14 Exotic Places In Russia You Must Visit

Visiting exotic places in Russia is indeed a dream for traveling lovers from all over the world. Apart from its historical and cultural value, Russia is also known for its various museums, monuments, and historical sites that are interesting to visit and study.

Here are 15 exotic places in Russia places in Russia that could be your future travel destination.

1. Red Square - exotic places in Russia

Red Square is a huge square alongside the Kremlin, Moscow, Russia. This renowned square in Moscow is exceptionally recorded and is frequently utilized for different sorts of festivities, functions and military processions in Russia.

Consistently Red Square turns into a traveler objective to celebrate different sorts of celebrations, for example, the firecrackers celebration in the new year.

What’s more, in the Req Square region there are additionally numerous other vacation destinations as chronicled structures, significant places, and shopping places.

2. Moscow Kremlin

The Kremlin is a post and noteworthy castle complex constructed utilizing blocks since the fifteenth century. This Kremlin place of interest has 20 unprecedented pinnacles. Here there are old relics, for example, temples with the internment spot of the Russian tsar. Moreover, the Kremlin is partitioned into a few castle buildings, for example, the State Palace, the Palace of Arms, and some more.

3. State Hermitage Museum - exotic places in Russia

Moscow, however when you are on an extended get-away in Saint Petersburg remember to visit this well known gallery.

The external perspective on this historical center has an enormous and wonderful structure, which is ideal for those of you who need to take pictures with the foundation of this structure. The State Hermitage Museum is a craftsmanship and social exhibition hall that has been around since 1764 and has been available to people in general since 1852.

This gallery is perhaps the most established historical center on the planet, where guests can discover compositions to extremely extraordinary antiquities. At that point guests can observer the improvement of an exceptionally excellent inside plan.

What’s more, guests can appreciate the magnificence of different assortments of sculptures from Ancient Greece, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Rome, and different sculptures. This museum has a very high historical value, so its location is strictly guarded. However, don’t worry, visiting this place still promises the comfort and entertainment that you deserve on your trip.

4. Peterhof

Peterhof is one of the most loved vacationer locations in St Petersburg, particularly for travelers who need to appreciate the excellence of the castle and gardens.

At first this royal residence complex was worked during the rule of Peter the Great. The Peterhof Palace is additionally known for its late spring castle and the situation of this royal residence faces straightforwardly to the Baltic Sea. The uniqueness of this Peterhof Palace is that it has an extremely exceptional wellspring garden, however it is just worked during summer.

Likewise, in this royal residence complex there is an exhibition hall that you should visit just as a huge and delightful nursery. At the point when you visit here, you can stroll around the wide nursery that encompasses this heavenly royal residence. The stature of this church arrives at 65 meters and has been worked since 1555-1561.

Other than that, the engineering of this vacation spot is stunning to the point that you can take pictures with the foundation of St. Basil’s Cathedral. So when you excursion in Moscow, get away and appreciate the magnificence of this spot.

5. Lake Baikal - exotic places in Russia

Lake Baikal is the most established and most profound lake on the planet and contains the most freshwater on Earth. As a characteristic place of interest, it’s no big surprise Lake Baikal has exceptionally wonderful normal landscape to appreciate.

There are bunches of exercises you can do while on an extended get-away to Lake Baikal in Russia, for example, climbing, rock climbing, investigating caverns, fishing, or simply taking pictures.

At the point when winter comes, travelers can play hockey, skate, or simply play ice on the outside of this lake.

6. Winter Palace - exotic places in Russia

Winter Palace or the Winter Palace was the home of the Soviet decision family for a very long time.  From that point forward, until November 1917, this castle was utilized as a heavenly gallery. Winter Palace assumes a significant part as the political and social focus of this city.

Guests can appreciate a wide assortment of collectibles, enriching rooms, artworks and figures that are exceptionally remarkable.

From this recorded place of interest, you can stroll around the space to investigate wonderful masterpieces.

7. Dwindle and Paul Fortress

Dwindle and Paul Fortress is a wonderful post on the banks of the Neva River. At the point when you are on an extended get-away in St Petersburg remember to visit Peter and Paul Fortress, inside this post there is an enormous field so guests can take photographs of this place of interest.

The uniqueness of this structure is the state of a transcending church tower, on the grounds that generally the congregation here is as a vault. Moreover, this spot has a congregation inside which is amazing regarding workmanship.

8. Saviour on the Spilled Blood - exotic places in Russia

Saviour on the Spilled Blood is a significant place of interest in renowned St. Petersburg. This spot is a delightful church working with lovely mosaics on the dividers and rooftop.

It has a noteworthy mosaic engineering and inside plan, so it’s no big surprise it is the most loved place of interest. This congregation has a normal archaic Russian engineering and a one of a kind vault plan with an exemplary onion shape. 

9. St. Isaac's Cathedral

It is one of the oldest cathedrals in Russia which has undergone several renovations while preserving the original architecture from its first construction centuries ago. Here you will see the beauty of buildings made with elements of Russian culture that are thick with various distinctive ornaments in them.

Even though it is a religious building, this cathedral is always busy with visits throughout the year by local and foreign tourists.

10. Royal residence Square - exotic places in Russia

Royal residence Square is a well known square in the focal point of St Petersburg. This spot is a significant observer to different occasions that happened in Russia.

Before you visit the State Hermitage Museum at that point obviously you are experiencing this stunning Palace Square. The magnificence of Palace Square is an alluring spot both during winter and summer.

So it’s no big surprise Palace Square is ideal for sightseers who need to get a spot to take pictures while on an excursion in Russia both around evening time and during the day.

11. Mount Elbrus - exotic places in Russia

For mountain sweethearts and like to investigate nature, Mount Elbrus can be a decision of vacationer locations while on an excursion to Russia. Mount Elbrus is a torpid well of lava and the biggest mountain in Russia which has a height of 5,643 meters.

Numerous sightseers from everywhere the world come to Mount Elbrus to move to the head of this mountain. Despite the fact that the mountain holds the status of the most noteworthy top in Europe, numerous individuals experience no difficulty overcoming this blanketed mountain.

Be that as it may, to climb Mount Elbrus, you have to have great physical wellbeing since you will be confronted with awful climate and unforeseen outrageous conditions. Keen on hopping on one of the most open minded mountains on the planet?

12. Gorky Central Park of Culture and Leisure - exotic places in Russia

Gorky Central Park of Culture and Leisure is a focal park in Moscow which has been open since August 12, 1928.

In this huge park, there is a lake that is home to different kinds of creatures, for example, lovable ducks and geese.

When in the midst of a get-away to Gorky Central Park of Culture and Leisure, guests will discover different excellent sculptures and a little lake. What’s more, guests can purchase different tidbits and purchase new frozen yogurt.

13. Kazan Cathedral - exotic places in Russia

Kazan Cathedral is a house of prayer of the Russian Orthodox Church on Nevsky Prospekt, St Petersburg which is exceptionally celebrated and extraordinary. 

From an external perspective, this congregation building seems as though an administration building, however when you enter this structure you will get an exceptionally amazing inside. The inside of the Kazan Cathedral is wealthy in work of art on the dividers and rooftop.

14. All-Russian Exhibition Center - exotic places in Russia

The All-Russian Exhibition Center, otherwise called the Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy, is an exchange reasonable and carnival for public use in Moscow. This spot is extremely well known with nearby individuals and numerous individuals play around the wellspring in this structure.

Those are 14 exotic places in Russia that you can visit. How? Are you interested in visiting one of the places above? Which place do you think is the most intriguing and worth visiting?

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