How to Rent a Scooter in Bali – Complete Guide to Know

When you are traveling to Bali, the knowledge of how to rent a scooter in Bali can be useful.

You may not think that you are going to do it but it doesn’t hurt to know some basic facts about scooter rental – and what to do if you are interested in the service.

It’s nice to be able to explore Bali on your own. You can always use the taxi or the online taxi service, but nothing beats the convenience of being on your own independently. When you rent a scooter, you have your own freedom that enables you to roam freely on the road.

Moreover, renting a scooter is more affordable when compared to using a taxi or such thing alike. It’s no wonder if a lot of tourists are into renting the scooter on their own. 

However, you need to know the proper procedures as well as some tips to make the experience easier and even fun. You can even avoid violating the law with these tips.

How to Rent a Scooter

So, how to rent a scooter in Bali? You need to know that there are so many scooter rental services in Bali.

Every corner of Kuta, Ubud, Sanur, or other places in Bali is packed with such a service. You basically can choose any that you want, but it is advisable that you choose the ones that are reputable and have good credibility.

Make sure that you have performed the research well so you can pick the trusted rental company.

Then, you need to contact the company. They usually provide the option of allowing you to come to them or to deliver the scooter to you. But be advised that not all rental companies would provide such a service.

Many of them may require you to come to their office to deal with the administrative work. But it is possible that they would deliver the scooter to you if you are a regular customer.

And how the administrative process works?

  • You will be asked to provide a copy of your passport
  • You may be asked for how long you are going to rent the scooter.
  • You may be asked to provide the information of where you are staying (the hotel, the address of your villa, etc) as well as the proof that you are staying there (and for how long you are going to stay there)
  • You are likely asked to sign a rental contract or agreement. By signing it, you are legally bound to whatever the contract has. It is highly advisable that you always read the contract carefully and in details so you know what it is all about.

In some rental companies, you may be asked to provide a deposit for a security. They will return the money to you once you have returned the scooter

Once the administrative process is done, then you are okay. You can take the scooter now and explore Bali in the most convenient way. After you know how to rent a scooter in Bali, now the information about the fee will help.

In general, the standard rental fee includes:

  • A daily rent may cost you IDR 50,000 to IDR 75,000
  • A weekly rent may cost you IDR 300,000 to IDR 400,000
  • A monthly rent may cost you IDR 600,000 to IDR 800,000

Bargaining is okay, especially if the rental company starts from a higher price. It’s always okay to bargain to get the agreed price.

But don’t push yourself – if they aren’t okay with it then don’t continue.

How to Prevent Scooter Rental Scam

Although not all scooter rental companies would perform tricks to fool the tourists, some of the shady ones may try to get more money from the innocent and unsuspecting tourists. There are several common scams that you can avoid if you know how.

1. Friendly Locals

Be careful if you are approached by the locals who are friendly and talkative. They may ask you whether you need a scooter or not, and whether you’d be interested in renting one.

Then they may offer you to borrow their scooter with very low price – much lower than the ones set by the rental company. With them being friendly and everything, it is super easy to fall into their traps.

If you aren’t careful, they may follow you and ‘steal’ the scooter when you aren’t looking. In this way, they can ask for money to replace their ‘stolen’ scooter.

Don’t let your guards down, even when you are dealing with friendly locals. And always politely refuse their offers – whatever it is. It’s better to go to the reputable company instead of trying to save a few dollars – only to lose more in the end.

Being friendly is okay, but refuse all the offers that they are throwing at you. Keep this in mind: Nothing is free in this world, so why would someone suddenly becomes your friend and offers you all the free stuff?

2. Damage Scam

Don’t easily entrust anyone, including the rental company. The shady rental company may accuse you of making damages (which may already exist before you rent it, but they put you on the blame for the intention of asking for more money) and then demand you for the repair cost. The cost itself may be exorbitant.

This is one of the most common scams that usually happen to tourists who don’t bother to check the condition of the scooter.

Before you sign the contract, you need to ask them which scooter will be assigned to you. Check the condition first. Check whether there is a sign of tear or damage – you don’t want to be held responsible for the damage you didn’t do. Ask the staff to turn it on.

Make sure that everything is working properly – lights, signal lamp, brake, etc. Record everything so you have the documentation.

Check the license too. Once you are sure that the scooter is in good condition, then sign the contract and ride it off.

3. Off Contract Offer

It is always a good idea to have a contract. If you go to a rental company and they don’t want to have a contract, then walk away.

Having a contract will protect you and it actually also protects the rental company. If the company doesn’t want to have it, then it may have a not-so-good intention, so the wisest thing to do is to walk away. Don’t settle on off-contract offer even if they provide super cheap tag price.

And even if they agree on a contract, ALWAYS read it. Don’t take it for granted and sign it without reading it.

If you don’t know the contents of the contract and yet you still sign it, then the bale is on you – if anything goes wrong.

Things to Consider when Renting a Scooter

So, now that you already know the process of how to rent a scooter in Bali, there are several things to know before you finally decide to rent a scooter instead of using the other means of transportation.

1. Training? Think Again

If you have never ridden a scooter before, then it isn’t advisable to do it while you are in Bali. The island isn’t exactly the best training ground for scooter riding.

The traffic is terrible and you can’t really expect perfect road condition. But if you decide to do it anyway, make sure to find a quiet place to practice.

2. Helmet, Helmet, Helmet

Helmets are designed to protect you. You can never be too careful with your own safety. And even if you see many locals ride scooters around without helmets, it doesn’t mean that you should imitate them.

Even if you see foreigners going around without helmets, you know that your own safety is important.

So, if you want to protect yourself and to avoid the police, wear the proper and standardized helmets.

3. International Drivers Permit

If you want to be able to ride around Bali, having an international drivers permit is a must. If you have travel insurance without the international drivers permit, your insurance won’t be valid.

You can manage the permit back at home. If you are pulled over by the Balinese police, you can show them your driver license along with the international permit.

If they are trying to fine you for the reason that you don’t have the license or the permit, they won’t be able to do it, right?

Well, unless you are violating the local regulations in Bali, you won’t have to worry about the local police targeting tourists – hoping that these tourists don’t have any driving license.

4. Travel Insurance

Travel insurance isn’t obligatory when you ride a scooter, but it can financially protect you in case something bad happens to you on the street.

Sure, you will make an extra spending, but it does give you a peace of mind.

Also be advised that not all scooter rental companies provide insurance so if you want to have it, you need to find one providing the insurance.

5. Never Rent Old Scooter

There are many scooter rental companies in Bali and most of them are providing new and sophisticated scooters (with attractive colors and newest features). So, why bother renting an old scooter? Even if the rental price is so low, there is no use of renting an old scooter.

Old scooters are mostly manual and not so easy to control. New scooters are easier to control and they are automatic. No matter whatever offer comes to you regarding the old scooter, NEVER rent it!

6. Full Focus

Riding a scooter is more difficult (and definitely more dangerous) than driving a car. Naturally, you need to have a full focus when riding. Eating and drinking are definitely not okay.

It will distract your concentration. Don’t listen to music with your earphone. Singing along while riding (without any earphone on) is okay but if you listen to your playlist with your earphone so that you can’t hear your surroundings, that’s stupid and you are basically violating the regulations.

In the end, if you are only staying in Bali for 2-3 days, using the taxi would be more convenient.

The knowledge of how to rent a scooter in Bali and the idea to rent it is more perfect for those who want to spend more days in the island.

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