Best Natural Tourist Attractions in USA, Diversity at Its Peak

Diversity is a key theme when you are thinking about United States of America. The country is comprised of people coming from various cultures. Another interesting form of diversity you can find there is its natural attractions. 

Because the country is very large, the natural landscape is also highly diverse. You can find places with desert climate, mountainous climate, and coastal climate depending on the location. If you are visiting the country, you will be able to see so many natural hotspots popular in the country.

The following list has the best natural tourist attractions in USA that you ought to visit while being there. Whether you love the beaches or mountains or even deserts, you can find something that suits your preference in here.

1. Navajo Nation’s Monument Valley

This place is located within the reservation area of Navajo Nation. Thus, when you are visiting this place, you will not only be able to enjoy the natural wonder but also experiencing a cultural laden trip by interacting with native tribe. 

Within the location, you will be able to enjoy camping. It would be quite an experience to sleep under the night sky there because the view is clear there. People also love hiking within the area and do sightseeing because there are so many things that this place can offer.

Those who want to learn more about the place and tribal nation that lives within can actually enjoy guided tour programs. There are three programs available, including tour around Monument Valley, Antelope Canyon, and Canyon de Chelly. You can also go to a lake in the area named Lake Powell.

2. Haleakalā National Park

When you are going to Hawaii, it would be considered a sin not to visit (or at least try) The Haleakalā National Park. This place is consistently listed as contender for best natural tourist attractions in USA. 

People have valid reasons to think highly of this place. The shield volcano is massive and forms about third quarter of Maui Island in Hawaii. The summit of this place is translated from local language as The Red Hill. You will be able to see the entirety of Maui just by standing on the summit.

However, reaching its summit is a rather challenging task because of temperature near the area can be very low. Nonetheless, many experienced climbers are excited because the spectacular view it promises. 

The national park is a house for diverse vegetation but the most popular one would be a type of silversword. The park is also a home to several astrophysics centers.

3. Crater Lake

This is another national park worth visiting in the country. The area used to be a massive volcano. After large eruptions millenniums ago, the volcano becomes dormant until today. It also disintegrated into smaller structure, now known as Wizard Island. The island rises from the lake water. 

The green vegetation over the island shows stark contrast against blue water of the lake. When you need a peaceful place to calm down your mind, you can visit this place to release your worries. It definitely has a serene vibe that makes you feel more at ease.

Within the area of Crater Lake, there are various activities that you can do. You can go on boat tour to learn about some interesting geological knowledge about its formation. 

The bank is a perfect place to enjoy quite time while fishing. You also have the option to go on scavenger hunt around the area.

4. Garden of the Gods

Families on holiday would prefer to visit this place because it accommodates people of all ages. As one of best natural tourist attractions in USA, this place offers pretty vista of unique sandstone formations. 

The orange hue looks startlingly contrast with the blue sky. You can enjoy this view, but it is such a waste to be in the area and not enjoying what it is capable of providing.

Families on holiday would prefer to visit this place because it accommodates people of all ages. As one of best natural tourist attractions in USA, this place offers pretty vista of unique sandstone formations. 

The orange hue looks startlingly contrast with the blue sky. You can enjoy this view, but it is such a waste to be in the area and not enjoying what it is capable of providing.

5. Natural Bridges State Beach

This place is a wonder for nature enthusiast. Located in Santa Cruz, California; you can expect this place to have coastal climate which is warm throughout the year.  The highlight of this beach is without doubt the natural bridge that is formed at one part of the bridge. Its size is relatively big, which makes the entire structure looks regal.

People love playing in the water. Around the beach perimeter, the water is shallow so you can actually enjoy soaking your body in the cool water. It is also a great place to have outdoor picnics and enjoying long nature walk. 

Another attraction that makes this place a favorite among tourists is the Monarch butterflies preserve. Because the preserve is located close to the beach, during migration session, you will be granted such a wondrous sight of thousand butterflies flying away.

6. Mendenhall Ice Caves

Among many best natural tourist attractions in USA located within Alaska, this one takes the cake. The unique crystal like cave is a wonder. When you walk through its mega structure, you will be greeted by bright blue cave’s surface that looks almost neon color. 

If you are into photography, this would be a perfect chance to hone your skill. The subject has a complexity of colors that any photographer in the world would be drawn into.

It is recommended to have guided tour if you want to explore the cave. The locals understand the in and out of this place because dealing with glacier is a rather tricky business. At times, a popular spot could be melting at fast rate and making the surrounding unsafe for exploration. If you are not familiar with the place, you will not understand how to determine such issue.

7. Acadia National Park

Maine is a famous tourist destination in the country too. You will be able to find a popular natural attraction named Acadia National Park there. This vast area has so many different things t show to visitors. Its biodiversity is something worth watching out. 

Throughout your walk, you will be able to see various plants and animals. The area encompasses a good portion of land and sea. Thus, you can find land based animals and marine wildlife in this park.

Acadia National Park is in fact a great place to bring the whole family to. Adults can enjoy more rigorous programs such as climbing and hiking. Meanwhile, the children can participate in activities specifically designed for younger visitors such as junior ranger program. Camping is also allowed within the designated area.

8. Mono Lake Tufa State Natural Reserve

Considered to be among best natural tourist attractions in USA, the beauty of this lake is unmatched. This lake is located quite close to Yosemite. The geological history of this lake is what makes people interested in visiting the place. 

It is an ancient lake dating about a million years back according to the history. The level of alkaline and salt in this place is very high so that it is not recommended to drink water from the lake.

What are the activities that you should consider doing when visiting the place? People will tell you to enjoy natural trails surround this 65 square miles lake. There are plenty of things to be seen when you are exploring the surrounding vegetation. If you have extra time, you should consider camping on the campground beside the lake.

9. Slumgullion Earthflow

Mass wasting is a rare phenomenon to be found on the earth, thus Slumgullion Earthflow is a quite a sight to behold on its own. The process of earthflow happens hundreds of years ago. It carries various things, including waste. 

Slumgullion Slide is formed because of this process. Over years, the wastes were accumulated and became sediment which remains on that spot until today. The size today is about four miles long and encompassing 1000 acres area.

If you are planning on going there, you will be greeted by a beautiful view that will leave you in awe for days. It takes a while to get there; you might need to walk a certain distance from the main road. This effort will prove to be worth doing, though.

10. The Florida Barrier Reef

When it comes to high marine life diversity, Florida will offer you a barrier reef to explore. It is the only barrier reef that you will be able to find in the North America. The tract extends from the city of Miami to Dry Tortugas. 

The patches even extend to as far as the Palm Beaches. The marine life includes tropical coral reefs native to the Western Atlantic. Unique species that can only be found in that area is also found there. It is indeed one of best natural tourist attractions in USA.

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