7 Most Instagrammable Places in Amsterdam Worth Posting

Are you planning a vacation to the city of Amsterdam one day or maybe for the upcoming holidays?  You may have saved up quite a while in order to travel to the city of your dreams, Amsterdam. As you now feel you have almost enough savings to go, you should go for it! 

Go check out Amsterdam, the city full of world-class attractive tourist attractions. In fact, many people think that travelling to Amsterdam, the Netherlands is expensive and probably one of the most expensive places to travel in Europe. 

Since the city is quite popular amongst foreign tourists who travel to Europe, there are many tourist attractions in Amsterdam that are cheap and even free to visit.  Not only affordable and also free, some tourist spots in Amsterdam are also instagrammable.

A Glimpse of the City of Amsterdam

Before looking at the most instagrammable places in Amsterdam, you should get to know more of the city.  Tourist attractions in Amsterdam consist of various popular attractions ranging from historical museums to beautiful gardens suitable for a relaxing afternoon. 

The most prominent thing from Amsterdam is of course the existence of the canals that flow all over the city.  This is one of the reasons Amsterdam is nicknamed as the “Venice of the North” like Venice, Italy which is also known for its canals.

As you can see, Paris and Rome are big cities, just like the city of Amsterdam that are being posted numerous times via Instagram.  For that reason, it is very certain Amsterdam is one super beautiful and instagrammable city that tourists often enjoy spending time taking beautiful background selfies there.                                                                                                

For that matter, since the 17th century, Amsterdam’s canals became the heart of Amsterdam.  Later on, they were added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in July 2010.

Instagrammable Cheap and Free Tours in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a nice city to explore.  It is beautiful, quiet, and has many places to visit.  Especially when you spend most of your time posting your holiday pictures on Instagram, Amsterdam is one perfect instagrammable place you should let the world see through pictures.

1. The Historical Canals

It was said that the canals of Amsterdam were built in the 17th century around the center of the old city.  The canals were created to solve the problems of flooding and irrigation at Amsterdam’s picturesque Canal Belt which included in the UNESCO World Heritage site (2010). 

Free to explore the canals as the area is made up of a series of interconnected waterways, where you will find historic canal houses.  In fact, Amsterdam has around 165 canals and 1,500 bridges.  Amazing, right?

Now, there are many ways to enjoy these canals as one of the most instagrammable places in Amsterdam. 

  • The Canal CruiseThis is probably the most frequently chosen one. You can either take a paid cruise in front of the Central Station starting at € 17 for an hour journey of standard cruises to romantic canal cruises with dinner. 
  • Free of Charge— Or else, if you want to enjoy the canals for free, you can just walk or ride a bicycle around the canals. There are many interesting things that you can find here, from the typical Amsterdam buildings that are often used as icons and souvenirs, to the boats that are parked on the banks of the canals. 
  • Which Channels to Go to? The main canals include Damrak, which is located in front of Amsterdam Station. There are also Herengracht, Prinsengracht, Keizersgrach canals nearby.  These canals will be even more beautiful before sunset.  The golden yellow sunshine makes the water color and the trees around the canal even more beautiful.  This is definitely a perfect instagrammable spot and the best time for taking that selfie! 

2. The Flower Market Floats on Canal

Known as Bloemenmarkt, Amsterdam’s most famous flower market that floats right on the canal has been around since 1862, and is held every day during the week, even though it’s hot or rainy outside.  Thus, this market is free to visit.  

But if you want to take a flower or two, you can buy them in person.  Otherwise, take instagrammable selfies with the most beautiful flowers you see there.

More on this floating market, there are rows of flower shops built on the edge of the Singel canal, one of the famous canals in the heart of Amsterdam.  Part of the building does float on the canal, using a floating structure similar to that of harbors.  

Here you can find a variety of fresh flowers and flower seeds.  It’s okay if you decide not to buy some flowers, since this is one of the perfect instagrammable places in Amsterdam to capture stunning views because the rows of shops are interesting and are laid out in a unique way. 

The VondelPark

Another great way to enjoy free things to do in Amsterdam is to visit their local parks.  One of the best parks most often visited during the summer with the view of green-spaced fields suitable for an afternoon lunch picnic is the Vondel park.  

This local park nourishes 70 varieties of roses, and with restaurants and also an outdoor theater surrounding the park.  At this park, visitors can do activities with family or friends to just relax or see various kinds of very interesting art performances.  

The area of this park is around 47 hectares, where its conditions are still very well maintained and quite beautifully.  No wonder, there are numerous Instagram posts at this park coming from not only the locals, but foreign tourists as well because almost everything is there to be photographed.

Explore the City By Bike

Amsterdam is most suitable for cycling thanks to its bike paths and bicycle friendly infrastructure.  You can lease a bicycle for the whole day from various bicycle rental companies in the city.  

For that reason, Amsterdam is a city in Europe which is known as the city of bicycles.  Bicycles can be used as an alternative to visiting tourist attractions in Amsterdam.  

Besides the price is cheaper than taking the tram or railway, you are also freer to explore the city at your own pace.  FYI, most hotels rent bicycles for people staying there, but there are also public bicycle rentals that cost around 8-10 Euros for a day. 

Therefore, don’t miss the chance of doing a bike journey to explore the city.  Take someone with you on the journey as you’re able to stop by anywhere you can, which in your opinion is very good to be a memorable Instagrammable moment.

The Diamond Factory Tour

If you love the looks of any bling-blings, as in flashy diamonds, you can do a tour to a diamond factory as one of the most instagrammable places in Amsterdam.  Why?  Amsterdam is not only famous for delicate cheese and beautiful tulips, the city is also famous for hunting beautiful diamonds, and of course the opportunity to take instagrammable pictures at a real diamond factory for free. 

In fact, Gassan Diamond is one of the famous diamond centers in Amsterdam founded in 1945.  The tour is not only about buying and observing diamonds, you get to learn various things about diamonds.  

Learn everything there is to know about diamond making, cutting, or colorings with a free tour.  Also, take pictures as you see diamond cutters at work, learn about how diamonds were found and see polished diamonds on display.

6. Amsterdam’s Public Library (The OBA Library)

How can a public library be one of the most instagrammable places in Amsterdam?  Spending a few hours in the library may not be like the most fun things to do, but at the OBA Library of Amsterdam, you are able to do almost anything that is not possible to do in an ordinary library.  

A magnificent building consisting of 10 floors,  where each floor has its own special theme, including for children, art, romance, etc.  Besides having millions and even billions of book collections, this building also has a cafe plus a restaurant, theater, exhibition hall, etc.  

Hence, this library is also a popular tourist destination, especially when visitors get to see the top floor of the building to see the city of Amsterdam directlyfrom a height.  For that reason, the building is one of the instagrammable places in Amsterdam.

7. The Area of Nine Streets

Amsterdam’s area of Nine Streets consists of nine paved side roads connected directly to the main canal of Raadhuisstraat and Leidsegracht.  The area is not only interesting to go around by foot, but also a place where you will find the best local boutiques and vintage-style shops in town

It feels incomplete if traveling to another country without doing some shopping.  Well, this is perfect for those of you who like shopping and like to post some pictures directly on their Instagram account.

There are also many other free tourist destinations in Amsterdam you can totally enjoy.  If you love taking instagrammable pictures, you must make the 7 tourist destinations above as your priority to travel in the city of Amsterdam.

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