Make Sure These Famous Landmarks In Latvia Are On Your Next Holiday Destination

Latvia is one of the oldest countries in the world where everything in this country still maintains its classic look. As one of the Soviet Union countries, the overall situation reminds us of some other similar Baltic countries. 

Yet, Latvia and its rustic ambiance are always lovable among tourists, who might have enough with the tourist resorts in western Europe. For sure, Riga is the most popular city in this country. 

As the capital of Latvia, this big city is rich in historical sites that become the ‘silent witnesses’ of the former rulers like the Soviet Union, German, and Russia. But, there are also excellent places which are worth visiting. Keep reading for your best reference to magnificent places that you might have never heard of. 

1. St. Peters Church, Riga

Named as the tallest and biggest church in the city, this edifice has been here since the 13th century. Every inch offers such an amazing detail that all visitors will never have enough. The interior of the church is original with the wooden altar and epitaphs, with the antique candle holder. 

The overall design recalls the 13th-century building though there are certain corners that are already renovated. The 130-meter tower of the church where everyone can simply enjoy the best panorama of the capital city. 

This tower had been through a series of renovation, from the ruling of Tsar Peter I to the era of World War II after it was burned down. But, another attraction of this church is its art exhibition and concerts which are held regularly. 

Visitors who visit this building will be amazed by the history of the rooster at the peak of the tower. The rooster is the seventh one after the damaged of the first to the sixth one.

2. Art Nouveau Architecture

Art Nouveau architecture is one of the most popular tourist destinations that dated similarly to the St. Peters Church. This room contains several stories with such charming ornamentation along with the neo-classical design for its doors and windows. Basically, such architecture can be very easy to find in several buildings in Riga.  

3. Rundale Palace

This is one of the so many amazing palaces which becomes one of the most recommended spots to visit in Latvia. This palace is also a museum where visitors can enjoy the art masterpiece of Rococo and Baroque. 

Without a doubt, this is also the biggest palace in the city, or even the country, where there are massive collections of World War II history, as it was once a hospital for the military forces. The garden surrounding the palace is also very serene and cool. The entry ticket is also very cheap, so this place is highly recommended. 

4. The House of Blackheads

As one of the amazing UNESCO World Heritage Site, this magnificent building was restored beautifully with the adorable chandeliers, collection of classic weapons and armor, as well as the paintings of popular people during the previous centuries. 

While the design is the main charm, it is also popular for its annual events like exhibitions and concerts. The history of the Blackhead itself is also interesting where the name of the house is from the Blackheads Society in the 13th century. 

It is the community of the rich, single men who became merchants. The community members are not Latvians, but German people, English, Norwegian, Dutch, Swedish, Scottish. Once, this building was destroyed during World War II, though it was rebuilt again in 1999.

5. Museum of Occupation of Latvia

This place is not one of those historical sites, though every visitor can find the complete journey of Latvia and its independence. It was just built in 1993 where there are lots of historical memorabilia within the museum which shows how German ruled over the Soviet Union in 1941. The name refers to the occupation of Nazi German in the Soviet Union. The entry ticket is free, in which this incredible museum only relies merely on donations. 

6. Riga Art Nouveau Museum

Just like the previously mentioned museum, this was just built in 2009, in which it used to be the dwelling place of famous Latvia’s art nouveau architect, Konstantins Pekšens.  

The building which was once the residence of, the best of Latvia, became the Art Nouveau Museum of Riga in The museum is dominated by the magnificent spiral staircase that itself is the reason for a visit. Historic furniture and artwork in the museum are amazing as well.

7. Riga Central Market

While it was stated that Latvia still maintains its classic edifices, it is still proud of its old Riga Central Market, which has been operating since the beginning of the 20th century. It is not only full of products that most people need but also boasts an excellent layout that attracts visitors. Everything is available here like fruits and vegetables, dairy products, and so forth.

8. Gauja River Valley

Not everyone knows that Latvia is surrounded by water where it has thousands of rivers and small lakes as well as waterfalls. Then, it means that visiting this country means nothing without visiting any of those charming natural resources. 

Visitors will enjoy the wonderful caves and cliffs, as well as rocks and sandstones which have been here for centuries and pamper visitors’ eyes with amazing colors. Other charms of this place are the caverns of various sizes, in which one of them, Gutmanala, is the largest one in eastern Europe. 

Another amazing cavern is the longest one, Kalejala as well as the most authentic one, Liela ellite.  Water outdoor activities are very common here. Try visiting this river and enjoy the fantastic journey of kayaking, swimming, and many more. 

Yet, for those who love to enjoy the adventurous time, then hiking the valley is very challenging as well. Even walking around the lake is definitely excellent.

9. Ventas Rumba

Believe it or not, Latvia is the host of the biggest waterfall in Europe. With only a 2-meter high, it is highly impressive with the 249m width. 

The best time to visit this place is during the summer there will be festivals as well as the spawning salmon is ready to please the eye! Situated nearby Mārtiņš Island, visitors can actually explore more than just a waterfall. Every inch of this area is marvelous while everyone is also safe to swim in the river near the waterfall.

10. Tervete Nature Park

There are also some places where visitors can enjoy the amusing wildlife in Latvia, including this place. This is one of the most amazing spots to witness wildlife that might not exist in other areas like wild boar, eagles, wolves, otters, lynx, and even stork! 

Keep in mind that this place also has such a picturesque panorama particularly the Tervete river and the valley where everyone can enjoy the pleasing pine forest. The park itself is very huge and remains the most favorite destination for all family members. 

Here, kids can understand several kinds of animals that they might have never seen or heard before. Even their parents might not have heard of them, either. All kinds of wildlife here don’t always exist in other countries, particularly the ones without any rain forest or natural reservation. 

11. National Parks

There are several national parks in Latvia that everyone should not miss, even one of them. There are 4 parks where each of them boasts various kinds of species like marine life, birds, extinct animals, and so forth.  

Those national parks also offer outdoor activities particularly hiking. The most recommended one is Kemeri National Park. It is very popular for its wetlands where there are incredible bogs that are rarely found anywhere else. One of the bogs here is highly popular, in which it becomes the main attraction in this resort.

Anyway, the best thing to do here is walking along Lake Sloka’s trails, particularly during dawn when the sunset shows its incredible beauty. For those who want to enjoy any outdoor activities here, then they can try cycling along the cycling path, known well as the Greendune.

For another unforgettable experience, watching unique species of birds here from the observation tower that can also offer great views of lake Sloka and Kanieris. 

Another recommended national park is Razna National Park. It is the place where forests and lakes become the best destination for those who want to enjoy the tranquil ambiance. This place is also popular for its Latgale Sea.

The last but not least, Slitere National Park is rich in the blue sea natural beauty. This is the spot where Sea Inlet and The Great Sea conjoined. There is also a blue hill here that amazes everyone who wishes to refresh their minds.

Those are only to name a few among several famous landmarks in Latvia. The best thing about visiting this place is the budget. Everything is very cheap here, so tourists can spend more time here, while they can enjoy various kinds of cuisines at any kind of restaurant.

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