Exotic Places in Spain: Must A Visit

Spain is a country that is famously known for its diverse and unusual views. They can be seen in the architecture, culture, and even natural landscapes. 

Indeed there are hundreds of exotic places in Spain. The exoticness lies in the uncommon views that can be found only in Spain. In specific, here are twenty-one of hundreds of wonderful attractions in the Land of Rabbits based on their types.

Educational places:

Valencia Bioparc, Valencia

A zoo is a common public to see wildlife, but this is a different one. With its ‘real’ habitat designs, young visitors could learn about the authentic homeland for each animal. 

The animals live cage-less as rivers, stones, even trees are provided to resemble the natural environment.

Public and free-tickets places

Plaza de España, Seville

Becoming the landmark of Seville city, Plaza de Espana or Spain Square has a magnificent semi-round architecture outside with a vast park. 

Inside, the details are more enchanting with ceramics, sculptures, ceilings that represents neo-Moorish and renaissance style. The painted patterns on the ceramics, ceilings, gates, walls radiate the exotic vibes.

Puente Nuevo, Ronda

This large bridge is definitely one of the exotic places in Spain. Standing on the chasm of Guadalevín River, the bridge has 98 meters in height. Whether the view from of bridge or the view of the bridge, both are breathtaking. 

Looking at the cliffs around and the waterfall below, this bridge is the real centerpiece of Ronda city. Going up at the bridge or just gazing at it far below, every sight of it is just wonderful. 

Gothic Quarter, Barcelona

Firstly built as a small cathedral, the Gothics Quarter had some transformations and added with several other buildings around. Then, the complex turns out as one of the exotic places in Spain today. 

In the neighborhood, every corner and building has gothic ornaments like tall thin pillars, and pointed arches. There is a romantic yet mysterious vibe surrounding. Yet at night, this place changes into a lively quarter especially in Plaça Reial as there are many restaurants and bars.  

Natural wonders:

Playa de Gulpiyuri and Playa de Silencio, Asturias

When it comes to beaches, it is hard to pick the best in Spain because the country has most of the amazing beaches in the world. Considering the uniqueness, Playa de Gulpiyuri and Playa de Silencio in Austrias are exotic places in Spain. 

Playa de Gulpiyuri is a beach that has no sea. Instead, a long hill spread out in the water. Meanwhile, Playa de Silencio has a majestic view of the sea and rocky cliffs.  

Bardenas Reales, Navarra

Once people get here, they will forget that they are in Europe since it is a desert made of sandstone, chalk, and clay. For many hikers, this is their favorite place to go. 

In this vast open nature, there are some peaks to conquer such as Castil de Tierra, Piskerra, La Ralla, ab.del Fraile, and others. Some visitors even said that they felt Mars sensation once they got there.

Timanfaya National Park, Canary Islands

Another place to make you feel like you’re on other planets is Timanfaya National Park. With rocky and red-to-dark soils, this is a volcanic area. 

There are many geysers and lava fields. Visitors could get knowledge from the guides and Timanfaya Visitor Centre and also enjoy cuisine cooked by the volcanic heat in El Diablo restaurant.

Picos de Europa National Park, Asturias

This national park also must get included in the list of exotic places in Spain. Even photos from Google already prove its magnificent view. Rocky and (sometimes) snowy white hills are lining up ahead. 

The slopes with their green meadow and trees give a surreal painting-like feeling. People come here usually to hike or camp. There are two glacial lakes and good tracks around for a walk.  

Aqueduct, Segovia

Another UNESCO World Heritage Site is this Roman aqueduct in Segovia. It used to build to transport water, but now it stands as the landmarks of the city. Among aqueducts around the world, this one is well-preserved and will always look good on your camera.

Drach Caves, Majorca

Experience a boat trip under the stunning stalactites and stalagmites. Certain lightning projected to the rocks accentuates their formations. 

Added by the live classical music, the five-hour trip will be full of wondering how a strange yet delicate and natural place like this could exist.

Caminito del Rey, Málaga

For the adrenaline junkies, Caminito del Rey is a must-to-visit place. It is a walkway stretched along El Chorro gorge. 

With the 330 feet above the ground, the path spreads into 3 km length making it the most dangerous track in the world. Despite its hazard, the rocky hills are so exotic.  

Mount Tiede, Tenerife

Being the highest point in the country, it is no wonder why Mount Tiede is among exotic places in Spain. The surrounding nature like bushes and rocky slopes brings out an unusual sensation. 

Moreover, the landscapes are unique since it is a volcanic mountain that is covered with snow. On top of them, the color gradation of sediment layers on hills along the road is hard to find in other places.

Museums and art galleries:

City of Arts and Sciences, Valencia

Before entering the complex, everyone could tell that this place is very unusual or specifically futuristic. The architecture and structures of the buildings are unique that can only be found in Valencia. 

The buildings include Montolivet Bridge, L’oceanogràfic, L’Hemisfèric, L’Umbracle, Museu de les Ciències Príncipe Felipe and more. Like its name, each building focuses on certain aspects such as exhibiting modern arts, indigenous plants or serving as a cinema, opera house, laserium, planetarium. 

Just believe there are not any places similar to this.  

Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao

Another modern building with a futuristic and unique design is the Guggenheim Museum. The exterior is appealing with the lake and several statues. 

To get the best sight of the architecture, flying a camera with a drone will be perfect to see the complete design of the museum. Interiors of the museum are also splendid with every level of the building showing different themes.

CaixaForum, Madrid

This is a cultural center and also a museum that exists in several cities like Madrid, Zaragoza, Lleida, and Barcelona. Among them, CaixaForum in Madrid is unique since it has the first vertical garden in the world. Moreover, the designs for the interiors, steps, ceilings are extraordinary.

Museo Atlántico Lanzarote, Canary Islands

Located in Lanzarote coast Playa Blanca, it is the first and only underwater museum in Europe. There are more than 300 sculptures in ten different installations. 

The average diving duration in this magnificent submarine museum is one to two hours. At the present, there have countless sea lives colonize the statues adding natural beauty to them.

Historical places:

The Real Alcázar, Seville

Used to serve as a palace, the Real Alcázar has a grandeur design. One of its iconic parts is the Patio de las Doncellas courtyard that becomes the centerpiece of the palace with its long pool and some trees around. 

More than that, it has other sections like gardens, courtyards, justice rooms, admiral’s room, and others. Though it was built for a Christian king, it has a mosque-like and middle-east design.  

Aljafería Palace, Zaragoza

Spain is a very historical country since it has several palaces built and ruled by many dynasties and kingdoms. It includes Aljafería Palace that was built by a Muslim dynasty, Banu Hud. 

Nowadays, it becomes a UNESCO World Heritage Site and gets visited for its Troubador tower, Moorish Taifal Palace, golden hall, mosque, oratory, gardens, north, and south side halls. There are lots of historical information to learn by visiting this Arabian-influenced site.  

Mezquita, Cordoba

The other exotic places in Spain with middle-east vibe will be Mezquita. This building has been a mosque and now operates as a cathedral. Hence, the architecture is much like a mosque. 

Yet there have been several parts of the building that are transformed into chapels. The details like Mihrab and other corners seem like they are oozing magic due to the ornaments and the sacredness of the historical building.

Sagrada Família, Barcelona

Moving to another religious but exotic site in Spain, Sagrada Familia always succeeds to make the visitors’ jaw drop every time they visit this building. View from the outside shows that this basilica has late gothic and art nouveau design. 

It has several facades with dozens of sculptures and statues on them. Inside, the ceilings and pillars are eccentric. It is also much filled with geometric details and symbolism. There won’t be any building that has even a lightly alike design to this.

Alhambra Palace, Granada

To wrap up the list of exotic places in Spain, the Alhambra palace will be the best closing. Already well-known for its splendor design, the building is like a real tale-like palace. 

Influenced by arabesques style, there are many intricate details in many parts of the building. Meanwhile, some parts also had been transformed into Renaissance style by Charles I. 

Covering about 35 acres, the complex consists of main structures (Nasrid Palace), royal complex, hall of the ambassadors, hall of the Abencerrajes, Generalife, the court of the myrtles, the court of the lions and fountain. Every detail in Alhambra is like out of the world.

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