Seeking Treasure in the Hidden Jewels of Singapore during your holiday.

Singapore is a popular tourism destination for travelers from across the world. This little country invites people to visit its amazing landmarks. 


Mostly, people visit famous tourist attractions like Marina Bay Sands or Merlion. It is also popular with Universal Studios Singapore. 

Apart from the tourist attraction, Singapore is well known for its shopping district. If you are a shopaholic, this city offers multiple choices of shopping places. Tourists are going around easily and conveniently due to the good system of public transport.

As a tourist, you might know several popular destinations in Singapore. However, do you familiar with the hidden places? 


This article will help you to explore some hidden jewels of Singapore that are the best places to visit and to take pictures.

10 Hidden Jewels of Singapore - Best Places To Visit

1. Keong Saik Road.

When you visit Singapore, it is better that you do not merely visit Orchard Road. There is plenty of spots in Chinatown, like Keong Saik Road. Here you can see different old buildings. This place is one of the hidden jewels of Singapore that is worth to explore too. 

Keong Saik is the road name in Tanjong Pagar, Singapore. The road is located among New Bridge Road, Neil Road, and Duxton Road.

The main attraction of Keong Saik Road is rows of old buildings with a combination of Chinese and British Colonial architecture. 


The buildings stand is well arranged along Keong Saik Road. Moreover, you will see cool wall art at Keong Saik Road. 


The white walls filled with colorful floral motifs represent Peranakan culture. Besides its buildings, you can experience its culinary. 


There are plenty of restaurants and bars from low to high prices. You can choose local or western food. 

2. Katong Village and Joo Chiat Road.

Katong or Tanjung Katong is suburban in eastern Singapore. It is a former fishing village with Peranakan history. The name Katong means a sea turtle that is now extinct. If you want to learn more about its history, try to visit the Eurasian Heritage Centre.

You can feel the sensation of the hidden jewels of Singapore when you visit this place. It has an interesting architecture with a combination of high-rise buildings and traditional houses. Besides, it is an area with some private condos and estate.

The good reason why you stay in Katong is the food. It offers various cuisine options from any country. Peranakan cuisine is the most recommended cuisine in this place. You should try Katong Laksa to complete your trip.


Meanwhile, Joo Chiat Road is a mix of traditional and modern spots. The name is taken from a prominent ethnic of Peranakan descent. Explore it with a stroll down the road. You can uncover the treasures hidden in this neighborhood. 

3. Raffles Marina Lighthouse.

This lighthouse settles in the west of Singapore. It is a popular spot among photographers. The lighthouse and the marina become the perfect mix of photo background for websites or blogs.


The evening is the best time for taking photos. You can catch the beauty of the sunset with your camera. For photoshoots, this place is free for the public.

Apart from the lighthouse, you can visit the Raffles Marina Clubhouse. The club facilitates multiple selections of boats and yachts. It has a popular restaurant that you can visit. Although you are not a member, you can dine in here too. 

4. Gardens By The Bay.

It is a place that displays horticulture and garden artistry. This place is open for local and international tourists. As a visitor, you will feel not only entertaining but also educating. 

Gardens by the Bay includes three peculiar waterfront gardens that are Bay South, Bay East, and Bay Central. Bay South is the largest one where you can find the flower dome. 


Bay East, the second-largest, offers a marvelous panorama of the Singapore skyline. The last is Bay Central that links Bay South and Bay East.


This site is accessible by public transport. You can take MRT to reach it. If you already in Marina Bay Sands, you can go there on foot.

5. Little India.

Another option of the hidden jewels of Singapore is Little India. It is a historical place that you should not miss. It presents the best of the Indian-Singaporean community from cultural to shopping experience.

Little India is one of the hectic spots in Singapore. You can try a choice of vegetarian menu from South India or Tandoori from North India. You can see the process of making pulled tea or commonly called Teh Tarik.


Of course, you can shop here as well. Go to Mustafa Centre. This shopping center opens 24 hours and offers multiple goods. You can find electronics or souvenirs. Visit the Tekka Centre to get a delicious meal for breakfast.


Apart from that, you can explore old temples here. Don’t miss your morning to visit the Sri Veeramakaliamman temple. This temple is built in the 19th century. 

Of course, this is a hype Instagram needs, just imagine posing next to your cocktails and going “literally me in a cocktail form” and it is sexy!

6. Gillman Barracks.

If you want to explore more about art things, you must visit Gillman Barracks. There are many art galleries found here. This creative space displays local and international contemporary art. Commonly, some events also take place in this area. 

Besides, you can experience lovely foods. There are a few options for restaurants and cafes. However, the food quality is worth trying. 


If you want to visit this place, you had better prepare your umbrella. The destination has greenery and peaceful open spaces. So, if it is raining, you will be wet without your umbrella.

7. Serangoon Gardens.

Serangoon Gardens proposes much deeper than just good foods. It is one of the great hidden jewels of Singapore for photography. 


Visiting this garden allows you to experience as a local. You will see many locals hang out with their close friends after work. 

You should explore the neighborhood as well to catch an impression of this residential area. There are many must-visit eateries include hawker stalls and cafes. You can also sing karaoke with your mates here.

8. Former Queens's Theatre

Located in Geylang Road and nearby Geylang Serai Market, Former Queens’s Theatre is the main entertainment place in Geylang in the early 1930’s. 


Previously, it presented Malay, Indonesian, and even Egyptian movies. Yet, it was closed in 1982. In recent years, this theater is a popular place for Singaporeans.  

The architecture represents the colonial style. If you walk down to this area, you can capture its beauty with your camera.

9. Holland Village Singapore.

Known as Holland V, it is the place where East meets West. The place settles in central Singapore, between Timah Hill and Queenstown. It is popular among the Singaporean youth to gather and hang out.

You can stroll around Holland Village to learn about its history. Instead, it is a place to hide from busy city life. Sit in your favorite cafe and listen to its musical entertainment. It is the social core of artists and musicians.


Various food menus are easy to get here at a reasonable price. It is a paradise for a food lover.


Holland Village is close to Botanic Gardens. This place is easy to reach as it has an MRT station. The circle line connects Holland Village to Farrer Road. If you want to spend nights here, you can book some good hotels.

10. Changi Village.

There are some good reasons to visit Changi Village. This area is just minutes away from Changi International Airport. You can get here by bus, taxi, or MRT. It is easy to reach. 


Today Changi Village is a quiet place with less entertainment here. Sit on the benches and feel a relaxing experience like a local.

One of the things to do in Changi Village is to walk at the Changi Point Boardwalk. The walkway is well maintained and makes it easy to reach. 


It will take you along 2.2 km length and divided into six separate sections. This walkway is open for the public 24 hours a day. 


If you like the beach, you can spend your time in Changi Beach. It extends 3.3 km connecting Changi Point and Changi Ferry Road. The white sand beach is a perfect place for a lazy day.


Don’t forget to visit Pulau Ubin. Although you only have a few hours, it is worth to visit. Pulau Ubin is an inspiring model of Singapore’s successful conservation for local heritage and the environment. 

Changi Village is a great opportunity to experience a fresh sea breeze, beaches, and nature. It is worth visiting this corner space in Singapore. 


Most visitors simply travel to Singapore. The flights connect to many nearby countries at an affordable price. The airport is big and has become the most frequent airport to visit. Singapore is also connected to the Malaysian capital by rail and to Batam by ferry boat.


Aside from the small size of the country, there are various types of accommodations here. You can stay in a budget hostel or a luxury hotel. All offer a safe and clean place to stay. 


The city is worth exploring. Add this country on your bucket list. Then, cherish your holiday by visiting the hidden jewels of Singapore.

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