Instagramable Places in Singapore That Must Visit

Singapore is one of the must-visit tourist countries for foreign tourists. In this country with a lion statue, there are several Instagramable places in Singapore that you must visit with friends, couples, and family.

On average, this instagramable tourist spot offer quite beautiful natural scenery and also offers a variety of interesting shows. Therefore, it is not complete if you do not visit 10 instagramable attractions while in Singapore.

Why Is Singapore a Favorite Tourist Destination For Foreign Tourists?

Although Singapore is one of the smallest countries in the world. However, Singapore is one of the most advanced countries in Southeast Asia. 

This is evidenced by the increasing management of the State in various sectors, one of which is the tourism sector. The tourism sector in Singapore is professionally managed.

Thus, foreign tourists feel safe, comfortable, and happy when visiting one of these tourist attractions. 

In addition, there are many instagramable tourist attractions from Singapore, ranging from nature attractions, game rides, to street food that peddle typical food from Singapore. To do so, you can try instagramable attractions with friends, lovers, and family at a time.

Instagramable Nature Attractions in Singapore

Nature tourism is one of the tourist attractions that is much in demand by foreign tourists. Because, Singapore is famous for its rich natural panorama. It’s a pity if you don’t visit singapore’s instagramable nature tourism. 

Therefore, here are some instagramable natural attractions in Singapore. Among them are the following:

Gardens by The Bay

Gardens by The Bay are one of the largest parks in Singapore. The park, which is about 100 hectares wide, is located around Marina Bay Sands. There are various collections of plants that you can see here, even rare plants.

Uniquely, in this park you will be presented with the spectacle of Free Show Garden Rhapsody. So, you can see the color of the tree lights that change according to the rhythm of the song playing.

Gardens by The Bay are divided into 3 main attractions, namely Flower Dome, Cloud Forest, and Supertree Groves. At this Flower Dome and Cloud Forest, you can see a wide variety of ornamental plants from different countries. 

While in this Supertree Groves, you can see an “artificial forest” similar to the avatar movie background.

The cost to get to the Gardens by The Bay location is quite cheap. For admission to the Supertree Groves zone is free of charge. 

If you wish to visit the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest zones there is a fee of SGD 28 or US$ 20.55 for adults and SGD 15 or US$ 11 for children.

To visit Gardens by The Bay, guests can use the Circle Line or Downtown Line Monorail Train (MRT). Then, get off at Bayfront Station. Then please proceed to exit B and then please cross the Dragonfly Bridge to get to Gardens by The Bay.

Instagramable Attractions in Singapore

Singapore is also famous for its instagramable attractions that are visited by many tourists. This instagramable places in Singapore with the theme of this game ride is very famous in the world.

In fact, many of the world’s top artists try one of these attractions. To that said, here are some of singapore’s famous attractions. Among them are the following:

Universal Studios Singapore

Who doesn’t know Universal Studios Singapore. Singapore’s famous and largest tourist attraction is frequented by many overseas tourists. Here, you can try various children’s attractions such as rotary comedy rides to extreme tourist attractions such as roller coasters.

In addition, you can also try taking selfies with wax figures of world famous figures. So it’s no wonder that Universal Studios Singapore is one of the instagramable places in Singapore that must be visited by foreign tourists. The price of admission to Universal Studios Singapore is quite expensive.

Children’s tickets cost SGD 55 or US$ 40.37. For adults, admission is around SGD 75 or US$ 55.05. And for seniors, admission is priced at SGD 36 or US$ 26.42.

If you are interested in visiting Universal Studios Singapore, then you can take the Monorail Train (MRT) to Vivo Mall City and take to Harbour Front Station. And the trip resumes by using The Sentosa Express Monorail Train and get off to Water Front Station.

Street food in Singapore

It’s not complete if you’re traveling at Singapore without visiting the hawker attractions. Indeed, there are plenty of typical Singaporean food worth trying. 

In addition to offering typical singaporean food, the shops also have instagramable décor and are suitable for taking selfies with friends, couples, and family. 

To that said, here are some street food attractions that are a must visit when in Singapore. Among them are the following:

Chinatown Singapore

Chinatown Singapore is one of the cities inhabited by ethnic Chinese people. In Chinatown Singapore, you can take a stroll while sampling singaporean and Chinese specialties. In addition, you can also buy children for relatives and relatives at home.

Why is Chinatown Singapore one of instagramable places in Singapore? Because, here there is some shops designed like the old town in the past. So that tourists can take selfies around the shop.

If you plan to visit Chinatown Singapore, you can take the Purple or Yellow Line Monorail Train (MRT) transfers and then get off at Chinatown Station.

The distance between Chinatown Station and Chinatown Singapore is not too far, so you can walk to the location. Guests are free of charge to Chinatown Singapore. 

It’s just that you should know the operating hours of Chinatown Singapore shop. The area is open from 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Little India Singapore

Similar to Singapore’s Chinatown, Little India Singapore is also one of the cities inhabited by ethnic Hindi. What’s interesting about Little India Singapore is the design of this house located in Singapore’s Little India district. 

Because, the average house in the location has a fairly striking color design. So it’s perfect for you to make it an instagramable photo spot from Singapore.

At Little india Singapore, you can also buy typical food and souvenirs from India. If you are interested in visiting Little India Singapore, then you can take monorail train (MRT) from purple or blue line, then please get off to Little India Station or Farrer Park Station.

At Little India Singapore, you don’t have to pay an entrance fee to the Little India Singapore location. It’s just that you need to know when the food stalls operate in Little India Singapore. 

The area only operates from 09.00 am to 11.00 pm. So, please arrange a schedule to visit Little India Singapore.

Kampong Glam & Arab Street

Kampong Glam & Arab Street is one of the halal street food locations in Singapore. The street around Masjid Sultan mosque is used as a typical Malay street food location. Here, you can order food from Arab Countries, such as Nasi Kebuli, Roti Maryam, to Kambing Guling.

In addition to selling halal food, in Kampong Glam and Arab Street Food it also sells various products from Islamic Countries, such as Muslim clothing, veils, perfumes, and fabrics.

What makes Kampong Glam & Arab Street one of the instagramable attractions that must be visited is the design of the shop located in Kampong Glam & Arab Street. 

All the shops in Kampong Glam & Arab Street are designed similarly to those from the Arab Country. So you can take a selfie with friends, couples and family around Kampong Glam & Arab Street.

How Much Does It Cost to Visit Instagramable Attractions in Singapore ?

As a developed country in Southeast Asia, of course the costs while in Singapore are quite expensive. So, you have to prepare enough money before planning a vacation to the tourist attractions in Singapore.

First, you’ll need to budget for transportation to get to Singapore. On average, transportation costs from your place to Singapore Changi Airport around SGD 165 or US$ 121.10 to SGD 555 or US$ 407.35. 

These fees do not include transportation from Changi Airport to your destination. For that, prepare at least SGD 600 or US$ 440.37.

For lodging costs are quite diverse. For those of you who want to stay in a backpacker-only hotel, then the cost of renting this inn is quite cheap. For a two-star hotel, the price of a stay per night is around SGD 46.25 or US$ 33.76.

For a three-star hotel, the price of a stay per night is around SGD 165 or US$ 121.10. The rate includes breakfast service. So, you don’t have to be confused looking for morning food, as it has been provided by the hotel where you are staying.

In addition, the entrance fee to the intended tourist attraction must also be prepared. There are many free attractions to go to. 

However, to get to instagramable attractions in Singapore, you must spend around SGD 28 or US$ 20.55 to SGD 46.25 or US$ 33.76. So, the total cost of a vacation to this instagramable places in Singapore reaches SGD 240 or US$ 176.15 to SGD 803 or US$ 578.16

Singapore is one of the countries that has amazing tourist attractions. There are many instagramable tourist attractions there. That’s why you can visit 5 instagramable attractions in Singapore with friends, couples, and family.

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