Thailand’s Tourist Destination Proves That They Have Cheap Places Like Bali

Everyone who travels must have prepared everything for their plan to travel to their tourist destination. Preparations from days before the due day were done such as looking for the tourist attractions they wanted, looking for plane or train tickets, booking hotels or villas, as well as other preparations that were not to be missed.

In doing this, what usually takes long time to do is when we choose which   tourist destinations we will visit. Indeed, sometimes we have targeted which places we will go to, but it is undeniable that we will definitely review it from many aspects, especially in terms of cost.

Surely everyone will choose a tourist destination that is cheap but gives the best impression. Actually, there are so many cheap places we can find, one of them is the island of Bali. This island is already famous in the world.

This small but rich island is located in Indonesia, because of its popularity, sometimes many people think that Indonesia is located in Bali. Bali does offer all the places that tourists want to visit.

Bali has beaches, mountains, rice fields, waterfalls, lakes, which are indeed the most tourist attractions there. To go to Bali, we don’t really need to pay expensive price.

However, for those of you who have been to Bali, especially those who have been to Bali many times, of course you will feel bored. You want to find a new atmosphere.

Maybe you want something different, but you want it to have something in common with Bali. Maybe you want cheap places like Bali. If you do want something like that, Thailand is the answer.

Thailand is a country that is located in the same region as Indonesia, namely Southeast Asia. Traveler must be familiar with this country. The country which is known as “The White Elephant” country is not only famous in Southeast Asia, but also in the world.

No wonder Thailand is in great demand by many foreign tourists as their tourist destination. Tourist attractions in Thailand are one of the best choice of destinations to spend a vacation. 

Many tourists consider that the cost of traveling in Thailand is not expensive. They also say that in Thailand they can find cheap places like Bali.

Thailand, especially Bangkok is famous for its culture that is not inferior to Bali. Apart from its rich culture, Thailand is also known as a center for culinary tourism or street food in the world.

For those of you who will plan to travel on an inexpensive budget but get a lot of memorable experiences, here are tourist attractions in Thailand that you can visit.


Who doesn’t know Phuket? This Thai state icon has often been heard by many people. This island is truly the Bali of Thailand, we can say that Phuket is one of the cheap places like Bali in Thailand.

Phuket is the largest island in Thailand. You will be presented by the beauty of Phuket and its clear sea water, this is the main attraction of this island.

Snorkeling is the favorite activity for tourists when they visit here. Tired of snorkeling? Bring your surfboard here from June to October and you can surf freely on this beach.

But if you just want to sunbathe and relax by the beach, you can rent sunbeds which you can rent for around 200 baht, and don’t forget, there are also various restaurants that offer a menu of Thai specialties, sandwhich, ice cream and also fruits.

Besides Nai Harn beach, there is also Patong Beach which is no less famous than Nai Harn beach. This long beach offers clean white sand and light blue water which is really beautiful to look at.

To spoil your eyes even more, come to Patong Beach in the afternoon and you will see how beautiful the sunset is combined with the beach atmosphere and the breezy breeze that appears when the evening approaches.

Phi Phi Island

Phi Phi Island island is located in Thailand, specifically in the south part of Thailand.  southern part of Thailand. Meanwhile, if we go from Phuket, it takes about 40 km of the distance that we have to travel.

The name Phi Phi island became increasingly famous after this island became a setting place in one of Leonardo Dicaprio’s movie. The beauty of Phi-Phi Island has indeed been heard by foreign tourists. This island is very famous and is the pride of the Thai people.

There are some spots on Phi-Phi Island that will amaze you for its beauty. The first spot is Loh Dalum Bay. This spot is located in the east coast of Phi Phi Island.

If you visit here in the morning, you can do a little jogging because of the comfortable and clean atmosphere this beach has. However, if you visit in the afternoon, the beach water will be slightly higher than before, but you can still swim and sunbathe there.

Next up is Maya bay. It takes about 30 minutes to reach Maya Bay from the Phi Phi pier. It is located just behind the hill in front of this island. To enter this tourist spot, it costs 100 baht.

In Maya Bay, you will see the color of the sea water which is greenish and white sand that surrounds the small evidence around there. The cliffs on your left and right seem to fortify a small beach and a sea of tropical coral.

Wat Rong Khun

This tourist spot is a Buddhist temple that is unique if it is compared to other temples. it is indeed unique, because when you enter this temple, you will see white because this color dominates the concept of the temple.

An artist named Chalermchai Kositpipat built this temple in 1997. In contrast to most temples in Thailand which are mostly golden, white was chosen as the predominant color for Wat Rong Khun for some reason, namely the white color is symbolizing Buddha’s holiness.

When entering this temple area, you will be greeted with a surreal nuance combined with details of traditional Thai architecture.

There will be a bit of a creepy atmosphere because there are many statues of demons, skulls, and even severed heads hanging from the trees. To enter this area, you will only have to spend 50 bhat.

Wat arun

Thailand is known for its beautiful temples which we cannot found in many other places. Besides Wat Rong Khun, there is a temple named Wat Arun which is located in the capital of Thailand, Bangkok.

This temple was discovered by King Taksin in 1768 when he was fighting the Burmese army to seize the territory of the Ayutthaya kingdom.

After the fight, King Taksin came to this temple and restored it and named this temple as Wat Chaeng or Temple of Dawn. Wat Arun is located directly opposite the Grand Palace Thailand. 

These two places are separated by the Chao Praya river. Even though the location is on the river bank, this is not an obstacle for this temple. Uniquely, there are many boat taxis that will help tourists cross the river to get to Wat Arun.

What makes this temple unique is the detailed flower ornament found on the pillars of the building. What’s more, there are broken ceramic shards and shells that are beautifully used as the decorations for this temple. To reach this temple, you have to climb many steep stairs so you have to be careful. But the views you get above really pay off your efforts on these steps. To enjoy the beauty of this temple, you only need 50 bhat to spend.

Seeing the tourist attractions above, it ensures us that Thailand has many cheap places like Bali that we need to visit. There are some tips for those of you who want to travel to Thailand, the first is to eat local Thai food, especially street food, which is very cheap.

you dont have to eat in high class restaurant because it will spent a lot of your money, The second is to look for lodging in the couch surfing application that allows you to get lodging at a low price, but you also have to be careful in choosing a host.

The last thing is to use the train or bus to go anywhere, for a trip that takes more than 12 hours it only costs around 200 bhat.

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