8 Places to Find Most Delicious Foods in Bali –Must Visit Quality

Where are the places to find most delicious foods in Bali? Well, this is a tricky question because there are tons of different places offering their specialty signature dishes. 

When it comes to tasty and mouthwatering foods, it depends on your personal preference, really.

After all, different people have different like and preferences. Some may like savory dishes, while others prefer sweet ones.

So, if you want to know the places, you need to know what you are after? Are you looking for veggies variants?

Are you looking for snacks types?

Are you looking for a fulfilling complete dish?

There are some best places as well as the best foods that you should try while in Bali.

Crispy Bebek Bengil

If you have to translate it, it means dirty duck.

crispy bebek bengil

But it is so far away from being dirty or gross because this dish is super tasty.

The dish is a half duck that previously has been steamed in (Indonesian) spices.

Afterwards, it is deep fried to deliver crispy outcome.

The serving alone is quite unique. It comes with rice and Balinese veggies or with side salad.

If your favorite food is potato, you can even have the rice substituted with mash potatoes that are creamy and rich in taste.

A plate of the duck is totally fulfilling and satisfying. It costs you around IDR 130,000 and you need to go to Padang Tegal on Jl. Hanoman in Gianyar.

They open every day from 10 AM to 10.30 PM.

Babi Guling Ibu Oka

Want to try one of the most delicious foods in Bali?

Most Delicious Foods in Bali 1

Then you should go to Warung Babi Guling Ibu Oka 1, 2, and 3. You see, Bali is the place for Indonesia’s largest Hindu population.

It’s not uncommon for the people to love their pork so much. Babi Guling is basically a mix of pork blood sausage, crispy skin, fried pork meat, and also pork roll. 

The meat is super juicy (most people claim that it melts in your mouth) and the skin is well-seasoned first before fried perfectly into its crispy texture.

Because of the abundance of visitors, Ibu Oka has 3 spots selling their dish.

All of them are located in Ubud – only in different streets. A portion of it costs you IDR 70,000 – and your clean will be super clean that nothing is wasted.

Here is a tip to avoid being disappointed because everything is sold out. Come early, especially before lunch time.

The place opens from 11 AM to 6 or 7 PM (depending on the restaurants).

Terang Bulan

If you have never tried any Indonesian snacks before, you should start with this.

Most Delicious Foods in Bali 2

It’s basically a local pancake with different toppings.

If you want a full sensation of sweetness, this dessert combines condensed milk, chocolate, sauces, and sweets altogether.

The best thing about this snack is that they are easily found on the street. There are many street vendors selling them.

But to be on the safe side, do your research and find the one that is most recommended by tourists or travelers.

Or you can ask your hotel’s receptionist – they should be able to point you to the right direction.

Seniman Coffee

Are you into coffee so much? Then you must visit Seniman Coffee in Ubud.

seniman coffee

They process their own coffee and then roast, design, and even export it. Be advised that Balinese coffee is rather bitter, so if you don’t like bitter coffee, you can always have a latte.

Not only they offer coffee, but they also have snacks, such as soft peanut cookie or the cashew chocolate. This is definitely one of the places to find most delicious foods in Bali.

Want to try something unique?

Why not the espresso martini series?

The people there believe that coffee will go well with everything.

If you want to, you can try their mix of vodka, kahlua, and their own house blend. Sounds interesting, huh? If you have extra time, it doesn’t hurt to take part in their coffee workshops either.

You can have an extra skill by the time you complete it! For a portion of Espresso Martini Mix, expect to pay around IDR 90,000 – it is worth it.

The Fat Turtle

If you are into pancakes and you have sweet tooth, you will love coming to this place.

Most Delicious Foods in Bali 3

This is one of the best places to find most delicious foods in Bali where you can try different kinds of desserts.

They have the fluffiest pancakes, including their signature dish: Red Velvet Pancakes. It comes in three stacks accompanied with a scoop of fresh ice cream.

Another thing to like about this place is their concern to environment and eco-friendly matters.

You can buy your souvenirs here – they provide bamboo cutlery and reusable bamboo straws. Quite cool, right?

A portion of Red Velvet Pancake costs you IDR 55,000 – and it is super satisfying.

The place is located in Badung, opens from 8 AM to 6 PM.

Bali Asli

Not only this place offers great foods, but they also have breathtaking views.

Most Delicious Foods in Bali 4

The place is located in Mount Agung’s foothills, so you can be sure about the amazing view.

When compared to the other local restaurants, the price tags are higher – but not too much, really.

However, many visitors don’t complain because it is worth every penny they have spent.

In this place, you will be pampered with the view and the food. And you can even take part in their cooking school! 

One of their signature drinks is the traditional drink consisting of cinnamon, snake fruit, and lemongrass. It is heavenly when you can relax and enjoy the view.

You should try one of their best foods, Nasi Campur. It is basically a mixed rice dish with steamed rice and side dishes that include fried chicken in sweet soy sauce, cucumber and coconut salad, and plecing kacang panjang (steamed long beans) with fried peanuts and tomato sambal.

If you want a similar dish but for sharing, you can try Bali Asli Meribuns. It includes sambal, soup, crackers, and fruits and also Balinese sweets.

The Nasi Campur is IDR 165,000 per portion and Bali Asli Meribuns is IDR 228,000. You can find this spot in Karangasem, opens from 10 AM to 6 PM.

Revolver Espresso

This is another joint for coffee lovers, especially if you are into cold brews.

revolver bali espresso

If you are doubtful about their quality, don’t be. Most people think that cold brews are runny and watered down, but you don’t find such a thing in this place.

In fact, not only their coffee is strong and smooth, but it is also flavorful. Feel free to try variants like chocolate mint, vanilla, and caramel.

If you want the hot strong espresso, you only need to spend an extra IDR 5,000.

Another cool thing about the place is that they are also selling souvenirs in the form of fancy bottles. You can always buy one for your item to keep.

It’s also a good souvenir too! You can find this place opens and running from 7 AM to 11 PM in Kuta.

Lia’s Cafe Jimbaran Cafe

If you want to enjoy the freshest seafood options, this would be the perfect spot to do so.

Most Delicious Foods in Bali 5

It has the best combination of all elements.

The mouthwatering seafood, the soothing sea breeze, and the breathtaking sunset view are everything you can expect from an unforgettable travel to Bali.

You can have fresh barbequed grilled fish, clams, prawns, lobster, and crabs that are covered in a savory and special Balinese sauce.

And then you can finish off with fresh coconut or Bintang beer for perfection. And the coolest thing about everything is that you won’t have to hurt your wallet to enjoy everything.

A set of tasty salad, rice, fish, clams, prawns, crabs, and crayfish with two pints of (Bintang) beer would only cost you IDR 70,000 – and this set is enough to satisfy 4 people.

Seriously! You should come and arrive before 5 PM. Then you will have a beautiful sunset dinner while enjoying the sunset. 

You won’t have to worry about getting your options of tasty foods while in Bali.

Whether you want to try the local and traditional foods, or you want to stick with the Western menus, there are different places for everyone – and every preference.

Just go and explore these places to find most delicious foods in Bali and you will never regret your options – for sure.

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