7 Most Affordable Beachfront Hotel Bali with Luxurious Service

Do you know that there are actually many options when it comes to choosing affordable beachfront hotel Bali? Just because want to have the ocean view, it doesn’t always mean that you need to spend a fortune for it.

If you know where to look, some hotels are offering exclusive service that won’t cost you more than $200 per night.

If you are smart, you can even spend less than $100 a night, giving you longer time to enjoy the heaven on earth.

Of course, the key is to book early and to go to Bali during off peak season. If you manage to do so, you can enjoy a heavenly (and unforgettable) holiday without breaking the bank.

Who says luxury is always associated with financial chaos?

Jimbaran Bay Beach Resort and Spa

If you go to Jimbaran, rest assured that you will get the spectacular view of the ocean

affordable beachfront hotel bali

from wherever you are! If you stay in this resort, not only you can enjoy the luxurious establishment, but you will see the ocean every time.

The room is generous in size, and you will love the modern bathtub too. Everything in the room will have the ocean view, so yes, you can enjoy your shower while feasting your eyes to the view.

The resort is quite near to Jimbaran’s seafood restaurants lines, so you won’t have to worry about finding something to eat.

Not only the seafood is tasty, but it is also fresh – and it won’t hurt your wallet either.

The rooftop bar is perfect for relaxing – or meeting new people and making friends.

You will enjoy the sunset from here with your favorable cocktails. And the best of it is that you won’t have to splurge a fortune.

The starting rate is less than $125 per night, which is super awesome for such a world-class service.

Citadines Kuta Beach Bali Aparthotel

If you are into crowds and hustle bustle of a big city,

affordable beachfront hotel bali

and yet you still want to enjoy a natural view of the ocean, this one is located right across Kuta Beach.

Yes, it is located right on the center, giving you access to all places – entertainments, tourist attractions, etc.

Not only you can enjoy the great sunset view, but you will also enjoy the tanning process. Yes, this one is known as the best spot for tanning. And it is also one of the best and also most affordable beachfront hotel Bali.

The hotel has its own infinity swimming pool on the higher floor and you will absolutely love the view of the sea. And if the massage service at the hotel is too high for you, you simply head downstairs and enjoy the massage at the beach. It’s super flexible.

The hotel also has its own apartment-hotel style for those who want to stay longer.

With its own kitchenette, you can cook your own food – although the hotel does offer tasty variants of dishes. Not to mention that you can always eat out to try different kinds of dishes from different areas.

Remember, you are in the center of Kuta, which means it is easy to find foods around.

You will also love the fact that the starting price is less than $65 a night so it is super affordable.

Villa Infinite Horizon

If you want to enjoy a quiet and peaceful holiday

Affordable Beachfront Hotel Bali 1

with your room overlooking the eastern side of the coast toward the sea, then you should come to this hotel. It is fresh and pure, surrounded by traditional Balinese temples, villages, and rural life.

The view is naturally gorgeous with rice paddies, pristine black-sandy beaches, and also tropical jungle.

The hotel consists of villa suites and each of them are facing the ocean, giving you an open access to the amazing view.

They even have their own infinity pool, creating an image that you are floating in the sky or into the sea. Is it Instagramable? Definitely! And even better, the suites have their private terraces that are facing the ocean and the infinity pool.

It is surely like heaven here, without hurting the wallet. And if you want to enjoy cool water sport activity, you can go to Tulamben, which is only 10 minutes away driving. 

You can snorkel there to see the sunken Japanese Shipwreck and the colorful marine life.

To enjoy such a luxury, you need to spend less than $100 a night – the starting rate. Quite a good bargain, right?

Candi Beach Resort and Spa

Travel to the eastern side of Bali and enjoy the tranquil and serene atmosphere.

Affordable Beachfront Hotel Bali 2

The resort is situated in the lush (coconut) grove that will deliver the quiet vibe.

If you want to enjoy Balinese natural beauty in a peaceful and calm state, then this one would be the perfect spot for you.

Not only you can enjoy the luxurious room with its spectacular view, but you can also enjoy your own private jacuzzi on the balcony.

And the balcony is overlooking the ocean so you will be on a total paradise. The resort itself has its own huge pool that is overlooking the sea and the beach. It is surrounded by palm trees to give you the exotic shade that you want for relaxing.

The restaurant is facing the ocean so you can enjoy your meal while pampering yourself with the calm surrounding. It has its own lavish pool bar, called Ombak (or Wave) that will give you a total pleasure.

The resort also offers extra services where you can try their Balinese cooking class, trekking service, snorkeling, and also diving service.

With all of these, you won’t have to leave the resort at all! The starting rate is less than $190 which is worth the service and the atmosphere.

Despite the price, it is still one of the most affordable beachfront hotel Bali, considering the quality of service and the location.

Wyndham Tamansari Jivva Resort

This resort is located in the eastern side of Bali.

Affordable Beachfront Hotel Bali 3

It is far from the noise and crowds of Kuta, giving a peaceful sense of atmosphere that you are looking for. The place has a nice combination of traditional and modern setting.

With exclusive amenities and the endless blue pool, you will enjoy their divine space facilities as well as tasty dining picks.

Each room has their own jacuzzi which is right there on your balcony! Can you imagine how cool it is, to soak in your private balcony while enjoying the Indian Ocean view?

Each room has generous space that doesn’t feel cramped at all. And as if it weren’t enough, you can go downstairs to the lawn and grab a beanbag to enjoy the sunset.

It would have been even perfect if you have a cold drink while enjoying the sunset. A day only cost you less than $60 as the starting rate.

Bed and Breakfast and Bistro Aquaterrace

Go to this place if you have several purposes to visit Bali.

affordable beachfront hotel bali

One, you want to have a natural ocean view from your room.

Two, you want to enjoy a peaceful air and serene vibe. 

Three, you want to have an unforgettable snorkeling experience.

If you have all the three, then you should head to Amed and find the villa.

If you want to go snorkeling, you can go to Banyuning Village, which is 15 minutes away. you can spend the rest of the days doing the water activity.

If snorkeling isn’t your thing and yet you want to simply soak in the peaceful air, this place has the perfect offer for you.

Your room, with the bathroom, is facing the ocean, ensuring you to get a perfect sight. The private balcony may not be overly big, but it is perfect if you just want to stare at the ocean.

The hotel has its own swimming pool with the sunbeds – all of them are facing the ocean. Want to relax more? Try their spa service – it is heavenly!

The room starts from less than $80 a night and it is worth the spending.

No wonder if it is considered one of the most affordable beachfront hotel Bali without compromising the service.

Rumah Luwih

If you imagine of a modern mansion located on a beautiful beach

affordable beach front hotel bali

with a view overlooking the ocean, you should head to Arnawakanta Ocean View Suite.

Each room has big windows that show you the perfect view of the blue sea and you get yourself a private balcony to enjoy everything.

Feel free to enjoy the bathtub – it is designed to indulge the guests. And there is a huge swimming pool that also overlooks the beach. The ambiance there is somewhat modern and romantic, perfect for couples.

The hotel has its own pond, which is perfect for couples taking a quiet and private stroll together. The hotel is often used for wedding because it has its own seaside chapel. Want to find a romantic gateway for a few days together? This is your go-to heaven.

Can you bring your family too? Of course, this place is also great for families with kids. The kids can run freely on the vast lawn.

You will only have to spend less than $90 per night as their starter rate, and yet you will have an unforgettable moment with the loved ones.

All in all, all of these hotels and resorts have their own specialties and charms.

For such a luxurious place and amazing service, not to mention the priceless view, being able to rent a room in less than $200 a night is a true bargain.

You should consider including these affordable beachfront hotel Bali in your list and have a go.


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