Tourist Attractions in Oahu Hawaii That You Must Visit

You ask someone about visiting Hawaii and first thing he will suggest is Honolulu due to most of attractions is in that place.

However, you should look for something unusual but still reliable to visit. This is where you consider Oahu Hawaii.

The place is island with several beautiful places especially beaches and natures. It has 77 km long and 48 km wide with 2 volcanos.

This place is commonly called as The Gathering Place. You find many ethnics and people in this place. 

The name Oahu was from Polynesian since it was part of local culture. Today, this place is more diverse and all people live in harmony. One recognized destination is Pearl Harbor.

Today, this place becomes tourist destination with several attractions. You can find interesting places and enjoy the nature. 

Moreover, tourism is not just beach but culture especially foods. To know more about the best tourist attractions in Oahu Hawaii, you should read the following section.

The Best Tourist Attractions in Oahu Hawaii

1. The North Shore

You do not have to explore this island. It is necessary top plan everything as efficient as possible. The first thing is you decide the place that brings more excitement as representative of Oahu. 

The answer is the North Shore, You will see beautiful scenery and beach with warm temperature and mild wave. This shore is definitely, what people expect when visiting Hawaii.

For quick trip, you may drive along the way and visit some restaurants that serve seafood. Local cuisine is something you cannot miss when in this area.

After that, you can explore the beach or just walk around. Moreover, some establishments provide interesting events. If lucky, you will be in the right time and place. 

North shore shark adventure to experience something out of ordinary. That’s what you get from the North shore.

2. Diamond Head

The next destination is the Diamond Head. It is mountain with height approximately 760 feet and wide crater at the top. Since old day, people still like to visit this place.

The main attraction is when you reach at the top of mountain. If you visit in the morning, beautiful sunrise will be your diamond.

The place is popular among local and tourist. You can visit easily and explore its surrounding before ready to climb.

Make sure you have proper gear even though climbing is not much difficult. Safety is still the top priority. You will enjoy this one before going to another place.

3. Waikiki

The next destination is Waikiki. It is very familiar due to most tourists will be here when visiting Oahu. It is two miles coastline with many hotels, resorts, restaurants, bars, and some real estate along the way.

As you can see, Waikiki is dedicated for tourism. As usual, you enjoy attractions such as entertaining show, dance, and other.

Waikiki receives major redevelopment in order to support tourism. More than a millions visitors come to this place.

You imagine how popular this place comparing with other nearby in Oahu. If you manage to stay longer, the International Market is the best thing you should try. It provides local goods you can buy as souvenirs.

4. Polynesian Culture center

Exploring this island is not complete without visiting Polynesian Culture center. It is located in the Marquesas Islands.

You will see seven villages that represent all regions in the South Pacific. As culture center, tourists and visitors can enjoy local tradition such as dance, entertaining show, and education activities.

Culture is considered new tourism in Hawaii. Even though tourists have interest, a place such this one is still rare.

On the other hand, most tourisms only focus on nature, beach, and mountain. If you want something different, this is the one you should visit. Exploring Hawaii and learning about culture will bring enjoyment.

5. Waimea Falls

Hiking is another thing you can do in this place. Of course, you must find the right place that is worth your time. One of the top choice is Waimea Falls at nearby of valley. Finding waterfall seems difficult thing in Hawaii.

After long search, you will find 15 feet tall waterfall with nice and fresh ponds. You climb and enjoy the fresh water in this area. Only few tourist will visit which mean you get the best seat exploring Waimea Falls.

6. Hanauma Bay

The privilege is definitely worth your time to be in Hanauma Bay. This area is sanctuary for marine creatures and fishes. The interesting part is only 3000 people can enter for limited time. That’s why you must try this one. Beautiful day should be in the right place.

You can do several things in this area. The most common one is snorkeling to enjoy marine life and ecosystem. It has the reef to protect area from extreme wave.

Moreover, you may go swimming and explore some areas, which are only few people visit. In general, it looks like an aquarium but in nature.

7. Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor is the next one you should visit in Oahu Hawaii. People visit Pearl Harbor due to historical landscape.

It has the Pacific Aviation Museum and memorial to commemorate the past war. It motivates people to be in this place.

On the other hand, Pearl Harbor has exotic nature that makes people want to stay longer. Missing this destination is prohibited.

You should plan carefully since this place is quite crowd. Therefore, put Pearl Harbor at your top list and enjoy ultimately.

8. Evening Luau

Hawaii has interesting culture and one of them is Evening Luau. You often see the dance that people consider as very Hawaiian.

This is when you will enjoy directly from the source. It is entertainment stage with several dances and performances.

People gather and watch then enjoy the foods. The interesting part is the stage will blend with tourists and let them to follow the dance. This is when the part starts and you find many times for weeks.

9. Duke Kahanamoku Lagoon

Duke Kahanamoku lagoon is the right place for enjoying calm beach and sea. It is located in front of Hilton Hotel. 

You do not need to worry about this one because the lagoon is public place. People can visit and exploring this area. 

You may rent paddle and go along the lagoon. It is suitable for the kids since safer and easy to access.

10. The Royal Hawaiian

In Oahu Hawaii, you see the hotel with pink color. This is The Royal Hawaiian as the oldest hotel. For your information, the building is still a hotel and many guests have stayed especially very important people.

It does not mean the hotel is restricted area only for guests. As one of tourism destination, visitors can enjoy historical tour and drink coffee.

The architecture is quite unique and definitely very fancy. With bright color, you can find easily. Ask the hotel for tour or stay to know more.

11. Tantalus Lookout

You want to see more area in Oahu and the best place to visit is Tantalus Lookout. City, beach, sea, and islands are appeared from this point.

Moreover, you even see Pearl Harbor though located quite far from this lookout. Main reason this one in this list is you just drive and less crowd.

12. Nuuanu Pali Lookout

You still want to enjoy the lookout and the Nuuanu Pali seems to be the next one you should consider. As usual, it is easy to visit and reach with 5 miles drive. You will enjoy beautiful scenery including Kailua Town.

The place has interesting story about war and troops. You do not need to worry about such thing because this lookout is definitely safe. Tourist can explore more along surrounding area.

Preparing Trips to Oahu Hawaii

You need preparation before visiting Oahu Hawaii. First step is you plan time and accommodation. Even though the island is small, short trip is not enough unless you have more holiday. 

Planning is necessary but you will go with the nature and try to adapt as possible. Hawaii brings your rigid and restrict scheduled into more flexibility.

As solution, you consider tourist destination with more attraction in single location. For example, you pick the North Shore due to tourists will get most of excitement. 

This is similar with Waikiki and you can go anywhere after both places are done. Another thing to consider is weather and you pick the right season. 

Make sure you are in the time to avoid bad trip. After visiting Oahu, you still have option to be in Honolulu. 

From list above, you have tons of options. Tourist attraction is not just beaches in Hawaii. In fact, culture and entertainment seem to be an interesting option. 

You should try exploring the local village and see directly what they do. On the other hand, culinary will be the next list after you experience the taste of seafood. 

Oahu has some recipes you can try directly. Enjoying nature and learning culture can bring your holiday at the best moment. 

You will realize that one trip is not enough and visit again next time. That’s what you should know about tourist attractions in Oahu Hawaii.

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