Cleanliness is one of the aspects we see before making any decision for the country-to-visit list. Clean and well-organized places make us feel relaxed and safe. 

Here, we give you some CLEANEST tourist destinations worth your visit. Some have even won the medal of this category.

Must-See Places in Slovenia.

One of the popular global travelers and vloggers, Drew Binsky, stated that Slovenia is one of the CLEANEST tourist destinations in the world. 

This statement isn’t debatable as he has traveled almost all countries and visited Slovenia twice and still amazed how Government and people manage this.

This country is located in the center of Europe and the diverse landscape is its special attraction itself. 

This is one that declares a green tourist destination. This title is based on the criteria to show and prove the high level of its commitment to sustainable tourism. 

Thus, Slovenia is the first country to claim this commitment. Is Slovenia worth a visit? Keep rolling and decide for yourself.

Lake Bled

This is one popular tourist destination in Slovenia. The combination of secluded swimming spots, a castle on the hill, and short hiking trails make it worth more than a single visit. 

This site can be reached from Ljubljana, Kranjska Gora, or Lake Bohinj. Before visiting, make sure you plan at least one full day to explore this site.

Vintgar Gorge

You will find out that a wonderland exists after visiting this one of Cleanest tourist destinations. For 1.6 km in length with boardwalks crisscross along the Radovna River, it is super photogenic, easy to walk, and fun for the entire family. No wonder that you probably meet some family having their fun time here.


This is the capital city of Slovenia where you find more dragons than museums. A colorful and lively city that you will enjoy without a long to-do list. 

Are you a fan of “How to Train a Dragon”? Being in this city is like being in the world of that movie. You can freely stroll the colorful streets, playing an escape game at the castle on the hill, etc.

The Surreal Beauty of New Zealand

It is undebatable that New Zealand has the surreal beauty of a movie and children’s book set. The country, located in the Southwestern Pacific Ocean, has two main landmasses. 

In each area, we’ll find many natural wonders, starting from snow-capped peaks to fish-filled rivers. This country is popular with its self-drive vacations. Go pack your things and explore the following attractions.

Fiordland National Park and Milford Sound (South Island)

A kind of World Heritage Site to explore virgin rain forests, offshore islands, vast lakes, and mountain peaks. This is a heaven for hikers.

Bay of Islands (North Island).

Start your journey from Auckland (it takes a three-hour drive north). In here, find more than 144 islands surrounding the bay. Sailing and yachting are popular here.

Queenstown (South Island)

For International visitors, Queenstown is claimed as one of the country’s top destinations. Jet boating, rock climbing, bungee jumping, and explore the breathtaking Alpine scenery on the network of hiking trails will be a moment to remember for your entire life.

Pamper Yourself in the Magical Country: Iceland, Scandinavia

Iceland is a real definition of stark contrast, where there is molten lava erupts from ice or rivers walk through deserts.

A country where has endless nights in the winter and the sun never sets in the summers. At first glance, this country may seem unrealistic for a family trip, but who knows? Read on the following tourist attractions you may take into account.

Blue Lagoon

This is the most visited geothermal spa in this country. The water here is incomparable.

An opaque milky blue is a real deal and nothing can be found elsewhere on earth. This site is located on the volcanic Reykjanes Peninsula (popular with its haunting landscape).

Husavik (for whale watching)

Once in a lifetime moment, you should never skip. The lucky visitors (or the successful whale watching tour) possibly spot white-beaked dolphins, harbor porpoises, and humpback whales. 

If you are coming in the summer, including the puffin’s nesting grounds into your itinerary.

Lake Myvatn Geothermal Area

For you who are in the interest of bird species and flora should visit this spectacular area. This is where the Game of Thrones series (especially the love scenes) was taken.

Be Discipline While Visiting Singapore: The Smart Small Country

This country may be small in size but the quality of CLEANEST tourist destinations there is at its finest. Singapore has it all: glitz, golden sands, and gardens. From an Educational tour to island life is served in there.

The ArtScience Museum

This is one of the most iconic structures in this Lion Country. This museum integrates the worlds of art and science. 

And it has the latest permanent exhibition Future World where the interactive high-tech collection of digital installation can be explored.

Singapore Botanic Garden

It is one of the oldest parks in Singapore as first opened in 1859. Beside the busy city, this garden pampers you with jungle creatures and over 10,000 species of plants.

Gardens by the Bay

This one might be too strong to forget. A recognizable garden with its extraordinary landscape, featuring 18 vertical gardens (called as the SuperTree Grove). This site includes Marina Barrage, two conservatory domes, and the OCBC Skywalk.

Universal Studios Singapore

Located in Sentosa Island and as a part of Resorts World. This is the most popular destination for the youngster to get their adrenalin pumping. Do you want to try?

Meet the Beauty of Futuristic Elements and Natural Beauty in Japan

As we all know, Japan is well-known as its strong discipline, sophisticated technology, and Cleanest tourist destinations. You will find magnificent castles with a strong traditional culture.

Himeji Castle (White Egret Castle).

The first destination to visit in Japan might be this UNESCO World Heritage site. An old one that had been completed its major renovation in 2015. The new-look never gets too modern nor lost its characteristic though.

Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden (Tokyo)

The twist between modern neon lights and peaceful atmosphere will impress everyone at once. 

The beautiful nature, managed by high-technology, in this garden has various trees and flowers representing four seasons in Japan, such as maple, cherry blossoms, and ginkgo.

Wide Range of Urban Delights and Unexplored Natural Sites in South Korea

There are countless exotic Cleanest tourist attractions in South Korea. 

The gorgeous islands and swanky cities both exist in this beautifully organized country. The following sites are great for backpacking or family vacation.


This capital city will catch you impressed with its mix of beautiful parks, modern architecture, pop cultures, party vibes, and urban culture.

Jeju Island

This is the most famous place in South Korea you have to visit. The pristine beauty has marked it as one of the New Seven Wonders of Nature. 

Magical white sand beaches surrounded by botanical gardens, pine forests, lava caves, and volcanic craters on this island.

The Unique Treasures in Bhutan “One of the World’s Happiest Nations”

Tiger’s Nest Monastery

This site is hanging on a cliff and standing above the forest fulfilled with blue pines and rhododendrons. 

To ride up (only until the cafeteria), a pony can be arranged. Continue walking upon some narrow stairs towards the monastery. See the jaw-dropping view and holy atmosphere around.

Gangtey Valley in winter

Most people believe it is one of the most beautiful valleys in the Himalayas.

Taiwan: A Country with Friendly Locals and Delicious Cuisine

Since the locals are friendly and helpful, worry less while traveling to this country.


This is the island’s largest city where history and modernity blend as one. While getting there, it is easy to find yourself some old temples and future-ready shopping hubs. 

Must visit tourist attractions are Flora Expo Park, the Botanical Garden, and Taipei Zoo.

Bagua Mountain Range

The best place to heal yourself from your hectic daily routine. Do cycling, hiking, and harvesting some fresh produces, such as watermelon, carambola, grapes, litchis, and guavas.

Trip to the Safe and CLEANEST tourist attractions in Norway

A train journey

Norway is also famous for its great rail routes so you can see the beautiful view from a different perspective. One of the most popular rail routes is the Dovre Railways, running from Oslo to Trondheim.


If you have an adventurous bucket list, such as whale watching, northern lights, and midnight sun, these destinations should never be missed.

Diverse and Different Vibes in Finland

In Finland, every country has different characteristics and tourist attractions. It makes it difficult to point out the best among others. But here are some recommendations to visit by car or train.


In this capital city of Finland, always make a visit to the National Museum of Finland where you will find the ‘Story of Finland’ and its prehistory collections. Get a little chill out by taking a ferry to the Fortress of Suomenlinna.

Lake Saimaa

This is the biggest lake in Finland. It is recommended to rent a picturesque cottage and try kayaking, hiking, and fishing.

Explore the Compact and Walkable Cities in Denmark

Denmark will indulge your sense of creativity since there are numerous arts with historical elements.


In this capital city of Denmark, make yourself proud and wonder by visiting the Amalienborg Palace, the Rosenborg Castle, the Christiansborg Palace, or taking a canal tour.

Funen or Fyn

You can easily reach this island from the Danish mainland via the Great Belt Bridge. Here, you can enjoy an award-winning zoo, city art museum, annual film festival, restaurant, and cafes.

Under Radar CLEANEST Tourist Attractions in Sweden


The world’s original Icehotel is built here by the ice-sculptor artists coming from around the world each year. If you intend to look for the northern lights, you should go in the winter months.


The biggest seaport in Scandinavia. To reach this site, you need to take an hour-long train and ferry ride.

How to Tame Expensive Switzerland for the First-Timers?

Switzerland is well-known as its expensive country, especially when you come from a country with an unstable currency. 

To take the high cost in Switzerland, you need to use free public transportation, a free bike, avoid purchasing a travel pass and embrace your inner chef. After being ready to do those things, check the following places to visit:


The natural beauty is in this place, like a waterfall dotted with trees and flowers, an old town, a medieval castle, and the statue of Freddie Mercury.


It is located on Lake Lucerne and framed by medieval buildings and Snowcapped Mountains.

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