Mesmerizing Exotic Places in Switzerland That You Have to Visit

Switzerland is a sweet holiday destination for travelling goers around the world. Despite being moderate size, the country has so many different offerings for travelers. You will be able to enjoy mountainous view there. 

The environment is also lush and green. People who feel like they need to be more in touch with nature will totally love this country. This passage will tell you some of the most exotic places in Switzerland. The next time you are having a chance to visit, you will not have a hard time to design fun itinerary.

The Chillon Castle

This water castle must be one of the most iconic landmarks in the country. It is located in a town called Veytaux, Vaud, specifically standing on the infamous Lake Geneva. There is a rock island on the lake and the castle standing majestically there. 

It was already established in the 12th century and owned by the Counts of Savoy until the 16th century. The place is well visited today with up to 400,000 visitors recorded a year.

When visiting this castle, you will get a lot of thing. The architecture of Chillon Castle might be one of the best you will see in Europe. The complex format has 25 different buildings and three courtyards. 

It is hidden behind two circular walls. Its interior is maintained to be as original as possible. You can see the classic bedroom from era in which it was built. There are also paintings (mostly came from 14th century) that visitors with inclination towards European arts can enjoy. The majestic parade halls are going to amaze you too.

Chillon Castle’s rooms are also made available for rent. People can hold numerous events in the castle. It would be a very special opportunity to be able to hold fun event within one of exotic places in Switzerland.

Appenzell Mountain Town

There is a historical town located within the mountainous beauty of Switzerland, named Appenzell. From the record, it is found that the town itself had been known since in the 1000s. It was first recognized as a village called Abbacella. 

From what can be seen, the town still maintains its originality which makes it a worthy place to visit when you are in the country. There are castle ruins, old townhouses, and the central administrative buildings. The people also still maintain their unique dialect.

Other than sightseeing, there are several other activities to do in the town. That includes hiking. Because the town is located in a mountainous area, you will be able to find nice routes for this fun activity. 

Another thing to do is seeing the cheese-making process. This region is infamous for producing Appenzeller cheese. Not only seeing the cheese-making, you can also purchase it to bring back home.

In the town, you can enjoy various accommodation options. If your budget is not limited, there are some luxurious boutique hotels to try out. However, for those with tight budget, some inns are offering to host tourist with affordable rates.

The Creux du Van

Natural beauty tends to outshine the manmade ones. When visiting this country, you will never run out of options because there are just so many exotic places in Switzerland. Creux du Van gains its name from its shape. 

It is a natural half circle formed by majestic rocks. The height is measured at 160 meters from the ground. It surrounds a valley basin that is around four kilometers long. Thus, you can predict how big this place is.

According to the history, this place was originally an ocean in the prehistoric era. It takes hundreds of years for the glaciers to solidify into rock structure that we can see today. This place is surrounded by unique biodiversity. 

You will be able to find plants specifically living in Arctic-Alpine climate. There are also animals like ibex and chamois that you might be able to encounter around the arena.

This place is a great spot for hiking. There are several adventurous routes that you can take around the area. Of course, it will be better to hire a local to be a guide. The temperature is quite chill so you should make efforts to stay warm

Plainpalais Flea Market

Perhaps you have never considered this country for shopping because of how beautiful its natural landscape is. However, there are several markets around the country that deserve your attention. One of those markets is the Plainpalais Market. 

You will be able to find this market in Geneva. The market has been established since 1970. It is scheduled every first Sunday of the month or you can also catch it in Wednesdays and Saturdays. The market is open throughout the day, starting from 6.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m.

It is dubbed as the biggest flea market in Switzerland. If you are looking for items at bargain rates, then this market is a great option for you. 

You can find items like antique furniture, books, secondhand clothes, and jewelry in this market. The options are practically unlimited, seeing the number of vendors offering their items every single market day. You can actually find really good items with great deals in this place.

You are recommended to allocate specific time to visit Plainpalais. This is especially if you want to find a specific item for your collection. There are many vendors to look at, so spending only few minutes in this market might not be enough.

Schweizerischer National Park

This national was established back in the 1914, on the first of August, which is the country’s national holiday. People list it among the most exotic places in Switzerland and this is within reason. 

The park itself is located within Engadine. This infamous valley is known for its gorgeous scenery and not to mention its really broad biodiversity. The park itself encompasses area of 170 square kilometers.

This national was established back in the 1914, on the first of August, which is the country’s national holiday. People list it among the most exotic places in Switzerland and this is within reason. 

The park itself is located within Engadine. This infamous valley is known for its gorgeous scenery and not to mention its really broad biodiversity. The park itself encompasses area of 170 square kilometers.

Wengen Village in Alpine

Village in Switzerland is likely to different than the village you can find in your home country.  Wengen is one of exotic places in Switzerland offering authentic village experience to the tourists. 

As an example, in September, there will be a special Wengen Cheese Festival. During this time, you can check some of the best cheese products produced within the surrounding region. The cheeses are said to be some of the tastiest cheeses you will probably taste. In the festival, you can also enjoy local music and even stories.

Food scene is quite big in Wengen. It would be a waste to visit Wengen without enjoying some traditional cuisines while being surrounded by beautiful scenery of the mountain village. 

When it comes to eateries, you will be presented with various different alternatives. There are more expensive restaurants offering high class meals. However, you can also visit the smaller eateries to taste food that are more “homey”.

If you are feeling adventurous, there are definitely more rigorous activities to try out. Visitors like to do mountain biking. That way, they can enjoy the Alpine while also exercising. You can also do climbing at specific spots of the village. Of course, local experts must be assisting you with it.

Seebergsee Lake

As stated, exotic places in Switzerland are so breathtaking. Seebergsee Lake is definitely places up on that list. It is also located within the Alpine region. The lake is surrounded by beautiful and lush green grass field. There are also steep cliffs on which you will be able to get vantage viewpoint of the location. The view is indeed too beautiful to miss out on.

It is recommended to visit this place during summer season when the weather is warm. Because people are allowed to swim in the lake, you will be having fun time swimming around to cool off against the hot weather. 

The green grass surrounding this lake would be a nice place for picnic as well. Groups of youngsters tend to visit this place to hang out with their peers.

Seebergsee is closer to reach from Bern than from Zurich. The location is situated in a place named Fribourg. If you are using private transportation mode, you need to learn about the parking spot first. 

There are parking spots closer to the lake. It will be easier for you to find that spot. As expected, though, the location will be crowded during summer season because influx of people in holiday.

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