Find Out Every Hidden Lake Town in Northern Italy For Couple Which Is Worth Your Spending

Lake Town in Northern Italy

If you think that Lipari hidden gems Italy is the only adorable place to visit, then you should read this article.


Many people try to find a hidden lake town in northern Italy for couple. If you are one of them, just check out these hidden gems in northern Italy which are worth your spending.

Lake Town in Northern Italy

It is as easy as finding map of northern Italy, as they turn to be more and more popular these days, thanks to the internet that allows them to reach people worldwide through social media. 


Now, let’s check these northern Italy towns which host the most magnificent lakes for your unforgettable holiday! 

Lago di Iseo, Northern Italy Hidden Lake

lake iseo in Northern italy

Never miss the magic of Lake Iseo. This is the gem of Lombardy, one of the best small towns in northern Italy.  Mostly known as Lago d’Iseo or Sebino, it is located in between the more well-known and larger Lake Como or the famous Lake Garda.

Lake Town in Northern Italy

Though Lake Iseo is less famous than Lake Garda and Lake Como, it is no less charming. Still, it is narrow and long with mountains sheltering. This winding north-south lake is not too tiring to explore, thanks to its smaller size. 

Lake Town in Northern Italy

However, many honeymoon couples love to visit this place more than once or twice. They mostly adore the magnificent blue sky surrounding the serene atmosphere and calm lake.


Yet, many holiday-makers love to try the beaten track as they find it challenging to explore. No need to worry about privacy, as it is very rare to get the chance of seeing other people, thanks to the very huge site, with lots of homestay resorts around. 

lake iseo in italy at sunset

This hidden lake town in northern Italy for couple itself is very quiet though there is an occupied island in the middle of the lake. It allows ferries to operate all-year-round, though there is no operational activity during the winter.


The serene surrounding adds the charm for honeymooners, as they can also enjoy the somewhat empty dining places and closed resorts during the off-season. Autumn may be the best season to enjoy when the shades of red and gold decorate the hillsides.

lago iseo

Restaurants around Lake Iseo are wonderful. Almost all of their main menus are fish, along with fresh vegetables, thanks to its fertile land in the agricultural area.


There are also some vineyards, as well as allotments as well as olive groves. Visitors can also find some chestnut groves on the slopes of the island.


Those chestnuts are what many native people love to gather during the autumn, so visitors can also join and have fun with them. 

Lake Town in Northern Italy

Both visitors and natives love to fish there, thanks to the myriad kinds of fish there. The area around the lake is not only popular for its tourism as well as agriculture. But, the lake is very famous for the industry of fishing net.


It is the Monte Isola islanders who have done this historic skill through centuries. Now, the industry expands the product such as nets for sports branches like volleyball and tennis. 

lake iseo in italy

Some tourists hesitate to spend some nights in areas where there are very few populations. So, there are some alternatives, in which they can choose the Iseo lively town, located at the lake’s southern end.


In this hidden lake town in northern Italy for couple, bars and restaurants have lots of visitors. However, for those who want to enjoy the smaller place to enjoy the quality time with partners, they can visit Sulzano in the further north.


This is the base for excellent island exploration, as there are lots of ferries which are plying back and forth.

Lake iseo in Northern Italy

The lake is fairly adjacent close to Bergami and Brescia towns, so it is much easier for visitors to arrive there.


Low-cost airports are available in both cities, while visitors can get good means of transportation, by using a train from Brescia to the lake’s eastern shore, as well as through the north mountainous valley which directs to the Valle Camonica.


The scenery is completely charming, thanks to the exciting towns.

lake town iseo in italy

It is important to keep in mind that the neighborhood around this hidden lake town in northern Italy for couple may have lower attention from the local government, as compared to other lakes, which are more popular with a higher rate of tourists. But, there is no need to worry about the town’s security.


Some tourists here don’t mind about the average lanes and some industry outbreaks here and there.


Yet, they can even enjoy the tranquil atmosphere here much better, as there are rare tourists. What makes this town interesting is the friendly natives, as they always greet strangers, particularly those who live along the quieter paths alleys and lanes.

Lake Town in Northern Italy for couple

Some honeymooners may only want to enjoy the lake scenery from the Monte Isola big island. This area is actually a petite mountain surrounded lense dense forest. It is rich in agricultural as well as fishing products.


After enjoying the lake views, tourists can go through footpaths which lead up to the summit where there is a Santuario della Ceriola church.


Walkers find this challenging, as they can enjoy the fresh air while conquering the somewhat high hill by walking through it. What’s more, they will enjoy the island signposted footpaths before they reach the old-fashioned Via Valeriana.  

Lake Town in Northern Italy from top

Most visitors continue visiting the picturesque lakeside towns, which are rich in buildings, historical sites, and lanes, including those very old art-rich local churches, which date to the 19th century. For sure, most visitors try to find magnificent spots.


They can find lots of them here along with the lake views. Yet, the cafes and restaurants are worth visiting, thanks to the fantastic menus. 

lake iseo in italy with drone

It is somewhat surprising that there are certain resorts that are rarely detected by tourists. Actually, there are some unique places, which are to die for.


There are bunches of geological forms like pyramids on the Marone lakeside town. It is located high above, so it requires time and effort to reach it. But, it is definitely worth visiting. 

Lago Como, Lake Town in Northern Italy

lake como northern italy

Situated in Western Lombardy, Lario or Lake Como is very popular among wealthy tourists. It is represented by some opulent villas. They range across the Lago Como that makes them look so wonderful.


Many visitors love to visit several excellent villas such as Villa Carlotta, Villa Balbianello, and many more.


They are not only charming but also have lots of events, exhibitions as well as botanical gardens that everyone can visit all the year-round.

Lake Town in Northern Italy for honeymooner

Located about 40 km from the north of Milan, this lake is classified as one of the largest lakes in Italy. Other popular options are Lake Maggiore, Garda, and Iseo.


The main reason why, this place is worth visiting is the mild climate all year-round. Yet, visitors might not feel comfortable during the summer as the weather can be somewhat humid. 


Anyway, honeymooners love to hang out during the summer for outdoor activities around the lake.

lago di iseo nothern italy

The most admired activities consist of windsurfing, sailing, fishing, and even kitesurfing.


Visitors of Lake Como also adores the Alpine mountains’ magnificent scenery while they can also explore the amazing flora and wildlife around the area. 

lake town in northern italy for couple

While visitors can get the scenery of natural views, they can also visit some magnificent villages surrounding the lake.


There are nine villages though the most recommended ones are Bellagio, Menaggio, Nesso, and Varenna. They are rich with adorable flowers like wisterias and camellias.

Lago Orta

Lake Town in Northern Italy

Its primary magic is actually San Guilio island. This is the only island that resides on the lake with its one-in-a-million charm, thanks to the main shores’ lake view.

Lake Town in Northern Italy for couple

This is also the most favorite place for those who want to witness the beauty of Sacro Monte during the dusk and sunset.

Lake Town in Northern Italy

The island offers lots of things to view, like the mountain, shore, and sky at the same spot. No other place is more fantastic than this one. This is not only interesting for couples but also artists, as they can get lots of things to inspire them.  

Lago di Garda, Best Lake sunset View in Northern Italy

Lake in Northern Italy for couple

This place is actually very popular and very easy to access from Milan, while it is also very close to Verona and Venice. Yet, it is still becoming the most favorite hidden lake town in northern Italy for couple.


The closest attraction near the Lago di Garda is the Mount Baldo’s botanical garden. With a height of 1220 meters, visitors can enjoy the excellent sights Garda.

lake garda in italy by drone

For those, who might not want to have a hiking trip, they can just drive around the lake to enjoy lakeside views for approximately 160 kilometers.


The lake is surrounded by amusement parks with several rides, as well as giant roller coasters.

sunset view in lake garda italy for couple

Any hidden lake town in northern Italy for couple that you plan to visit on your next holiday? Northern Italy itinerary should be one of your main destinations, as you won’t regret this for a lifetime!


However, you can visit them all, as they are very adjacent to Genoa northern Italy, one of the biggest cities in Italy that many visitors worldwide often spend holidays. 

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