10 Exotic Places in Hawaii for More Than a Romantic Trip

Although Hawaii is famous for its romantic destinations, you dont have to be in love to just go there. You should visit the Aloha state to make you fall in love otherwise. 

Let your heart feel what love is once you come there. Hawaii is considered as one the worlds best destination for a reason; it has something for everyone.

From the warm tropical temperature to the diverse landscapes that span with over 10,000 square miles, this is surely the best destination you are looking for. Here are some most exotic places in Hawaii to visit for both romantic and family trips that you can visit.

1. Molokai Sea Cliffs

If you haven’t seen the world’s tallest and most majestic sea cliffs, Molokai should be one of your destinations in Hawaii. More than just having the natural breathtaking beauty, the cliff is also rising high reaching 3,900 feet.

Climbing up the cliffs might be really fearful especially if you are fear of heights, but you need to try it because the straining sensation will be completely paid off with the mesmerizing beauty surrounding the cliff. 

Check out the historical sites of Molikai, the Kalaupapa National Historical Park as well for exploring the Hawaiian history.

2. Waimea Canyon

Although it cant be compared with the famous Arizona’s Grand Canyon, Waimea Canyon is known as the Pacific’s Grand Canyon since it has the similar look with smaller in size and greener in color. It can be even considered as the most beautiful place, aside from one of the most exotic places in Hawaii.

 It has a quite deep gorge around 3600 feet with more than 100 miles in length. This small version of grand canyon can still be an awesome picture you can enjoy. 

Walk on a short trip will be the best activity because you are served with the challenging, yet beautiful trails. You can bring some foods and drinks while walking, but never think this is a kind of a fun family picnic because you will be challenged with the not-so-easy access.

3. Wailua Falls

Many times Hawaii will bring you to the feeling of coming to a fantasy world you have seen in movies, but the best thing is that everything is real. Wailua Falls is one of the most popular destinations in Hawaii and it offers a terryfying picture of a giant waterfall surrounded with fresh green landscapes.

This rich-in-nature destination is alaso easy to access by car so you dont have to walk for miles up and down hill just to take some selfies above the waterfall. Those who are experienced in climbing or walking in such a slippery path should also try going down to feel the splashing water.

4. Mauna Kea

People would think it is impossible to see snow in Hawaii while it is actually really possible if you visit the Mauna Kea or the White Mountain. This is not an average mountain anyone can climb bravely, this is the tallest volcano in Hawaii with more than 13,000 feet above the sea in length.

Not just this is the tallest volcano, this is also the most unique one since the mountain is covered with glacier. So you can just imagine how incredible it is when the tallest mountain that has been around for two million years and filled with lava is covered with glacier. 

Sounds illogical, but it is there.

Being on the top of the mountain will offer you the largest telescope in the world. You can see just everything you havent seen in your life before. You surely dont have to try to go up there because climbing a mountain, especially the tallest, is uneasy.

5. Road to Hana

While everyone just dont like the idea of walking for miles, climbing or going down hill just to enjoy the gorgeous views in Hawaii, you can visit the Road to Hana on Maui. This is such an amazing destination and even claimed as one of the National Geographic’s Drive of a Lifetime.

The Road to Hana has about 600 turns and twists for a more challenging trip with more than 50 miles of road you can experience. During the road car trip, there are some exotic vies to enjoy from the plants, the waterfalls and the more-than-60 bridges. 

You might not be able to hold yourself continuing your car trip and just want to stop at every corner because of the beauty.

If you are a fan, or just familiar with Jurassic Park, visit the Botanical Garden and the Garden of Eden Arboretum to make you feel like the movie is just turning to be real. 

Now you dont have to feel worry about walking for miles, just get a good car and drive along the way. This one of the most exotic places in Hawaii helps you enjoy Hawaiian beauty so easily.

6. Kaihalulu Beach

Kaihalulu beach or also called the Red Sand Beach is a nice, yet unique spot to visit. It has the red sand charm that not all beaches have. Also, since this beach is more secluded than those destinations above, this is not really a good one if you want a family trip with some attractions. 

This place is filled with tourists sunbathing comfortably without even feeling shy due to the location. For some people this is such a peaceful spot while for some others they might prefer the more popular destination to do more activities.

7. Lanikai Beach

Lanikai Beach has what you are expecting from Hawaii; the blue skies and the clear waters. More than just a breathtaking view, this beach offers several different accomodation for you to get some fun activities such as windsurfing, kayaking and canoeing.

If you feel like not in a mood of doing nothing and just want to admire the beauty around you, sit down and relax under the coconut trees while enjoying the mesmerizing view of the beach including the picture of Mokuluas, two little offshore islands.

8. Mokuleia Beach

Just like Lanikai Beach, Mokuleia Beach is a great place for some some water sport activities like windsurfing and fishing because of the good wind blows there. 

Although those who love swimming cant just use their skills in this destination, you sure have many other things to do and enjoy because this tropical spot just represents the real character of Hawaii everyone has desire to see when they come to visit.

9. Mount Kilauea

There are many exotic places in Hawaii more than just beaches and cliffs. You can also check out other great unique destinations like Mount Kilauea. 

This mountain is especially not a really good spot for a holiday because this is one of the largest active volcanoes that has been erupting since 1983 continuosly.

There has no signs this volcano mountain is going to slow down in errupting and that is why this mountain has always been a nice spot for tourists who love adventurous trip and volcanologiest.

You are not going to enjoy some activities here, and are also not recommended due to its danger, but you can actually has a glimpse of the real hot lava spewing out just like you see in movies. The red hot lava is not always there anytime so you might find or not find it when you come to visit it.

You dont have to come here if you are fear of a lava-filled mountain and just think this is not a type of destination for a holiday.

10. Ke’e Beach

If you want to explore more nature in Hawaii, try to come to Ke’e Beach. There are many things you can do in this amazing destination from walking to swimming. Just walk around the shore and you will meet some wild chickens greeting. 

Try the swimming spot to try a unique swimming experience with  Ulua fish. You can also enjoy the beauty of the Na Pali Cost, which serves its natural wilderness, something you cant see in most other destinations in the world.

The choices of holiday destinations in Hawaii are endless. Just name what kind of attractions you want see and what activities you want to do to decide what destinations you are going to visit. 

Hawaii is more than just beaches like what most people think about it, but when you explore it more you will find it really amazing.

There are many other exotic places in Hawaii to check, so make sure you have all of them listed before finally end up with the chosen destinations. Make sure you dont come there just to sunbathe and surf since it means that you are missing what Hawaii is offering.

Known for its romantic places, Hawaii is indeed the ones serving you romantic views and atmosphere. You dont have to do or decorate anything since even every corner looks sweet and romantic. When you come to visit sometimes you might feel you dont have to do anything to feel pleased. 

Just sit down, relax and enjoy the whole thing surround you is already a great holiday.

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