimming at this beach.

5. Enjoy the beauty of Lake Tahoe which is shrouded in mystery

Who says California only has beaches and forests, unexpectedly this state also has beautiful lakes that are in fact already very well known to various parts of the world. Lake Tahoe is one of beautiful places to visit in California with beautiful and spectacular natural scenery.

 This lake has crystal clear water so you can almost see the bottom of Lake Tahoe. When summer arrives, activities that can be done here is camping, hiking or sunbathing on the banks of this lake. 

However, when you choose to vacation in winter, the entire surface of this lake will be covered in thick ice making it suitable for ice skating or sleigh riding. In addition, Lake Tahoe itself is still shrouded in mystery because of the legend of a mysterious creature that supposedly inhabits the bottom of this beautiful lake.

6. See the majesty of one of the oldest trees in the world in the Mojave Desert

California also has a vast expanse of desert that is not less to attract tourists to visit there. Perhaps the most famous is the Mojave Desert which is one of the beautiful places to visit in California.  

Mojave Desert is known as the driest place in America, as it only received rainfall of two inches per year. This desert once made history when the hot temperatures there reached 134 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Even so, the Mojave Desert is still busy attracting tourists to come and visit there. One of the reasons is the Joshua tree which is said to be one of the oldest trees in the world, which its charm attracts tourists to see this tree in person.

7. Exploring the beauty of the exotic Santa Catalina Island

For those of you who like to explore new places while enjoying the beauty of stunning natural scenery, this Santa Catalina island in California is worthy of your visit. Named as one of the beautiful places to vist in California, Santa Catalina Island is an island with natural landscapes that are sure to blow your mind away. 

Located right in the southern part of California, Santa Catalina is surrounded by the beautiful blue Mediterranean Sea. Apart from sunbathing on the beach with its soft white sand or enjoying other water sports, tourist can also take the time to explore this island. 

This is because nearly 88 percent of its territory is a nature reserve protected by the government. No wonder the natural beauty in this place is very well preserved.

California does have everything a traveler could want when visiting this state. Beautiful and compiled landscapes coupled with the always warm weather makes beautiful places to visit in California very diverse and will definitely be your favorite destination during your vacation.

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