Alternative Destinations To Visit In Rome

Rome is a wonderful city that is well-known for its religious and historical destinations. Colosseum, Pantheon, and St. Peter’s Basilica are the most visited attractions of the city. 

Yet, actually, this city has more than those. There are more fascinating and exotic places in Rome that are not as crowded as the mentioned destinations; based on their types, they include:

Historical places:

Appian Way

Reminisce of walking as an ancient Roman tribe in the Appian Way. This road still has original stones that are well-preserved. Along the way, there are many old ruins and burial sites. 

Dozens of historical moments took place on this road since it was the first and main highway in Europe. Nowadays, people could still feel the Roman vibe by wandering around the road during sunny weather.

Quartiere Coppedè

Feel the sensation of the medieval era by visiting Quartiere Coppede. This is ultimately one of the most exotic places in Rome since the architecture of the building is fantastic. 

Most doors have an arched style with a head sculpture above. There are four main buildings with fantastic design. Strolling around them would bring a fantasy of walking in a theme park.

The Tiber Island

The boat-shaped island is the only island in the Tiber area. The island is linked by two bridges to Trastevere and Jewish Ghetto. 

There are a long-standing hospital and a basilica that was built on the ruins of Aesculapius temple. To enjoy the Tiber River and island, visitors could have a stroll around the edge and at the tip of the island.

Baths of Caracalla

Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, the baths of Caracalla now are just left with the ruins. It was a thermae with a width that is more than twenty-four hectares. 

Though only the ruins remained, the site is often a performance stage for concerts and even Olympic. The towering stones are photogenic to be captured in your camera. Other elements are also worth including the mosaics and statues.  

Ostia Antica

Every corner of Rome is historical including its harbor that is Ostia Antica. This town is one of the exotic places in Rome that also have lots of ancient ruins. Most of them are stored in Museo Ostiense, but their stories are still lingering such as the sacking by pirates and civil wars. 

Besides, several vital buildings in the past could still have their remnants such as the Mithraea, temples baths, and horrea (warehouse). After wandering around the sites, having warm dining by the sea will complete the visit.

Villa Doria Pamphili

This villa is a complete package for a trip because it has a magnificent palace, hidden parks, and several art pieces. The park itself is for the public and has the widest landscaped area. 

There are Greek-style fountains and statues with well-maintained grass and plants. It is such an interesting place to rest or just to have a picnic in an open space with the art nouveau scenery around.

Villa Farnesina

Experience the luxury of the renaissance in Villa Farnesina. This villa becomes a museum that exhibits a few artwork pieces, frescoes, and painted walls. There is also an audio guide inside the villa. 

On the outside, there is a lovely garden with the great of the villa. The entrance to the building is also amazing with arched high doors and the glass. Moreover, this villa is quite peaceful as there are not many packed visitors like other villas.

Domus Aurea

This exotic place in Rome was a great palace back then. All of the ancient buildings in Rome are known for their splendid architecture, but this place is on top of them. It leaves many wonders and puzzles also as there are 300 rooms in 50 hectares area. 

Several sites were also found ‘coincidentally’ and there are still some parts of the palace that their locations are unknown like the latrine and kitchen. For those who are curious and thirsty for an adventure, this is the right site to visit.

Palazzo Colonna

Having stood for many decades, this was a palace owned by several notable families in the past. Since 1700 this palace was transformed into an art gallery little by little. 

Nowadays, it becomes one of the largest private art galleries in Rome. Inside, all rooms are well-furnished from the ceiling, wall, even the floor. The main room has the most exotic look with a golden design and towering pillars.

Pyramid of Caius Cestius

People do not need to Egypt as there are ‘mini’ pyramids in Rome. It was a tomb for a notable religious figure. Up to 2015, visitors could come inside the pyramid, but there was a restoration that prevented everyone from entering this site. 

Now, the pyramid is open to the public on the third and fourth Saturday every month. Witnessing the interior will give visitors the impression of the cemetery for the wealthy. In fact, this pyramid is located among the ancient cemetery burial sites. Still, those facts cannot reduce its splendid view. Indeed, a list of the most exotic places in Rome must include the pyramid.

Museums and art galleries:


Being the house to several pieces of contemporary arts and architecture, the national museum of 21st-century arts has a unique design that stands out among the ancient Roman remains. 

Not only as an art gallery, but this aesthetic place also serves as workshops, laboratories, symposia, and performance stages. It is such an escape after a historical tour in Rome by gazing at artistic innovations and contemporary creativity in this museum. 

Galleria Sciarra

Firstly built as a shopping center, nowadays Galleria Sciarra operates as a gallery of several arts. Inside, visitors’ eyes will be blessed by the beauty of Art Nouveau styled frescoes by Giuseppe Cellini (1887). 

The artistic wall is completed with a transparent glass ceiling. The painting itself is made to embrace women’s role as the hearth. Not only paintings, but the sculptures also are enchanting.

Orti Farnesiani

Also called the Farnese Gardens, this is the first botanical garden ever in the world. It is located on Palatine Hill (one of seven hills in Rome) which consists of fountains, statues, and walking paths. 

After getting tired of crowded Rome, the garden offers a quiet and peaceful atmosphere. Besides Pincio Terrace, visitors could also enjoy the impressive view of the city and the Roman Forum, especially from this garden.  

Public and free-tickets places

Pincio Terrace

Tourists mostly miss this exotic place in Rome that is Pincio Terrace. Whereas the terrace is located just above the iconic Piazza del Popolo, not many people know the way to reach this place. 

Everyone could take steps up from the Piazza or drive via Borghese Villa. The terrace is popular for its sunset view and the bright yellow horizon of Rome’s urban area. Up in the terrace, there is a wide free open park with one remarkable palm tree standing alone in the middle.

Open spaces:

Giardino degli Aranci

This is one of the most exotic places in Rome. Apart from the Farnese Gardens, Giardino Degli Aranci is another scenic green space in Rome. Also located on a hill, this garden is on Aventine hill (one of the seven hills in Rome). 

The name of the garden itself is orange trees as there are many of them on this site. People could enjoy the oranges when the harvest time comes. Umbrella pine trees are also its trademark. The view of the Tiber River and St. Peter’s Basilica is stunning from this garden, especially during the sunset.


In English, this hill is called Janiculum. Though it is not included as one of the seven hills in Rome, this second-highest hill in the city is famous for its picturesque view of the Rome city with the bell towers and domes. 

There are also statues like the Garibaldi monument and cannon firing at midday. People could enjoy the lovely atmosphere of Rome on this hill by day or at night.  


Via Condotti

Another iconic street in Rome is Via Condotti. This is a bustling and classy street packed with cafes and shops. 

In fact, one of the oldest and most famous cafes stands on this street (Caffé Greco). There are also sights of interest and monuments. At night, the twinkling lights of hang lamps are so mesmerizing.


You’ve probably seen the iconic scene of Rome neighborhood with cobblestone streets and lovely cafes or shops along. They are all in the Trastevere to find. 

This area covers complete facilities such as hotels, bars, restaurants, fountains, historical villas, artisans, and more. Just take a photo in front of any traditional building in this area, and everyone will know that you’re in Rome.

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