8 Best Beaches in Bali for Couples – Perfect for Romantic Gateway

The main island has some of the best beaches in Bali for couples because it has been set as one of the most popular tourists destinations in the world. The island offers different kinds of activities for everyone.

Besides the various destinations and places of interest, Bali is also known for its beaches. It actually has tons of beaches – some are quite popular while some are quite secluded and in remote areas.

Most of the beaches are accompanied by natural limestone cliffs, lush islands, crystal clear water, and white sand – making them perfect for couples who are looking for a quiet and romantic spot for themselves.

Geger Beach

If you want to know one of the best beaches in Bali for honeymoon,

geger beach bali

this one is the best. The beach is actually a secluded type that is somewhat hidden in the bottom side of the (steep) stairway. The location is pretty remote – and yet it is the element that wards off crowds of people.

Thanks to the remoteness, the beach (and its pristine beauty) remains undisturbed. You can find several luxurious and also exclusive spas and villas, which would be perfect for couples on a romantic gateway or a honeymoon trip.

Because of the remote location, this beach has one of the best privacy, peace, and solitude. You can also find seaweed farms there – a great alternative for those wanting to have a different kind of activity.

You are free to stroll on the beach, do some snorkeling, and swim, while enjoying the beautiful sunset. You can also doo some watersports and hiking while on the beach.

Blue Lagoon Beach

If you are looking for a romantic and solitary retreat,

best beaches for couples

you can always go to this well-hidden gem in the island. The place is known as the submerged paradise with its own beautiful marine life variety, warm water, and breathtaking view.

The beach is situated on the northeastern side of Padang Bai and it’s absolutely stunning. It is pretty unique with stretches of beautiful black coral with lush green hills. The spot is somewhat dreamy – and absolutely amazing.

No wonder if it is set to be one of the best beaches in Bali for couples. Feel free to snorkel, hike, surf, and sunbathe while you are on the beach.

Bias Tugel Beach

When compared to other beaches, this one is pretty small.

best beaches for couples

‘Only’ stretching over 130 meter in length, the beach is dominated by its white sand. The beach itself is popular and also liked for diving and surfing.

The beach is located in Padang Bai Port so it is fairly easy to reach it. You can even hike from the main road to get to the spot.

The major highlight of the beach is the magnificent rock pools, the stunning azure water, and the mix of golden sands along its volcanic black element. It is a guarantee that you will have an unforgettable moment when you spend your honeymoon there.

What to do in Bias Tugel Beach? You can find local stalls and vendors to sell beers and snacks. Not to mention that you can also swim, snorkel, swim, and hike among the peaceful atmosphere.

Dreamland Beach

The beach is located on the shady area of Bali, along Bukit Peninsula’s coastline.

best beaches for couples

The beach is surrounded by the wild and lush greenery and natural limestone cliffs. Not to mention that it is also home to one of the best coral reefs in Bali. You can take part in the surfing activity as well as one-day trip that is just perfect for couples.

Be advised that there are times when the beach is pretty crowded, but if you don’t mind exploring i t a little further, then you will find your own peaceful spot. You will have your own peace and quiet times. 

A word of advice: you may want to go up to the north for a quieter peace. The place is also great for families too, so you can seriously consider taking your families for a trip. You can enjoy a peaceful beach walk, a little exploration time, swimming and surfing while you are there.

Nyang Nyang Beach

This one may not be an overly popular beach in Bali,

nyang nyang beach

but it has its own appeal and charm.  The beach stretches along 1.5 kilometers and it is pretty quiet. The spot is located in Pecatu in the southern side of Bali and it is basically a hidden spot behind the hill – and pretty away from the crowds.

There are actually other beaches on the Bukit Peninsula and they share the same beauty, but they are more crowded and packed with people. One of the major highlights of this beach is the natural beauty and the crystal clear water. It’s definitely one of the best beaches in Bali for couples.

The beach is pretty long, but it is only available and accessible by those who are willing to go through the rugged and rough terrain. You can swim and hike. You can even take part in shipwreck exploration while you are diving into the pristine water.

Not to mention that it is ’only’ 20 kilometers away from the airport, making it pretty ideal for the couples who want to enjoy their quiet honeymoon.

Suluban Beach

Some people know it as Blue Point as the beach is well shaded

suluban beach is the best beaches for couple

and hidden by the natural formation of limestone. There is a cliff that looms over the beach, creating a unique and spectacular view.

The beach itself would extend to Uluwatu Beach with its mystical cave. Despite the beautiful view, the beach is rather difficult to reach. The only way to reach the spot is through the narrow cave where you need to crawl through – and finally be able to reach the beach.

Suluban Beach is a great alternative for those who want to enjoy a quiet and peaceful moment.  You can enjoy surfing or cave exploration, if you are into such an adventurous thing.

Samuh Beach

This beach is located right on the border of Tanjung Benoa and Nusa Dua.

best beaches for couples

There are some signature characteristics of the beach. One, it has the calmest water in the area of Nusa Dua. And you can enjoy the sunrise there. The beach is also popular for its adventure water sports.

Want to do some beach walks? The white sandy beach would pamper you. The beach has its own natural coral reef and marine life. And the most important thing is that the beach is clean from any pollution and litter.

Don’t you love it when you can gain access to one of the cleanest and also best beaches in Bali for couples?

Bingin Beach

If you have heard about Uluwatu before, then finding Bingin Beach would be easy.

best beaches for couples

After all, Uluwatu is known as the home to some of the beautiful beaches in the island, and yet not so crowded as those in Sanur or Kuta. Aside from its best location for surfing, Bingin is also known for its natural beauty.

You will see rugged and naturally artistic limestone cliffs overlooking the vast ocean.As if it weren’t enough, the place is also home to beautiful and natural reef.

It is also perfect for its sunset view – you will be pampered with the view of red and pink across the sky. You can visit Uluwatu temple, surf, or enjoy photography session while in the area.

There are still Sanur and Kuta if you prefer the crowds. After all, they are also perfect for the honeymooners! These are your candidates for the best beaches in Bali for couples that you must visit.

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