5 Candidates for the Best Beach Club Sanur Bali Worth To Visit

If you happen to stay in Sanur, rest assured that there are some of the best beach club Sanur Bali that you can visit. The beach clubs may offer a bit luxurious and exclusive service, but it is worth the spending.

If you are traveling on the budget, the idea of spending your traveling trip (and time) at the beach clubs may be a burden to your pocket. However, don’t be put off by the idea as you can actually enjoy some quality (and precious) time at the beach clubs.

If you have more to spend, having a beach club hopping is actually fun. It is somewhat exciting as you can compare services. You  can also enjoy tons of different activities while being at the spot.

And Sanur is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Bali so it is only logical if you can find several attractive beach clubs at the area. With the arrays of options, you should be able to find some of the most favorable beach clubs where you can relax and just enjoy your holiday time.

Byrdhouse Beach Club

This is one of the most popular beach club in Sanur because it is right on the spot.

byrdhouse beach club sanur

It is like a combination of entertainment spot, bar, and restaurant with beachfront concept – meaning that is faces the beach directly. It has complete facilities including swimming pool.

If you want to pamper your taste buds, go to the restaurant with its various kinds of international cuisines. Want to chill and the enjoy the day with their signature cocktails? Go with the popular variants like frozen strawberry margarita or mojitos. You won’t regret it at all.

The great flexibility and versatility are some of the reasons why this spot is listed as one of the best beach club Sanur Bali. Not only this beach club is convenient and visitor-friendly, but they are also great for kids.

In fact, they have great facilities for kids where they can have a total fun. The place offers its own playground, infinity beach pool, games center, and also spa boutique. For kids, they can access the beach club’s backyard – and have fun with the playground.

The beach club has everything so kids in all different ages (from 3 years to 16 years old) can have fun. Parents can relax at the pool, sipping the cocktail, and simply wind up while their kids can have their own fun moments.

You are  free to choose which restaurants to go to. After all, the place has 3 restaurants! Minami Kitchen has its own signature Japanese cuisine. Amuse Geule is a cool seaside cafe with their unique wood-fired pizza and coffee.

And there is Le Pirate Kitchen, the main restaurant of the place. The drinks and foods are comforting – and you will be accompanied by cultural performances and live bands.

Beach Club Restaurant

If you want to relax while enjoying tasty international dishes from all over the world,

Best Beach Club Sanur Bali 1

this is one of the best beach club Sanur Bali that you should include in your list. The restaurant has this soothing and calming atmosphere despite Sanur’s popularity as one of the most popular spots in Bali.

It would be perfect for lunch, evening snacks, and dinner. Although you can also visit the place for breakfast, it isn’t exactly the breakfast time since it opens at 10 AM. Brunch is possible and doable, and you can enjoy various internatonal cuisine, like Japanese, Western, and traditional Indonesian foods.

The restaurant has its own romantic vibe – probably because of the beach view overlooking the blue water. Seafood is also one of the most popular dishes you can find there.

Lot of visitors claim that the foods are absolutely marvelous and mouth-watering. They aren’t too much and yet they are absolutely delicious. Whether you want to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere or the tasty foods, this restaurant would pamper you.

Whacko Beach Club

The beach house is located on Tanjung Benoa

whacko beach club

and it has been considered one of the best beach clubs for families ever existed in the island. The place has a huge pool (with its blue tiles) where you can spend the whole day relaxing and swimming. Feel free to drink their signature cocktail too – at the pool bar.

Not only the place is cool, but it also has a pleasant vibe that is just perfect for everyone. Adults and kids enjoy the atmosphere and the whole setting – that’s how pleasant the place is! It’s not really surprising why it is considered as one of the best beach club Sanur Bali.


If you are hungry, finding your favorite food won’t be difficult. They have tons of tasty foods and there are variants  of them.

Looking for any Western food? You can findone there. Looking for Indonesian ccuisine? You can also find them in this place. You can also enjoy the adventurous watersport – which can be arranged by the club beach’s staff.

You only need to go to the front counter and ask the staff to manage it for you. It would be a heaven to spend a whole day at the beach club.

Artotel Beach Club

This beach club is actually a part of Artotel Group that has recently opened in 2018.

artotel beach club sanur

This beach has a complete facility consisting of bamboo treehouse that faces the ocean, poolside tables, many single loungers, and also family beach beds (the big ones). 

One of the major highlights of the beach club is the direct access (and also a great view) to the beach. It is marvelous to have such a view to enjoy the whole day.

As one of the best beach club Sanur Bali, the club welcomes all guests and visitors from different age groups. The environment is cool and laid back and friendly. You can see big lawn, restaurant, lounge, bar, kids’ platground, lagoon pool, and so much more.

They also like to host different kinds of events, like the Pasar Minggu Bazaar that takes place on a monthly basis. The bazaar has its own stylish fashion event (and they sell acccessries too), tasty cuisines, and also acoustic performance every week.

Although the beach club is open for the public, it has its own entrance fee. It is various, depending on the purchases of drinks and foods.

The fee ranges between IDR 100,000 and IDR 500,000. It may seem like a lot but it is worth the experience you get all day long.

Segara Sanur Beach House

If you are looking for a placec where you can enjoy the beach and the relaxed atmosphere,

Best Beach Club Sanur Bali 2

this place would be the perfect spot to do so. Not only you can enjoy the direct access to the beach (and the awesome view), but you can also enjoy the soothing and relaxing ambiance.

Just like other beach clubs, this one offers complete facilities that will support your whole-day enjoyment. You will definitely love the atmosphere and also the view.

The place is prefect for families, especially kids. Finding something to eat is super easy because you can find the various arrays of different cuisines and dishes.


Those are some perfect candidates for your hang-out places if you happen to come to Sanur, Bali. Feel free to come to these best beach club Sanur Bali to experience the greatest time!

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