10 Tricky Tourist Scams in Malaysia For Being Aware

Please be aware of these common tourist scams in Malaysia if you tend to visit this country a few days later. Otherwise, I am sure you will have a bad time and never want to come in the second time.

Well, it is due to the fact that scams are common in Malaysia although police officers are considered having been so tough to block the scams.

In this regards, Kuala Lumpur is the crowded city and the most wanted visited area either for a tour or for a business.

Tricksters are everyone without anyone even recognize. So, you had better look at the following list of tourist scams that mostly occurs in Malaysia.

Taxi Scam

Taxi scam is very common especially for the visitors in their first visit. Due to the fact that taxi is the public transportation developing rapidly.

Most people prefer to take taxi because of its fast speed to help people reach the destination quickly.

Thus, taxi scam always tends to occur. But how a taxi scam work? Well, some taxi drivers will not use their meters and name and ask people to pay more for the service. However, the price is driven up unknowingly.

To avoid this scam, you can buy the taxi coupons in the coupon counter. Alternatively, you can use Grab or Uber app to avoid the taxi scam.

Scratch and Win Coupons Scam

The next tourist scams in Malaysia you must get to know is the scratch and win coupons scam. When you are just passing the high traffic, you will be approach by some teenagers offering you some coupons with a chance to win a car, motorbike and other luxury things. You will be noticed as the winner when you have taken one coupon.

After congratulating you, these teenagers urge you to get the prize instantly. However, a catch will soon occur and costs you along with the mount of terms and conditions.

If you want to avoid this kind of scam, you had better cross the street right away.

Charity Organization Scam

Some individuals tends to ask for donations by claiming their selves come from a charity organization. They come with a complete photo IDs, certifications and a book containing much information the organization.

These people are usually appearing in some public places such as restaurants. They will ask for cash money.

If you are meeting one of them while you are having dinner in a restaurant, you can just say no and they will leave.

Fake Monks Scam

Line in other country such as Cambodia, fake monks scam also tends to occur in Malaysia.

You will notice this fake monks with shaved bald heads and costumes. Frequently, they even hand medallions or cards over you without saying anything.

After a few seconds, they will ask for a donation in return. You can surely avoid this fake monk scam in Malaysia by not accepting they gifts and walking away. The will leave if don’t seem to give a chance.


Every country has its pickpockets walking around the street and the crowd of people. This is also one of the tourist scams in Malaysia in the list that you must be aware. When you are just unaware of your belongings, they will take the away even without you are realizing.

Soon they will be disappearing. Their favorite places are the packed and crowded areas such as town square, night fair and etc.

Even the bad times can occur because of the pickpockets who bring a sharp pocketknives with. Unnoticeably, they will slid at the side of your bag and make it away. Thus, be alerted and hold tight your bag while you are walking in such crowded areas.

Tour Guide Scam

Another tourist scam that is mostly happening in Malaysia is the tour guide scam. Well, tour guide scam tend to occur in an airport such as one in Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

Once the tourists arrive at the airport, the scammers are pretending to be a staff of an agency or hotel informing that they will take you to your destination place. They will ask for some money on the amount you must pay for the destination place.

To avoid this scamming, you can just say that you can go anywhere by yourself or you have a clear destination already and do not need any tour guide. Pretend as if you were going to this country for so many times.

Flower Sellers

One of the tourist scams in Malaysia you may also have to notice is the flower sellers. In this way, the flower sellers will just pass you by and ask you to buy a stalk of flowers while you are walking around the streets of Kuala Lumpur city center.

In this case, the flower sellers are typically young girls of about nine to twelve years old. They will keep offering their flowers until you buy them no matter how many flowers you buy.

However, they will keep coming again for so many times until you buy all of their flowers.

Card Fraud

If you are planning to stay in Malaysia for a few days or weeks, be aware of the card fraud. Considering that most people tend to use credit cards to avoid bringing cash in the purse, card fraud tends to happen in several unscrupulous establishments.

Thus, make sure you get a receipt for each of transaction to avoid being overcharged.

Now if you are one of the people who like to use credit cards, be aware of this card frauds. You must have been familiar with this set of problem if you have been the credit cards users.

Poker Scam

Is there any poker scam in Malaysia? Definitely yes! While you are enjoying the tourist attractions in Kuala Lumpur, you will be approach by local people wanting to build up a friendship through an enjoyable conversation.

Once you are telling them where you are from, they start to tell you a story about their relatives staying at your home country. That is the way they use to make you trust them.

Later, you will be invited to a gambling game causing you lose all your money. This way, you may be served with the drugged drink so that you follow all what they say.

To get rid of this tourist scam in Malaysia, all you need to do is to walk away and refuse any invitation if you cross any of them.

Fake Tourist Police

One and must-occur scam in Malaysia is the fake tourist police. Of you just come to this country for the first time, you will be easily tricked.

Once you arrive, some people with the police suit approach you and ask to see your documents even they want to inspect your bag.

This is the time when you must peep at the way they are doing it. They may take all valuable things out of your bag even without being recognized.

To avoid this, ask them to take you to a police station nearby and they will let you go.


Overall, there are many tourist scams in Malaysia you must be aware of especially if you come for the

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