Visiting Scotland While Enjoying 7 Beautiful Places to Visit in Edinburgh

Beautiful places to visit in Edinburgh can be a helpful reference if at any time you are visiting Scotland’s capital. Edinburgh is arguably the second largest city in Scotland, even though it is the capital city of this constituent country.  

Why so? Because it is undeniable that many people are more familiar with Glasgow as the largest city in Scotland compared with Edinburgh. In fact, Edinburgh has the charm and beauty that is not less than Glasgow.

As the capital city of Scotland, Edinburgh can be a recommendation for a city that is worth visiting when traveling to Europe or Great Britain. With an area of 264 km², you can enjoy sightseeing in Edinburgh quite easily and freely.  

Certainly, you will not regret visiting Edinburgh because like other cities in Great Britain, the beauty and charm of this city is unique and different from other cities.

Get to know more about Edinburgh

Edinburgh is gifted with a beauty that is a combination of the charm of the old city and the beautiful natural scenery. With a population of 513,210 people, Edinburgh is not a densely populated city.

As mentioned above, Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland even though its fame is still inferior to the city of Glasgow.  Most people know this city as the place where the sixth oldest university in England, the University of Edinburgh is located. 

However, there are actually four leading universities in the City of Edinburgh. The four are The University of Edinburgh, Heriot Watt University, Napier Edinburgh University and Queen Margareth University 

Scotland itself is one of the countries that make up the United Kingdom of Great Britain, or internationally known as UKGB or simply UK. Scotland itself actually promises a bright tourism prospect capable of attracting tourists. 

However, Scotland’s prestige is still inferior to England itself. That’s why tourists will spend more of their time in England, instead of visiting Scotland on vacation.

Edinburgh itself promises not only beautiful natural scenery but also culture and urban structures that you may not find anywhere else. One of them is the well-preserved old buildings in this city, which are still very thick with the old Victorian nuances which are artistic, graceful and elegant.

The city of Edinburgh seems unchanged by the times. The architecture of the building is still the same as hundreds of years ago. Old and historic buildings line up exuding the past glories of the Kingdom of Scotland. 

No wonder in this city you will find lots of old buildings that stand majestically, typical of the kingdoms of the past, which always managed to attract tourists to come to visit this city.

You could say, you will not regret it if you choose to visit Edinburgh during a trip to Europe. There are so many beautiful places to visit in Edinburgh. 

Apart from that, you will also be enchanted by their friendly people, their unique culture, and delicious Scottish cuisine and of course the music festivals that are often held here. If the next time you go to Scotland, here are some recommendations of beautiful places to visit in Edinburgh.

1. Edinburgh Castle, a charming castle in Scotland

Built since the 11th century, Edinburgh Castle is one of those beautiful places to visit in Edinburgh. The beauty of the brown brick-walled castle, with a typical European fort design and stand on top of an extinct volcano called Castle Rock, makes Edinburgh Castle a tourist spot that shouldn’t be missed.  

Edinburgh Castle is also known as one of the oldest buildings in England where this magnificent castle was once the residence of kings, headquarters for the military, even a prison and fortress. Standing on a beautiful rocky hill, Edinburgh castle should be on your list of dream places to go to when visiting Scotland.

2. Enjoy the sights of Edinburgh city by passing at the Royal Mile Road

Another place not to be missed when visiting Edinburgh is the Royal Mile road, which is located in the old town of Edinburgh. Royal Mile is called the most crowded and congested street in Edinburgh and always filled with tourists every day. 

No wonder as to walk in this place, you can see the beauty of the old town of Edinburgh which is still preserved in good condition until now. 

Included in the list of beautiful places to visit in Edinburgh, You can enjoy the charm of Edinburgh’s old town and see the splendor of Edinburgh Castle in Castle Rock, and Holyrood Palace in Old Town which will look stunning as you see from this street. You can also see the St.Giles’ Cathedral which is an iconic building from the Royal Mile Road.

3. Enjoy the beautiful scenery of Arthur’s Seat, an ancient volcano in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is not only impressed with magnificent buildings they own. Nature in this city is also quite beautiful and deserves to be one of the destinations on the list of beautiful places to visit in Edinburgh. 

For information, Arthur’s Seat itself is the peak of an ancient volcano in Edinburgh. This volcano is no longer active, so it is quite safe to climb by tourists. The scenery around Arthur’s Seat itself is very beautiful, and suitable for activities such as trekking and hiking. 

The height of Arthur’s Seat itself is only about 200 meters above sea level; even so it takes extra energy to climb this ancient volcano. However, once you reach the peak, you are guaranteed that fatigue during the climb will be replaced by the beautiful natural scenery that can be seen from the top of Arthur’s Seat

4. Princes Street, a beautiful garden surrounded by old buildings in the city of Edinburgh

In the city center, you can enjoy the beauty of a garden and are included in beautiful places to visit in Edinburgh. The Princes Street Garden Princes Street Garden is a beautiful and luscious garden that offers unique and unusual views. 

From this gorgeous garden, you can see the beauty of Edinburgh’s old city buildings such as the Scottish National Gallery and Edinburgh Castle. A magnificent fountain with a unique and unusual design is the focal point of this Princes Street Garden. Here you can enjoy the expanse of flowers and green grass, as well as shady trees that are still very beautiful and natural. 

When summer arrives, Princes Street Garden will be filled with locals and tourists who are leisurely sunbathing and enjoying the beauty of this garden while feeling the warmth of the sun.

5. St Giles' Cathedral, Edinburgh's beautiful and iconic church

Becoming one of the recommendations of beautiful places to visit in Edinburgh, St Giles’ Cathedral is a tourist destination not to be missed when visiting Scotland. You could say the old church, which was built in 1124, is an iconic building that characterizes the city of Edinburgh. 

The beauty of St Giles’ Cathedral lies in the structure and still retains the typical Gothic architecture, combined with a vintage impression so make it look magnificent and awesome. The old yet grandeur and elegant impression of St Giles’ Cathedral make it a tourist attraction in the city of Edinburgh. 

You can enjoy the beauty of this church all the time. But at night is the most recommended time, because the lights around the church of St Giles’ Cathedral make it look more beautiful and amazing.

6. Visiting Holyrood Palace, one of the beautiful residences of the British monarch

As a ruler, Queen Elizabeth has many beautiful palaces scattered throughout Great Britain. One of them then entered the ranks of beautiful places to visit in Edinburgh is Holyrood Palace. 

Located in Canongate, Edinburgh, Holyrood Palace or also known as The Palace of Holyroodhouse is a timeless masterpiece of architects William Bruce and James Smith. Referred to as one of the most beautiful palaces in England, Holyrood Palace is surrounded by a large green field and lush vegetation which gives a cool impression to this palace. 

The majestic yet strong impression can be seen from the architecture which is a combination of a fort and a palace that looks very unique. Not only enjoying its beauty from the outside, you also have the opportunity to enter and visit some of the rooms inside The Palace of Holyroodhouse

7. The grandeur of The Scott Monument that can't be missed

Scott Monument is one of the recommendations in beautiful places to visit in Edinburgh. Located adjacent to the Princes Garden, the Scott Monument opened to the public in 1844, and is a masterpiece of architect George Meikle Kemp. 

The building, which carries a Gothic style, was erected to commemorate one of the famous British writers, Sir Walter Scott. The Scott Monument was erected in a place that was quite high from the surrounding area, so that from afar, such as on the Royal Mile road, this monument was clearly visible and looked very elegant. 

At The Scott Monument, you can see a beautiful view of the city of Edinburgh from above. In addition, there is also a museum that was built to provide information about the origin of this beautiful monument.

Edinburgh is not only the capital city of Scotland. However, this place holds a lot of charm that cannot be missed. So don’t forget to take the time to take a look at these beautiful places to visit in Edinburgh.

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