Some of the Exotic Places in South Africa Worth to Visit

South Africa is not only a diverse country but also a beautiful nation. Although the size is as big as France, you will see multiple cultures there. Its uniqueness makes this country well-known.


Aside from its culture, it provides you with interesting wildlife, panoramic view, and extraordinary beaches. Those things become strong reasons for tourists to visit this country. It is a haven for visitors from all over the world.


This place is also rich in history. Traveling to this country will make you not only enjoy its nature but also learn about its history. This article will discuss further exotic places in South Africa. Let us see the following.

Kruger National Park

Kruger National Park is well-known among travelers around the world. It is one of the best and the oldest nature reserve in South Afrika. This park is worth visiting for the nature lover. 

It is located in Mpumalanga and Limpopo Provinces. It takes an estimated around 4.5 hours driving from the north of Johannesburg. 

This park becomes the home of diverse wildlife. You can see the famous “Big Five” like the elephant, buffalo, rhino, lion, and leopard. You can also see the other amazing wildlife here. 

Besides, it is also home to bushman called the San. It is rock paintings and one of the archeological sites. 

If you plan to overnight here, you can find various accommodation nearby. You can have multiple accommodation selections from all budgets. There are standard campsites, convenience bungalows, or luxurious lodge. 

For the tour, you can organize a guided safari tour. Aside from the big five, it provides you with various kinds of mammals. It is the largest game reserve in South Africa. 


Oudtshoorn is one of the exotic places in South Africa and well-known due to its Ostrich. In the early established settlement, it is a place for Ostrich farming. Its features are used as a part of fashion accessories.

Nowadays, it becomes the Ostrich Capital in South Afrika. There is not only a place for the Ostrich breeding but also for the Safari Show Farm. Located in Western Cape province, it is an excellent choice for you who want unusual experience.

In this place, you can learn more about the species of this exotic bird or see their eggs’ sample. For the more adventurous experience, enjoy riding the Ostrich. 

Apart from Ostrich, there are various things to offer to travelers, such as the Klein Karoo and the Congo Caves. The Klein Karoo offers a beautiful area of semi-dessert. Meanwhile, the Congo Caves has natural limestone formations.

In this place, it is easy for visitors to find accommodations. There are varied options from first-class until private lodges. It is a wonderful moment to enjoy your day here.


Stellenbosch provides visitors with the wonderful wine route. You can see the vineyard and mountains that are surrounded by the fertile valley. It is the second oldest town and the best-preserved Dutch settlement in South Africa.

Known as the Oaks town, it serves travelers with the restored buildings. You can enjoy renewed houses, churches, inns, shops, and Stellenbosch University as well.

Join the wine route tour to experience the wine production. You can know and learn how to make a good quality of the wine. Moreover, you will get the chance to do wine tasting too. After the tour end, you can bring the wine home.

This place also serves visitors with the mountain panoramic views especially the wildflowers that covers its vineyard during spring. The mountain ranges offer you a magnificent background of the town. It is a perfect scenery for the unguided walking tour.

On the way, you see many restaurants and coffee shops. They are lining in their cozy streets. Besides, some of the historic buildings are the perfect place for this peaceful environment.


Knysna is a beautiful town with an oceanic climate. This town is located in the Western Cape province and becomes part of Garden Route. It is perfect for your summer holiday.

Due to its location and its panoramic view, it is worth to visit. You can have a lot of fun and enjoy your relaxing day here. Feel its calm atmosphere with the lovely scenery. 

As one of the exotic places in South Africa, experience some of the delicious food too. This town provides visitors with good quality of seafood. If you favor in Oyster, you can visit this town in late June or early July. There is an Oyster Festival that is held every year. 

Don’t miss to visit the Heads of Knysna. It is geographically marvelous. In the viewpoint, you can spot a southern whale. This gigantic mammal shows them up to finding food. For a better view, you are recommended to bring binoculars. 

The Knysna Lagoon is another interesting place. Take the John Bern cruise for a memorable experience. It is an ideal spot to enjoy the sunset. 

Table Mountain

Don’t miss to visit and explore the famous Table Mountain. It is the main attraction for tourists from all over the world. It is a mountain with a flat top. Through this place, you can experience the amazing city of Cape Town.

Hiking Table Mountain becomes the most popular activity chosen by visitors. There is a number of difficulty trails available for them. You can select easy to advance track. Its steep cliffs create a limitation for direct access to the city.

Aside from hiking activity, you can enjoy its panoramic scenery by taking a cable car. When you reach the top, it is worth your effort due to its spectacular view. Don’t forget to bring your camera and capture the beautiful view from the top.

This mountain provides you with various species of flora. Most of them are native to this place. If you like, you can visit Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens on the eastern part of this mountain. It is a conservatory with diverse and unique plants.

Victoria and Alfred Waterfront

As one of the popular destinations, you will find multiple exotic places in South Africa. Located in the city of Cape Town with the view of the Atlantic shore, it is the oldest harbor. This place functions as a residential place as well. 

This place is still active as a working harbor to bring fresh fish and a larger container. Besides, it provides you with a complex of retail houses included leather goods, fashion, and jewelry.

It becomes the iconic destination in South Africa due to Having Table Mountain as its background. You can capture this scenic view with your phone or just enjoy its beautiful heritage and diversity. Its complete facilitate like accommodation, shops, and restaurants can welcome tourists from all over the world. 

There is also another interesting attraction that you can find here, such as the Clock Tower, the South African Maritime Museum, etc. It offers leisure activity on a cruise for sunset. If you want more private enjoying the sunset, you can charter the boat as well.

Drakensberg Mountains

The Drakensberg is the major mountain range located in the southern part of Africa. Its uniqueness makes it a popular destination for both local or foreigner. It is one of the most recommended destinations to visit in KwaZulu-Natal.

The word “Drakensberg” means Dragon. It extends from the northeast to the southwest with a length of around 1,125 km. This place is a great place for you who seek a challenging adventure.

Travelers can hike to experience natural beauty. It serves you with diverse bird and wildlife activities. There is also another opportunity to enjoy this picturesque place by taking a horse riding or doing a safari tour. 

You can experience plenty of choices of activities here. Summertime is the best time to visit this place.

This mountain is rich with flora and fauna. It is home to a variety of plants including the endangered species that you can find here. It offers you with diverse rare species of plants from its lower slope until its highest part.

iSimangaliso Wetland Park

Situated in the KwaZulu-Natal, this park becomes one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The word “iSimangaliso” means wonder or miracle that is taken from the Zulu language. 

It is formerly called the Greater St. Lucia Wetland Park. The wonder meaning shows how amazing and beautiful this park.

This park unites eight twisted ecosystems such as lakes, coral reefs, swamplands, savanna, and rivers. Thus, it makes this area becomes home to an incredible diversity of wildlife. It is one of the exotic places in South Africa.

iSimangaliso Wetland Park provides visitors with complete natural attractions. It has remarkable panoramic scenery and an exotic landscape as well. Get the chance to do snorkeling or diving here. 

You can spot animals such as buffalo, zebra, crocodiles, and rhinos. This unique area provides visitors to see the hippos and crocodiles. 

It is a memorable experience to spot these animals in their wild habitat. Visitors can visit the park by using a car. However, make sure that you safely take a guided tour.

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