8 Secret Beach in Bali for Your Alternative Visit

Is it possible that there is a secret beach in Bali? Bali has gained its own popularity in global scale, known as one of the best tourist destinations in the world.

Some of its areas, like Sanur, Legian, and Kuta, are often packed and swarmed with tourist. It may be good for the island’s economy and tourism, and yet the beaches on the areas are now packed with travelers and tourists.

Not everyone is happy with the conditions as not all travelers want to enjoy the hustle and bustle. Some travelers are looking for a quiet and serene places, but if they are coming to Kuta or Sanur or Denpasar, be ready to get disappointed.

But no need to worry because there are actually some secret and hidden beaches in Bali – they are scattered in different areas. As long as you know where to head, you can still enjoy the peaceful and quiet surrounding.

Green Bowl Beach

This beach is considered as an abandoned utopia that isn’t as popular as Kuta beach.

green bowl beach

The beach got its name from the rocks formation covered in algae. The beach is located not far from Bali Cliff Resort and it is pretty difficult to find – thanks to the tiny roads and tricky turns.

But if you are willing to spend some efforts, you will be pampered with the natural gorgeous situation. To reach the beach, go down the steep concrete stairs. There are several hundreds of them – totally worth the efforts.

You should head to the south of Bali and to the eastern side of Pandawa Beach. Park your car there (the parking fee is IDR 10,000) and then walk down the stairs. It’s better to visit the beach at noon (around 3PM).

At that time, the tide would be pretty low. The tide is generally high, and quite scary, in the morning.

Bias Tugel Beach

In some areas, it is known as Bias Tugel Beach, but you know that the beach is just the same.

secret beach bias tugel bali

This beach isn’t as popular as Kuta beach but it doesn’t mean that it is less beautiful. The locals know it as Pantai Kecil or Little Beach.

This spot is situated in Padang Bai – complete with the blue water and white sand. You can see coconut trees as the background. You can reach the beach after hiking the stony pathway for 500 meters.

The area is quiet and peaceful. You can breathe in the fresh air and the peaceful vibe. No wonder if this beach is considered one of the best secret beach in Bali.

Gunung Payung Beach

Want to visit one of the most gorgeous and picturesque beaches in Bali?

Secret Beach In Bali 1

Then go to Nusa Dua Peninsula and visit Gunung Payung Beach. It is situated in Adat Kutuh Village which is around 30 kilometers of southern from Denpasar.

The beach has shallow waters, perfect for swimming or simply soaking your feet while marveling the view. The beach is quiet.

There is a sense of serenity to it, completely perfect if you don’t want to do anything there. Feel free to take artistic picture while at it.

You can do some photography, yoga, sunbathing, swimming, and surfing to spend your entire day at the place. The parking fee is IDR 5,000 while the entrance fee is IDR 8,000.

Suluban Beach

If you are always interested in the mysterious and mystical

secret beach in bali

atmosphere of Pirates of the Carribbean, then you have come to the right place. This hidden beach is a paradise for surfers, but it has its own treasure feel to it.

The caves have this unique otherworldly glamour feel to it, making it perfect for your cave exploration.

If you aren’t interested in cave exploration, just enjoy the beach. Another unique thing about this beach is that it is actually located under Uluwatu directly.

If you explore the cave, it will lead you up to the beach not far from Uluwatu Temple. No wonder if Uluwatu Temple is claimed as the magnificent sea temple – and it has its own hidden path.

This is a worth-visit beach if you come to Bali.

Karma Beach

This is actually one secret beach in Bali because of its private setting

Secret Beach In Bali 2

that is a part of the luxurious beach resorts. Karma Kandara in Ungasan is home to luxurious and exclusive beach resorts where lavish treatment and pamper is easy to find.

If you are looking for peace, quiet setting, and serenity, going to this beach would be the best option. There are no large crowds of tourists or whatsoever – you can enjoy the beach in peace.

And the beach has its own food options and accommodations, making it easier for traveler to spend a few days there. Sometimes, the beach is a host for some beach parties although not all the time.

When compared to other beaches, this one is pretty close, ‘only’ 16.6 kilometers away from Bali Airport. You can spend the whole dining doing some photography, swimming, or sunbathing.

You can also enjoy high-class dining experience because of the world-class dining establishment. In short, if you still want to enjoy yourself without too much noise and crowds, this one would be the greatest pick.

Balangan Beach

It isn’t exactly easy to reach from the main road.

secret beach in bali

You have to drive to traditional pastures and villages, and then you can reach the spot.

It is pretty small when compared to other secret beaches, but the view is just breathtaking. This is a perfect spot for sunset stroll or to take memorable pictures.

Swimming isn’t advisable because of the high waves and strong current. But the view is enough to take your breath away. And because of its hidden status, you won’t find other people there!

Echo Beach

If you are looking for a place that isn’t too quiet but not too crowded either,

Secret Beach In Bali 3

this one would be the perfect spot. This one is popular because of the combination of tasty and fresh seafood and the advanced unique reef breaks.

No wonder if it is well-known as the paradise for surfers. People love coming here for the sea view and the sunset. If you want to enjoy leisure stroll, laid-back sunbathing, and surfing, you should come to this spot.

During the day, it is a surfer’s paradise. By night, it is a comfortable dining spot for those who are into seafood barbeque. The beach is located in Canggu and it would be easier to reach by scooter.

Soka Beach

The beach has a nice combination of black rocks and sands and amazing view.

Secret Beach In Bali 4

It is relatively far from the international airport, around 58 kilometers away, so it is pretty understandable if not many tourists are coming to this area.

The beach has its own pleasant atmosphere – and it is quiet. If you want to enjoy a traditional lifestyle, you can find traditional accommodation to spend several days on it.

The beach is beautiful with naturally gorgeous view and also a relaxed vibe. If you come to this beach, you can have a picnic, sunbathe, and take some Instagramable pictures.

There are actually other secret and hidden beaches in Bali, but you should be willing to do some extra efforts to reach the spots.

You can do your own research and find your favorite secret beach in Bali.

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